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Monday Rewind: USA-Mexico in English for all, Galaxy fan un-banned and more

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If you were beginning to worry about being able to see the USA-Mexico World Cup qualifier on August 12th in English, it appears your fears are about to subside.

NBC Universal, parent company of Telemundo, is offering all cable and satellite providers free access to Mun2, the channel set to show the USA-match at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. The free access will be for the day of the match.

If your cable/satellite provider still won't be offering Mun2, you can still get the English-language feed to the game on Telemundo using the SAP function.

Here are some other stories from Monday that we may have missed:

Beckham helps fan get Home Depot ban lifted

The LA Galaxy fan who was banned from Home Depot Center for life after coming out of the stands to confront David Beckham has had his ban lifted.

The unidentified fan had his ban lifted with some help from Beckham, who lobbied for the ba to be lifted.

Ibrahimovic introduced by Barcelona

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic was introduced as Barcelona's latest signing on Monday, after passing a physical.

The deal completes a mega-trade that sent Samuel Eto'o to Inter Milan.

What do you think of the above stories? Relieved to know you'll probably be able to watch USA-Mexico in English? Happy to see the Galaxy fan's ban lifted for his run-in with Beckham? Think Ibrahimovic will make the European champions even more dangerous?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Cool about mun2, but I don’t get why it was such a big deal. If you didn’t get mun2 why not just watch on Telemundo with SAP, or just watch in Spanish?

  2. I agree with Toumba, who cares what language it’s in? It’s Sadovnik and Cantor on Telemundo, 2 play by play guys who step all over each other and pander to their target Mexicans in the USA audience, and I don’t care so much for some US announcers, like many others say.

    Still, your cable provider isn’t going to mess with their lineup for one day to give you this day free on MUN2 no matter what NBC says, and mine won’t have the SAP feed.

    Not that it matters, I listen to the announcers anyway and these 2 languages I can follow.

    Still, y’all know the players, so turn the sound down if you have to, and provide your own commentary if introducing friends to the game.

  3. Toumba, gotta say I liked Wynalda too. Refreshingly honest. DelCamera is ok… play by play guy that’s all. At least he is familiar with the game (10 yrs in NY). Rae and Healy are OK as is Martino for color. Sillivam knows alot but is too pedantic and overbearing (McCarver Dierdorf). He’s alittle too much with the pronounciations ( yeah, we get it you’re multi-lingual congrats). In NYC we get Shep Messing for color, pray he does’nt go nation wide.

  4. Why does anyone care if it is in English?…the only thing I ever read on here is people complaining about everyone that does an “English Lauguage” broadcast. Everyone seems to hate Bretos and Sullivan. (even though Sullivan has forgotten more about soccer than most people know)
    People hate Lalas, Harkes and Dellacamera. Nobody liked Wynalda (except me) and universally everyone agrees that Rob Stone is a total tool. So I ask again, who cares if it is in English?


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