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Holden blast gives USA draw vs. Haiti

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Haiti was one minute away from the biggest upset in its national team's history, and one minute away from taking the Gold Cup Group B lead from heavy favorites the United States.

Then Stuart Holden stepped up.

The Houston Dynamo midfielder blasted a 25-yard shot in second-half stoppage time to give the United States a 2-2 tie and help the Americans clinch first place in Group B on Saturday night.

Haiti was a feisty and dangerous opponent, attacking in waves and erasing a USA halftime lead in just four minutes courtesy of a pair of quality finishes. The Americans pressed and pressed for an equalizer, but struggled to find the net before Holden's second goal in two U.S. national team appearances.

The victory means the United States will now face either Mexico, Panama or Jamaica in the Gold Cup quarterfinals in Philadelphia on Saturday.

What did you think of the U.S. team's performance on Saturday? Convinced that Stuart Holden is ready for more playing time with the national team? Disappointed in the U.S. defense? Hoping the Americans face Mexico in the quarterfinals or is that a match you are hoping is the Gold Cup final?

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice some comments about Ricardo Clark and Stewart Holden turning over the ball. The TV comentator during the game with Spain even suggested subbing out Clark because “he gave up the ball”. Last I looked, Clark and Holden are the engine that leads the MLS in the win loss collumn. Clark is the one who transitioned the ball to Davies and Donivan for the second goal in the Brasil game. Their’s is not the slow dribbling short passing indirect style. Nor do they give the ball away by playing too direct. When they are in the game look for possessions that count and fasten your seatbelt. JR

  2. People underestimate Haiti. For years they’ve been recognized as a team with a *lot* of talent, but they’ve been very undisciplined.

    This was, by far, the most disciplined game I’ve seen them play – and you could see the skill, speed and size that they bring.

    I think the US defense was shocked when they saw the speed they were up against – and that provoked some pretty panicky responses (Heaps). What people overlook, is that one shaky defender can throw the whole unit off, because they are left wondering whether they have to jump in to cover for his mistakes.

    Let’s see how Haiti does vs. Mexico. I think they have a real shot to get the upset.

    Last thought is that Bradley is doing a fine job training the young guys up. On paper, this squad had little to say for it – and I think they are playing a lot better than their pedigree.

  3. Metrostar,

    Imagine if our D team lost to Haiti? Who cares? Only people with no perspective like yourself, that’s who. These games are for testing out new players, not results. By your reasoning, we should play our A team at all times, wearing them out, risking injuries, alienating them from playing time with their clubs and never uncovering and developing new talent. Nice, forward-thinking strategy, there. I’m surrounded by morons. Somebody help me out, here.


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