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MLS Matchday 16 (Your Running Commentary)


While the U.S. national team is attracting much of the attention from U.S. fans tonight, some MLS fans are passing on watching the national team in order to see their club teams play in key league fixtures.

The afternoon included a Seattle 2-1 win against Houston, as well as a scoreless draw between New England and Kansas City.

Tonight's slate of games promises to provide some intrigue as well. Here are today's remaining matches:

  • Columbus Crew at Chicago Fire, 8pm (ESPN2)

  • FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids, 9:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Toronto FC at San Jose Earthquakes, 10:30pm (Direct Kick)

  • Los Angeles Galaxy at Chivas USA, 10:30pm (FSC)

  • If you will be watching tonight's MLS matches, you are welcome to share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

    Enjoy the action.


    1. The Gals/Chivas game was difficult to watch. So much for Preki’s reputation of playing “beautiful futbol”. Two very average teams playing below average soccer does not equal “Super”. Ugh……

    2. SJ — Arturo Alvarez (caution; Verbal Distraction) 53

      Anyone know what that is about? I’ve never seen that reason for a caution. haha.

    3. I just watched the classico on Fox Sports en Espanol and their commentators are just as crazy as the English-speaking ones. Wow.

    4. Chad Barret just had the chance to walk into goal after leaving Joe Cannon on the ground at the top of the box. He dribbled inside the 6, kinda in the middle.

      I still half expected him to miss until it crossed the line.

    5. Sullivan just said Zidane was a great player.

      Wow- he really nailed that one!

      All Hail the Diarrhea of the Mouth Twins.

      Jojo bonita ya’ll!!!!!

    6. Maybe Colorado should trick their fans into thinking it’s July 4th every game cause that stadium is emptier than a Hummer’s gas tank.

    7. MLS is nuts to be playing a season game on ESPN in HD at the same time as its young stars are playing with the USMNT on the crappy Fox analog. I realize there are a number of business decisions involved but they need to get their act together.

    8. Lookded pretty bad from both CLB and Chicago. If the Crew didn’t have Hesmer back, it might have been a Chicago win. As a Crew fan i’ll take the point.

    9. Its really sad to see how bad Ekpo is getting. He needs to be traded while the Without Hesmer, Hejduk, and Gaven the Crew would have absolutly no spark tonight.

    10. I can see why Ives wanted Tim Ward to be playing in the Gold Cup. He had a great give and go with Blanco but took a shoot that went well over when he should have layed it back for someone. He seems a smarter player than the one we saw in the U-20 World Cup.


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