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MLS Matchday 16: Your Running Commentary


Tonight is a U.S. national team match-day, but that isn't stopping Major League Soccer from playing five matches tonight, including three at the same time as the USA-Grenada match. American soccer fans–at least the ones who follow MLS–will be torn between watching their own teams or watching a USA B-Team against an overmatched opponent.

USA-Grenada will get top billing tonight, but for those of you interested in the MLS action, there is plenty to choose from. D.C.-Columbus starts things while Chicago-Colorado is probably the match of the night.

Here is today's schedule:

Tonight's MLS Matches

  • D.C. United at Columbus Crew (7pm, ESPN2)

  • Chicago Fire at Colorado Rapids (9pm, Direct Kick)

  • Houston Dynamo at Kansas City Wizards (9pm, Direct Kick)

  • New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas (9pm, Direct Kick)

  • New England Revolution at Los Angeles Galaxy (11pm, FSC)

I will be doing a live commentary of the USA-Grenada match, but those of you who will be watching tonight's MLS matches and want to keep up on those matches can do so here. Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (I will check in with scoring updates throughout the evening).

Enjoy tonight's action.


  1. Memrook, support the Dynamo!

    Seriously, though. I was surprised to see the banners for the Texian Army in KC. Does any other team have a better traveling fan support? I know some of the stories–TFC in Columbus et al, but I’m talking about how the Texian Army always sends players to make their presence known, often at great distance. Impressive.

  2. Also, I’m a closet LA fan, becuase when I first started following the league (back when the broadcasts used to be free), I supported the Galaxy. However, I’ve been really embarassed as of late with their organization and play on the field. Since the only two cities I’ve lived in have been Savannah, GA and Memphis, TN, it’s hard to stay loyal to such crap. I want them to do well in my heart, but everything about them has felt like such a joke. Does that make me a bad fan??? I dunno, but I wish I had a local team to support (or as near as one that would make sense). I find myself impressed with the Sounders and everything about them. What I really I need is a team in the South/Midsouth.

  3. It’s funny cuz the sound really sucks on FSC on tv, but now I’m watching it on a pirated internet feed, an FSC broadcast, and the sound is perfectly clear, lol. I wonder how that works???

    Anyway, I’m happy Esky scored. When he first came to MLS I really supported him and his career, but he had been awol as of late; it’s nice as a fan to see him get a goal.

  4. The audio quality is an experimental technique designed to make the horrific anti-Beckham songs inaudible. They want to perfect it before Beckham returns.

  5. Mansallt and Delagarza have words after some shirt tucking. Other than the goal it was proably the most exciting the game has been.

    As I say that, of course, Reis makes the save as eskandarian almost pounces for his second goal in opportunistic fashion.

  6. Wow, eskandarian with a nice goal!! Quality service, he does well to take it down and a good volley.

    Dunivant and eskandarian, as a red bulls fan do I need to see that? Ugh.

  7. eskandarian starting at forward. two minutes before that, they had alan gordon at forward. so not only do i have no donovan, but I don’t even get to make fun of gordon.

  8. Hesmer spills another shot, cleared away by a defender so no damage done, but man has Hesmer made a mess of things on a couple of occasions tonight.

    3 minutes extra time. Looks like the match will end in a draw.

    Schelotto want a handball call on DC, but gets nothing. It does hit Olsen’s hand, but he’s not getting that call so late in the match for what was most likely incidental.

    Lenhart gets a yellow for an aerial challenge on someone, not sure who.

    And the match ends in a draw.

    2nd half probably not as good as the first, as both teams seemed happy with the point after DC equalized. It wasn’t dull, or anything, there were chances for both teams. A draw is probably a fair result in the end.

  9. Burns played a long ball on the ground from the back, but Schelotto doesn’t get to it, and honestly didn’t seem all that interested in trying to.

    DC sub- Barklage in for N’Silu.

    Burns came on for ekpo about 10 minutes ago, which I completely missed.

  10. Players from both sides are sliding around all over the pitch. Wallace fouls Brunner, who is not happy and refuses to be helped up.

    Schelotto over the ball from distance, and delivers a poor ball in which bounces five feet in front of anyone on either side.

    Back the other way, Caroll heads away a cross sent into the area.

    8 minutes left for both teams to do something.

  11. Gomez takes a free kick which is deflected off the wall, but almost ends up in the back of the net.

    The resulting corner is headed by N’Silu, but without any power on it.

    Hejduk sends in a cross from the right, Lenhart gets off a good shot that JUST misses to the right of goal. Actually, the defender might have touched the ball rather than Lenhart, couldn’t tell to be honest.

  12. N’Silu with a challenge on Lenhart that is not given a card. In the confederations cup that would have earned a US player three simultaneous red cards.

  13. missed the last 7 or so minutes, have no idea what happened, but got back just in time to see a Columbus free kick straight at the keeper.

  14. Fred coming in for Khumalo, DC’s first sub.

    Fred with a backheel in the area to Christian Gomez, who tries to chip the keeper but ends up with a weak shot that Hesmer catches more than saves.


    A deflected cross from ekpo is flicked wonderfully on by the head of Lenhart down to Moreno, who controlls well and puts the ball in simply! Great stuff from Lenhart and Moreno!


    This is kind of a mirror image of what happened in the first half, with the team spending most of its time defending grabbing a goal.

    Olsen with a yellow card for a foul on Schelotto stopping a counter.

  15. Rodney Wallace completely beats the man in front of him, nutmegging before shooting at the keeper, which eventually leads to some emergency defending, ending with a shot over the bar.

    Hesmer, despite a couple of shaky moments, has made several excellent saves.

    ekpo coming back on the other end with a long run, but his shot from distance was always going well wide.

  16. Free kick at the edge of shooting range for DC, Gomez goes for goal but the wall, as they say, did its job.

    Brunner heads away a cross, earning DC a corner, which goes through everyone, Pontius was free but couldn’t get off a good header! Class delivery from Gomez, though.

    DC starting the half like they ended it in the opening five minutes.

  17. good, entertaining match so far through the first half. stadium looks fairly full and the nordecke and dcu traveling supporters are in full voice. anyone else notice the picture quality got worse around the 33rd minute when the broadcast got screwed up?

  18. Pontius takes a shot that Hesmer lets trickle through his fingers, but goes harmlessly away from goal and there was not a United player in sight to take advantage.

    Halftime. An entertaining half, Columbus controlled the opening but things flipped after the goal. Not a ton of clear chances, but overall a half worth watching.

  19. Columbus has been off balance ever since giving up that goal, and DC has been controlling the play since.

  20. GOAL DC!!

    Columbus gives the ball away, Hesmer sabes a first shot but the ball is never cleared, and eventually Gomez takes a loose ball which hit off of O’Rourke and blasts the ball into the net!

    1-0 DC.

  21. Khumalo mishit a cross from the right which nearly caught Hesmer away from the near post, and he was lucky not to put it into his own net.

    Columbus have been in control of the game, and Ben Olsen has intervened on a couple of ocassions, clearing out a cross and blocking a half-volley.

  22. Moreno earns a yellow for a dive. There was definite contact in the penalty area, but Moreno was trying to earn a call. I probably would have rather seen a no call there, but I could see an argument made for that call.

  23. Nice to know the Red Bulls were so flush with defensive talent that they could afford to pass on Brunner.


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