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Gold Cup: Matchday Four (Your running commentary)

The CONCACAF Gold Cup returns to action tonight and the scene shifts to Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio with Group A matches. Here is the schedule of games:

Jamaica vs. Costa Rica 7p (TeleFutura)

El Salvador vs. Canada 9p (Galavision)

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. If it’s going to be a 4-4-2, there will be two defensive minded midfielders in there, sadly. It would be good to see Davies making runs off of balls that Altidore and Ching win or flick on, but the fact is that Bradley would never let there be just one holding (or two-way) midfielder.

  2. Supsam,

    The idea was that Davies would take the pressure off everyone else by making runs all over the place and giving players someone who they could play the ball into and he would create something out of it. He did a great job of that in the Confederations Cup and was involved in the build up to some good moves and goals.

  3. @ Isaac,

    if you are going to play three forwards, you spread out your forwards.


    you want Davies to make penetrating runs cuz God has blessed him with speed. So putting him behind altidore and Ching limits his strength

    I doubt we will see this though since Costa Rica scared the s!@# out of Bradley the last time he played the gutsy 4-3-3. I blame the fullbacks Beasley and Wynne for that. Cuz of them, i fear bradley will go conservative again

  4. Jamaica could be another consistent squad in the CONCACAF region if they could ever get their sh*t together becuse they have all kinds of attacking talent.

  5. It is always good to to see Canada do well. As an american I always pull for them with one clear exception. They have a good squad of 15 or so players and just need to develop depth. They have many good,young players in europe and most guys are 1st or 2nd generation so the EU passport thing becomes a none issue.

    I would really like the them and Honduras step up on a consistent basis so Concacaf has 5 teams that can be more or counted on to trouble the bigger fish of the football world.

    Well done Canada -see you Friday night in the zoo we call Miami.

  6. So what would you guys think about this for the Azteca?







  7. Non-call for Canada almost immediately followed by a dive that earned a free kick 20 yards out for El Salvador. Kick sails over the goal.

    I wish Central American teams were talented enough to score without diving.

    Posted by: chg | July 07, 2009 at 09:30 PM

    What game were you watching? You got guys that barely crack 5 feet 5 inches playing against guys that grew up playing Canadian Football and Hockey as well as Football. El Sal players don’t go down easy. Smaller players that are running at their max speed just tend to go down faster when bumped. Dives are what Ronaldo used to do where he even had time to pick up his feet and turn in midair in order to land.

  8. the tv guys were saying that b/c he wasn’t on the roster the suspension doesn’t count, they were saying Bob Bradley was dumb to not put him on the roster and that he will miss WCQ games, according to all internet sources this isn’t true, but he was citing some fifa rule saying the Gold cup won’t count

  9. dude william reyes is like 30. he shouldn’t be on the field for la selecta. Too bad about Julio martinez. what’s worse is since he got injured his newly acquired contract with Leon of Mexico got rescinded.

  10. another thread on here says he’s given a 4 game USA suspension, but the Gold Cup games count toward it even though he wasn’t called in anyway. He will be able to play in the WCQ vs. Mexico.

  11. anyone know what they were saying on the Galavision about Michael Brabley’s suspention? I know they were discussing it, just could not make out the details.

  12. Non-call for Canada almost immediately followed by a dive that earned a free kick 20 yards out for El Salvador. Kick sails over the goal.

    I wish Central American teams were talented enough to score without diving.

  13. Maybe a tape of this game should be sent to FIFA and Larrionda. Kick to the head = red card. Kicking the ball during a tackle = not so much.

  14. not much to comment on, i’m afraid. telefutura is showing the celebration of a creep who hasn’t been relevant for anything positive in almost 20 years, instead of the costa rica game.



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