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MLS Notes: McBride has shoulder surgery, Harris traded to Dallas and more (UPDATED)

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The Chicago Fire is considered one of the deepest teams in Major League Soccer and will now have that depth tested as the Easter Conference power is forced to deal with the loss of star striker Brian McBride.

McBride is set to miss four to six weeks three to four months after undergoing shoulder surgery. Second-year forward Patrick Nyarko is expected to pick up the slack in McBride's absence. (UPDATE- McBride's initial prognosis was four to six weeks but the Fire announced on Friday evening that the damage to McBride's shoulder was worse than first thought.)

McBride leads the Fire in goals scored with six. He may now be out of action until September.

Here are some other MLS news items heading into the weekend:

Chivas deals Harris to Dallas

Just three weeks after unloading Alecko Eskandarian to Los Angeles, Chivas USA dispatched another forward, sending Atiba Harris to FC Dallas for midfielder Marcelo Saragosa.

Harris started 13 matches for Chivas USA, providing two goals and two assists. Saragosa has started in 44 games since joining FC Dallas in 2006.

Mendes out for season after surgery

Red Bulls defender Carlos Mendes is out for the season after undergoing hip surgery. SBI reported three weeks ago that Mendes was done for the year, but the team didn't make the announcement until after Mendes had the surgery. He started 11 games for the Red Bulls this season before suffering a torn labrum in his hip.


Think the Fire can get by without McBride? Who do you think got the better of the Harris-Saragosa trade? Could things get any worse for the Red Bulls?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey DC Josh , the McBride injury is not going to help DC , the Fire will still finishh way ahead of the DC ( too many ties ) United.

  2. With regards to Chives picking up saragosa, he and nagamura are almost identical.the LA Galaxy had both of those players on their books when they both came into the league.
    They inevitably traded one.
    Both of them are starters. I just dont see how this makes sense from a Chives standpoint unless they’re shopping either Nagamura or Marsch, and I can’t see Marsch switching teams.

  3. Jesse Marsch is 87 years old and on the verge of retiring. I can see this move as a precaution for when Marsch is gone.

  4. This hopefully will help DC put some space between themselves and the rest of the deep East. I want no one to get injured to help another team, but the Fire will miss Brian dearly.

    Posted by: DC Josh | July 17, 2009 at 09:56 PM


    So will McBride’s injury suddenly catapult TFC and Columbus down the standings? You are tied for third place. Need to worry about more than just Chicago.

  5. You knew when Dallas hired John Ellinger that things were going in the wrong direction. He did such a great job with RSL in their first years. Now you see them getting Jeff Cunningham, Attiba Harris, seems like some others that used to play for RSL under Ellinger also. Look for Dallas to accomplish what RSL accomplished in those first years. Namely, scraping the bottom of MLS.

  6. I have seen every Chivas home game this year and I thought Harris had 2-3 games where he was just awful. He made a ton of bad passes, couldn’t keep control of the ball and didn’t add to the attack. I won’t miss him.

  7. Big crush to McBridge and the Fire. I love him as a player, not at all with a Fire jersey on.

    This hopefully will help DC put some space between themselves and the rest of the deep East. I want no one to get injured to help another team, but the Fire will miss Brian dearly.

  8. I also just looked for MUN2 on my channel list….had no idea that I had that. All I remember of it from my days in college in Miami is that the show The Roof certainly satisfies the day’s booty shaking quotient.

  9. mxilkshake: telemundo bought the rights. If you want to watch the match, get the MUN.

    Goff is reporting McBride’s done for the season.

  10. Ives, can you do a post on the USMNT v Mexico game and how the game is only on Telemundo and Mun2 in english (but only is you subscribe to the spanish package)?????

    This is going to suck. No HD and no announcing in english. Yes, I know english announcers suck, but there are little nuggest of info about every 10 to 15 minutes and worth it IMO>

    We need to start an email campain to US Soccer and NBC (owns rights to Telemundo) to get the game switched to a more accessible station.

    DO A POST PLEASE?????? Get the word out.


  11. Additionally, Harris has little to no discipline with his body or his decision making. He is on the edge of out of control 90% of the game. How he avoids the red card is amazing to me.

    Chivas is fine without him and Marcelo is a fine player who will distribute the ball nicely in conjunction with Nagamura and Marsch.

    Respect the Goats but don’t like them. Go Galaxy…

  12. Jorge Flores is a good left-footed midfielder, but not a good left-back not yet at least.

    Hopefully, he sees more playing time.

  13. Tim – it clears space for Dallas because Saragosa earns twice (almost to the dollar) what Harris does.

    I don’t see how Chivas needed another DM – they already have Marsch, Nagamura, Harmse and Victorine.

  14. Seth….Chivas still has: Lillingston, Galindo, Braun, Flores and a soon to return Razov.

    They’re not exactly thin up top.

    plus, Harris is a midfielder (defensive or on the right). He’s hardly played up top in the past 2 seasons.

  15. Is there any chance that when Brian McBride decides to retire that he can get a coaching position with the national team? I would love if he could somehow mentor some of our younger strikers. If Jozy had one ounce of what Brian has, in determination, then imagine the possibilities. To bad we can’t clone the guy.

  16. Someone tell JCO to just resign himself and his coaching staff..he is going to ruin the potential that Hall, Zimm, and Kandji present and ruin the careers of their other proven talent (Angel, Richards). The whole team has obviously given up which is a big disappointment


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