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Gold Cup: Matchday Nine (Your Running Commentary)

The final day of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Group Stage takes place today, with Mexico trying to win Group C by knocking off 2-0 Guadeloupe (7pm, Univision).

The scenarios are very intriguing today for 'El Tri', who could win Group C with a win, but who could wind up playing the United States as a third-place team if they lose and Panama wins its game against Nicaragua (5pm, Galavision).

Jamaica will also be watching attentively as a tie in the Panama-Nicaragua game would send the 'Reggae Boyz' to the quarterfinals against the United States.

If you will be watching today's matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I keep watching the replay of when Busch punches Lenhart in the face. I think Lenhart needs to press charges. If it happened on the street Busch would be in prison.

  2. @JDD, you need to give it up. As bad as Panama was, that doesn’t excuse what Aguirre did, that’s why he got suspended by FIFA. If you think Panama was equally bad, then it should be no problem to get FMF to send a complaint to FIFA. Excusing his behavior just makes the excuser look immature.

    Provoking the other team is part of a team’s strategy. Mexico does it, Panama does it, everyone tries to get under the skin of the opponent. You remember Zidane at the World Cup, right? The key is, to not let it get to you and affect your play. Since Mexico showed that they can be affected by a rough, antagonistic style of play, you should expect more teams to try it to throw Mexico off its game.

  3. BrentMcD. –

    The real story of why they call Castro “el gringo” is more interesting and endearing than that!
    When he was in elementary school, one of his schoolmates asked him where his parents where from, so he answered ‘from Spain!’ so the little kid not knowing that Spaniards (in a least politically correct world) where called “Gachupines”, told him ‘Oh, so you are a GRINGO!’ It stuck, and he has always had the nickname.
    His “real” nickname would have been-“el “Gachupin” Castro

  4. JCC-

    Unfortunately they won’t! The Panamenians are going to make a concentrated effort to appear like the innocent victims of a Mexican conspiracy, by playing like senoritas against the US.
    Unless they are genuine and let out all the real anger and hatred they have against the US for what happened…well you know!

    Anyway GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. Let’s see what people will say when Panama starts hacking US players left and right.

    Posted by: Chris | July 12, 2009 at 09:16 PM

    Yeah it’ll be interesting how people on here will react to Panama’s antics. A lot of folks really made Panama look like innocent victims that were hard done by, by the evil Mexicans and their even more evil coach, completely ignoring Panama’s dirty play the whole game. Come the quarterfinals, I’m sure people will be singing a different tune about the Panamanians.

  6. as pissed as fans and players will be I can gurantee that Bradley will not go and slide tacke a player. Aguirre is a childiss piece of work, and shows no respect for the game or his oponent.

  7. I wish Mexico did this all the time against 11-man teams.

    Posted by: Alf | July 12, 2009 at 08:58 PM


    I bet you know how it feels.

    The US seems to have a hard time keeping 11 players on the field during a game, making it harder to bunker.

    Let’s see what people will say when Panama starts hacking US players left and right.


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