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Mexico 1, Costa Rica 1: The Highlights

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The Mexican national team wash pushed to the brink by a game Costa Rica squad, but 'El Tri' stepped up and converted all five of its penalty kicks to defeat Los Ticos, 5-3 in penalties.

If you missed the match, and Costa Rica's last-minute equalizer, here are the highlights:

What did you think of Mexico's performance last night? Impressed? Not that impressed? Liking the United States' chances of beating them in the final?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I am an expert Spanish lip reader, and I can assure you that Torrado did not say “What do you want me to do?” “It’s not my problem” or “It’s not my country.”

    What Torrado actually said was “Eees not my job!” Then he turned to the ref and said “Looooking good!”

  2. the pk in regulation was crap mexico could have won without pks, and there stupid fans were throwing cups on the field,u.s. better crush the crap out of them.

  3. Hush-

    Not so fast!

    Since the apertura started just yesterday, Aguirre for the first time, will get a chance to observe and pick players on his own, and not rely on his right-hand man Mario Carillo, who has been largely responsible for all the line-ups up till now.
    Neither Vela, Pinto, Magallon or Castillo have their places assured at all!

  4. MExico has about 8 players that will start or be on the bench on August 12. The U.S probably will have only one. And that player is Ching.

    Mexico A-team




    Dos santos





    That’s 8 players that are a for sure thing!


    Ching- That’s it, and probably won’t start!HAHAHAHA

  5. ESPN’s announcers are the worst, Bretos in particular gets on my nerves. But shouting GOL for a full minute every time is really annoying. What if they played a minute of “We are the Champions”? Or “I am Superman?” Anything, ANYTHING would be easier on the ears than that guy shouting goal. Opera tenor singing Gol. Chewbacca moans. Anything..

    Many American jackasses have embarrassed this country, and some NFL games have had incidents with fans throwing stuff on the field (although it is by no means regular practice or considered ‘ok’). But when the Mexican fans do this for several games in a row, it makes them look like uncivilized a-holes. And when they do it in another country, it is also disrespectful to the host nation.

    It is going to take the peer pressure of people like Alex G, and hopefully the Spanish language media and national team leadership, to get these people to realize they are shaming themselves and their country and bring the standard of behavior to a very bare acceptable minimum. Every Mexican American who excuses it and shouts racism rather than be critical towards their own kind is making it worse.

    And for the person who suggested they stop selling beer.. What kind of sadistic madman are you? That is why half the people go to the games!

    Oh yeah.. the game.. I know that US and Mexico both tied Panama, and Mexico crushed Haiti, and CR >> Honduras B team. But I thought the US looked great last night and Mexico looked quite bad so if they play like that again, the US is probably going to win. CR played horribly, their passes were a mile off. Credit to the Mexico midfield defense though, CR had no idea how to advance the ball after the first half. But they won’t be able to shut down the US like that, so they better hope their offense improves..

    As for calling in more players.. BB should not do it because its not fair for us to have different rules. Beating our second or third squad will not give Mexico too much confidence. Actually if we call in some ringers and they still win, that might achieve what some posters are so fearing..

  6. @Belbo…First of all it’s JM as in Jota Eme!

    And surely the one that’s uber-sensitive IS YOU! Also seeing that you run your comments on typepad, you should ease on the annoying adjectives, they rest elegance to your rant!
    My suggestion to you is to just lower the volume until the next time such an important game is aired on an English speaking sport-channel!
    Also chill out! Those Telenovelas have some of the HOTTEST chicks on TV anywhere! Just enjoy!
    Meanwhile Me, Myself and another ten million people will just enjoy the incessant yelling…GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    P.S. The Finnish I doubt would be able to do it. Take my word for it! Most countries that have had it so good for so long, are just plain BORING!!!

  7. @JIM: insight or no insight the incessant yelling is just plain annoying … i don’t like it when Dick Vitale does it and these guys make Dick Vitale look like he is on Lithium. And I don’t care how many people watch the utterly wretched tella-novellas and pseudo-game shows, they are still a waste of TV airspace … of course so are most things on every channel so I guess it isn’t fair to single out just Univision and other Spanish language TV channels for their appallingly bad television programming. I guess not every show can be Breaking Bad or Mad Men. And I was pretty clear that the experience was annoying for “me” … qualified the statement as owing mainly to the fact that I do not speak the language (altho that amount of needless yelling in any language is surely vexing)… so you can feel free to climb down off of your uber-sensitive cultural martyr’s pyre and realize that complaints about bombastic sports broadcasting were intended to be language and culture neutral … that broadcast would have been just as annoying in Greek, Aramaic, Farsi or Finnish.

  8. As far as the “who is bringing the better team argument goes,” a conservative estimate i read is mexico has 4 starters, US has only 1 POSSIBLE starter in Ching. Bradley may want to keep the strong duo from the Confed Cup. Also, The USA only has probably 4 players on this team of 18 that will even make the bench in Azteca. I bet the same is not true for Mexico. Lets go U.S.A.
    I don’t like Americans who hate themselves for being born in America and therefore cheer and bet against their own team. STUPID.

  9. This is ridiculous, every time I come here all everyone does is whine. That stupid stereotype of us being whiners is starting to make more sense now.

  10. This is Mecico’s B team

    NOT HERE: off the top of my head
    Marquez (barcelona)
    Salcido (psv ein)
    Osorio (Stuugart)
    Galindo (Chivas)
    Guardado (Depor)
    Nery Castillo (?)
    Pardo (America)
    Fernando Arce (Santos)
    Blanco (fire)
    Perez (?)
    Francisco Javier Rodriguez
    Hector Moreno

    2 starter for August 12th – Gio and Ochoa
    Bench for August 12th- Torrado, Vela and Franco.

  11. OK Jacopo, give us the alternative! Watchin the American narrators on ESPN? Not unless I’m in a hurry to fall asleep!
    The way Univision does soccer is very close to the way the rest of Latin America does it. Believe me, it’s not random! There are millions of dollars spent by networks to figure what the viewers like!
    Sorry you don’t speak Spanish, because in between what you call ‘the annoying goal thing’, are very smart, sometimes, acerbic, and many times funny comments by the very knowledgable announcers. Sorry you missed the five minutes they spent praising Onyewu and his move to Milan, saying how NO ONE deserved it more than him! Or how yesterday during the Mexico/CR game, “Profe” Bracamontes, one of the nicest people on or off camera you could ever meet (speaking of classy Mexicans), gave a master class as to what Aguirre was doing tactically, and the changes he had ordered Gio to make in his positioning on the field, thus affecting the formation of the Ticos, and loosening up the game!
    The adjectives you use like hyper-melodramatic, pseudo-gameshows, that you use to describe some programming are totally biased and inconsiderate to the viewers who enjoy them, whomever they may be! You probably would be surprised to know, that Univision is the most viewed network BY FAR in this great country of yours!

  12. This isn’t mexico’s first team at all.

    Only ones with a chance of starting

    Dos Santos – I feel he should start on the 12th. Will he? I don’t know and part of me doubts it.

    Torrado – Probably will start because Mexico is not deep at midfield at all. He’s had an up and down tourney and yesterday was probably his best match.

    Franco/Sabah/Vela – One of them will probably start. More than one is doubtful.

    Ochoa may or may not get the nod. He’s Mexico’s best keeper, just not sure if he is their first choice.

    Everyone else is either a back up or not going to get called at all on the 12th. That is unless Marquez is hurt and doesn’t play, in which case Johnny M might get the nod.

    At MOST four of these players will start on the 12th. More than likely it will just be three as I would be surprised of Aguirre starts both Dos Santos and Ochoa.

    Talent advantage is slightly with Mexico (i feel holden, if the midfield weren’t so loaded, could start and ching should start). Pearce, if Boca doesn’t do well at fullback, could start as well.

    I think the most talented team in the cup was actually costa rica which brought their “A” team.

    Should be a good game. Look for US to score and win on a set piece.

  13. As far as fans throwing things on the field … eh … they are fans. There are always some fans in every group that are idiots … whether it is hooligans starting fights, drunk fans using the most vile of language around children, streaking or people throwing stuff on the field (are plastic beer cups really any worse than the batteries thrown by Oakland Raiders fans? Or snowballs by Eagles fans?).

    I think this whole “fan” discussion is obscuring the two most important points:

    1. Watching the game on Univision was one of the most annoying experiences EVER. Look, I understand the whole “goooooooooaaaaaaalll” is some sort of cultural trademark or something … ok, I can accept that. But do you really need to freak out for extended periods of time anytime anybody does anything? It makes being a non-spanish speaking viewer very difficult. I was constantly looking up thinking somebody had scored only to think “Oh, that 30 seconds of yelling was the ‘somebody came close’ yelling, the ‘somebody scored yelling’ is more like 2 minutes”. And seriously, they are PENALTY KICKS … people are going to score MOST of the time … how about we tone down the yelling for PKs and reserve the freak out for only when one is actually STOPPED? But I guess knowing how hyper-melodramatic (and crappy) the other weird pseudo-gameshows and tella-novellas are on the channel I shouldn’t be surprised their sports announcing is utter crap. All I can say is I am not looking forward to having to watch the Aug 12th match on Univision.

    2. I wish the USMNT had somebody as young and talented as G dos Santos … yes I am looking at you Freddy! I would trade 3 Freddies for one Giovanni any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  14. Alex G – You are an idiot with an inferiority complex. You are a closet Mexican that says is from Spain and have no more ties to your parents country. At least Mexican fans show up not like US fans. The cup throwing thing is seen in Central and South America but not in Mexico. It is just a Mexican-American thing and it can be controlled by not selling beer at this games. The thing is the Mexican fans are a cash cow – they show up. This will continue to happen until they stop selling beer, get used to it racist MoFo’s.

    Hey Frank I show up to every US game and my grandparents are from Spain but I was raised in Mexico, so, what the hell are u complaining about??, I cant be racist with mexicans because I have tons of Mexican friends and my parents were born in Mexico, I just dont care for people that behave like they dont have any education, no matter where they are from, get it?, I dont think its appropiate and if you are well educated you dont throw beers at players who are just doing their job, simply put if you want to fight with them or whatever… wait outside and see if you have the guts to do it, so Frank who’s the idiot now???…

  15. No, he said…

    What do you want me to do? The ref than probably asked him to do something in a very obnoxious way, as in ordering him, which is something a ref CAN”T DO!
    He then told the ref.. ‘like that? I won’t do it! I’ts NOT MY PROBLEM!!!’


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