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Gold Cup Rewind: Canada wins Group A, Jamaica eliminates El Salvador

Canada Costa Rica Gold Cup (Getty Images)


Group A finished in dramatic fashion on Friday night as Canada and Costa Rica assured themselves of a place in the quarterfinals while Jamaica eliminated El Salvador.

In the first match of the double-header played at FIU Stadium in Miami, Fl., Canada and Costa Rica each scored two goals in a span of 12 minutes in the first half. Andy Herron brilliantly chipped Canadian goalkeeper Greg Sutton in the 22nd minute before Patrice Bernier leveled the score for Canada, scoring from close range just two minutes later.

Canada would take the lead in the 27th minute when midfielder Marcel De Jong hit a long-range shot that took a bounce before finding the back of the net. But Costa Rica leveled the score seven minutes after as Walter Centeno struck a picture-perfect free kick.

The game would end 2-2, with Canada winning the group on seven points and Costa Rica sitting in second with four.

In the second match, an Omar Cummings strike in the 69th minute was all Jamaica needed to eliminate an El Salvador side that had the majority of the crowd support.

"The way we played in the (first) two games didn't warrant us losing those two games," said Cummings. "We didn't really capitalize on our opportunities and I think that was the focal point of us going into the game tonight."

The Colorado Rapids forward's goal saw Jamaica climb to third place with three points while El Salvador, also three points, fell to fourth based on the head-to-head result with the Reggae Boyz.

Jamaica now has to stand by to wait and see if they will advance to the quarterfinals as one of the top two third-place finishers.


What did you think of Friday's matches in Miami? Think the Canada-Costa Rica match was one of the best so far in the tournament? Did you fall asleep during the Jamaica-El Salvador match? Which team would you rather want the U.S. playing?

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  1. I have to agree with JCC … Sutton is a major liability I can’t believe we don’t have someone in a country of 35 million who can distribute a soccer ball better. His kicks are very weak and he cost Canada the win last night. Canada should have came out of Group A undefeated and Sutton should just hand the ball to the back four and forget about kicking it from now on. Nobody could have stoped Costa Rica’s second goat it was a beauty. The final score should have been 2 – 1 for Canada.

  2. ThaDeuce, I am in complete agreement with you. The USA-Honduras match was extremely exciting; a match where both teams not only played to win, but aspired to do so with attacking tactics (as opposed to defend and counter). It was end-to-end; my son and I were both transfixed. Patrick, where do you get the opinion that it was a snoozer? I agree that the play was not always of the highest level but I’ve always maintained that there are two things which make for exciting soccer–1: two teams looking to score goals, regardless of skill level; 2: flair and technique. This game had lots of the first and some of the second. Add a 2-0 scoreline for the good guys and I say you’ve got some entertainment value.

  3. was there last night. Let me tell you all something- it was so miserably hot & humid that it was hard to take. You really suffer as a spectator so imagine how awful it is for the players. The level play suffers greatly because teams can only play quality football in fits and spurts because to otherwise would require 6 subs. I have lived here for 20 years because I work in Latin America primarily and I have always known this. Look at the Marlins- I don’t like baseball very much but my daughter and nephews enjoy the games and they don’t won’t to go after mid May for the above mentioned reasons. It is just no fun to sit with sweat pouring down your back and being attacked by mosquitoes. My wife watch at home on TV and said even the announcers on Univision were mentioning the mosquitoes!!!!

    Ives- as long as MLS remains a summer league there should never be a franchise again down here and I really believe that Garber and the powers that be know that. Yes- it is hot all over North America but no place like here for consistently hot humid conditions from mid May until past Halloween.

    Now if they go to a fall/spring schedule with a winter break? …….South Florida could be a perfect fit.

    With the above in mind I hope WC 2010 remains in South Africa because the climate should make for some great football. Anyone think the U.S. could play with the hustle and passion they did in their last 3 games in a North American summer?

    PS- I went last night to support Canada. I would love to see them emerge, along with Honduras, as part of regularly competitive type five in CONCACAF and when you look at the ages of the players and the squads it is a real possibility.

  4. It would be fun to play Jamaica, they have a few EPL and Colaship guys on their roster!

    Panama or Nicaragua would be EXCRUCIATING!

  5. Cool, I personally really enjoyed the first 60 and the rest of the match. The first 60 was like good fubol with both teams having opportunities, and the whole time i was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who would score first. then when feilhaber and davies came in the dam was broken and we flowed through, but i enjoyed the tension and the sheer fight of both teams in the first 60.

  6. very dissapointed with La Selecta. They played for the tie and got burned. Too much individualistic plays as well. On the plus side, this has been a good Tournament for Osael Romero; hopefully he gets picked up from an mls team or the likes. I would much rather have this happen now than in WCQ.

  7. I didn’t see those matches. But, it sounds like we have had lots of exciting matches, and a variety of different types of games. The wild and violent mexico v panama game. the blow out against grenada. these exciting games that sound like good futbol. And our Game versus honduras which was a really good soccer game. Have any of these games been better than that one? That was my favorite that I have seen so far.


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