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Gold Cup: Matchday Three (Your Running Commentary)


The CONCACAF Gold Cup returns to action today with Mexico and Group C kicking things off. Here is today's schedule of games:

  • Panama vs. Guadeloupe, 5pm (Galavision)

  • Nicaragua vs. Mexico, 7pm (Univision)

If you will be watching today's matches please feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. FWIW, I would probably take either of the Guays over the US on a neutral field, and certainly over Costa Rica and Mexico.

  2. I’m a Mexico fan, but the way the MNT is playing is worrisome to say the least! THe USMNT have cohesion in all of their lines, and play a very vertical game, with all of their teams!
    There are some players, Castro, Rodriguez, and Noriega that have to go! Sabah and Giovani are not even shadows of their former selfs. Where are you Mexico???
    But this is only the beggining, lots of things can happen still.

    Kudos to Ives for a vey appealing soccer site!!!

  3. i was at the game, so hear me out!

    this is my first time attending a mexico game in california. i was with mis amigos, all 8 were mexicanos, and i, the lone colombiano-americano (note: USA #1 Colombia is #2). I wore my AC Milan #22 Kaka jersey that demonstrated my neutrality.

    the game was an absolute *bore-fest*. i saw a total of 20 minutes, most consecutive minutes were 10. the action was in the crowd, not the field.

    and the crowd was awesome! In the parking lot, every other row had a canopy with a live band, people dancing, drinks everywhere. this was not limited to mexicano fans, as the Nicas rep’d deep as well – ok a 90/10 split but the Nicas were *loud* had their musica and their baseball jerseys (a few soccer ones too)! they had their drums too.

    man of the match: the DRUMMER! well, drummerS cuz they were all over the stadium. the drummers would play song after song after song the *entire* game; people were dancing in the stairs and in their seats. then the drummers would march in the hallways with some awesome beats, and next thing you know, 10 people swarm the drummer with flags and horns and begin dancing and chanting! it was delightful to experience. Most groups were mexicanos, but the Nicas had their drums too. they would shout in each others faces, 3 nicas vs 20 mexicanos, and it was all in good fun. no fights, no arguments, everyone was playful and no one was hurtful. good times.

    [i’d give the MOTM to the gorilla who was running across the sections revving up the crowd, prancing around, and the crowd went wild; but he got kicked out within 10 minutes of the match. he was doin so well]

    it’s great to attend these games. props to all the mexicano y nica fans who made it great!

  4. Its funny to see how you gusy think that the US is the third strongest team in america. What about paraguay? You guys should not be so happy about Mexico sucking. If this continiuse the US will never keep improving. It will get to a point where it wont be able to be better. Just like it happened to mexico. When they though they were good enough to forget concacaf everyone else got better. I sill want to see the US accomplish anything outside the US soil. Mexico did win the Confederation back in ’99 and we cant put as excuse home advantage as the US has won all of its Gold Cups over here. It is true that the Yanks are now the kings of Concacaf but we are not as good as we think. Those games in S.Africa were well played games, but we just have not accomplished anything to start being arrogant.

  5. on a side note, i’ll be at the Azteca in August, anyone know where to buy tickets in the US section (trying not to die there)

  6. to hate Mexico and to hate their futbol team are two very different things, i love Mexico, have lived here for 2 years, I live with a Mexican family, only speak spanish and work exclusively with Mexicans, I have a Mexico jersey and jacket with the Mexican crest on, but deep down when they play I want them to lose, I equally hate the New York Yankees, but that doesn’t mean I hate New York, feelings about the futbol team aren’t necessarily related to feelings for the country or its people, one can “hate” the selección and not the people or country, no different from hating Chivas or América

  7. Carlos Vela was REALLY HURT!

    I just heard on ESPN radio in Spanish that he was taken to the hospital in ambulance to be checked. I don’t think he will play any more Copa de Oro!

    Mexico played very bad, very, very bad, especially after Vela was injured, and got slightly better on the second half. The penalty was a bad call, but a bad call like so many have been given for and against any team. I still think Mexico would have won it even if by a goal. Having said that I think Aguirre, if nothing drastic happens soon, should start packing his bags.
    Jose Manuel de la Torre, should be the coach!

    People with the know it all syndrome like Champe are quite annoying. Downright stupid statements like,’…Mexico has never been close to a dominant team when playing good competition — a few fluke wins over bad Brazilian teams to the side…’, make me cringe, and rest validity to anything he says.
    Champe you mean like the ones they beat in the two Confederations Cup? Can’t find the team “La VerdeAmarella” fielded in 1999, when Mexico won the Cup…(but I know Ronhaldino won ‘player of the tourney’) but here’s the one for 2005 in Germany aginsts Mexico:

    BRASIL: 1.- Dida; 3.- Lucio, 4.- Roque Junior, 5.- Emerson (21.- Ricardo Oliveira 65′), 6.- Gilberto, 7.- Robinho (19.- Renato 65′), 8.- Kaká (18.- Juninho Pernambucano 76′), 9.- Adriano, 10.- Ronaldinho, 11.- Zé Roberto, 13.- Cicinho. D. T. Carlos Alberto Pariera (BRA).!!!!!!!!!!

    Where have you played, that you say you’ve played against Mexican teams? I know a couple of U-17 USMNT ex-players who have the utmost respect for Mexican soccer in general, and are as passionate and supportive of the USMNT as anyone in these forum or maybe more. But when they express their opinions they don’t think with their mouths…or fingers!

  8. I love Mexico, had a transformational trip there as a young man, and love the people and the place. Born and bred in the US, I will always pull for our team, but every time we play Mexico, here, there or elsewhere, I feel we are the underdog. Perhaps that is no longer the case, but they have such a deep pool of talent and great technical skill. I always hope they do well (except when they play us!). I am sure any downturn in their fortunes is temporary, and has to do with things beyond the players’ control. Mexico has a wonderful soccer history (much richer than ours) and formidable talent. Our rivalry is healthy and good for both teams. Where would the US (or Mexico) be without it? Looking forward to the game at Azetca!

  9. The first goal Mexico scored was not a penalty. Mexico’s organization is incredibly terrible — the players have some skills on the ball, but the team movement is the worst I’ve seen from a Mexican team. The team we put out against Grenada would wipe the floor with these guys. I’ll be surprised if Mexico makes the final. There’s some talent on the squad, but Mexico’s a horrible team at the moment — maybe it’s time for coach #5 since the last World Cup

  10. DingDong:

    I really wish that would be true, and I would hope that US fans in general where as classy as you…they are not!

    When the US played the Confederations, I left a couple of comments lauding the USMNT’s performance and mentioning how I don’t understand how anyone from CONCACAF not cheer for a team representing us no matter who they are!

    To be honest that’s not the vibe I get from most!

    People putting down the MNT, the coach, the narrators, everything and anyone they can get their hands on…as long as they are Mexicanos!

    How sad! Because in all honesty Mexico and it’s people are very, very cool.

  11. I’m not sure what Mexican fans think of the USMNT, but I think, as a rule, my view of Mexico as an American is pretty standard: we actually like you and want your team to be better. While I will always cheer for any CONCACAF team playing Mexico, I will almost always cheer for Mexico playing any team outside of CONCACAF.

    So I’m not a hater. But the Mexican side is looking pretty awful right about now (both A and B teams). And I don’t understand why.

  12. Scott A-

    it was a backhanded compliment which deserved a backhanded compliment right back. whatever the circumstances, they do have one more confed cup trophy than we do.


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