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Morning Ticker: Chelsea downs Inter, Mascherano eyes Barca and Sven joins Notts County

TerryIbrahimovic (Getty Images)

Chelsea began its World Football Challenge campaign in style on Tuesday, posting a 2-0 victory against Inter Milan at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard scored goals for the Blues, who defeated former manager Jose Mourinho.

John Terry and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, two of the most high-profile transfer targets this summer, both played for their current teams even as speculation swirled about where they may be going. Terry is being hotly-pursued by the deep-pocketed owners at Manchester City while Ibrahimovic is reportedly set to join FC Barcelona in a big-money deal.

The loss came just two days after Inter tied Mexican club America in its first WFC match on Sunday. The World Football Challenge continues tonight with AC Milan facing Club America in Atlanta.

Here are some other stories to get your Wednesday started:

Mascherano wants Barca move

Just days after teammate Xabi Alonso expressed his interest in a move to Real Madrid, Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano apparently wants join Alonso in Spain.

Mascherano's agent stated that the Argentine international wants to move to FC Barcelona, and that he is tired with life in England. No offer has been made by Barcelona yet, but you have to believe the defending Champions League titleholders will jump at the chance to sign one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

Erikkson hired by Notts County

In a move sure to provide endless fodder for jokes on Special1TV, Sven Goran Erikkson has accepted the position of director of football of League Two Notts County.

Yes, you read that right.

Sven has taken a front office job three levels below the Premier League, signaling the complete collapse from England manager to man trying desperately to work his way back into English soccer.


What do you think of these stories? Enjoy last night's Chelsea-Inter match? Think Terry leaves Chelsea? Would Mascherano's signing make Barcelona favorites again? Can you believe Sven took a job with Notts County?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. @ Colin–

    I feel you buddy on losing Mach and Alonso. But I feel that given the money situation we need to sell 1 and probably both. As much as I would hate to see them go you build around Torres and Gerrard. Sneijder, from what ive seen at Ajax and Madrid, has similar ballstriking, passing, and provides a little more going forward than Alonso. Mascherano situation seems to be a little different because from what ive read, his wife is expecting and his family hasnt settled well since he’s arrived. I think Miguel Veloso or Kevin Nolan would be pretty good in the Mascherano role

  2. You have to have two stay at home mids behind gerrard. He doesn’t have the discipline to play in a two man center midfield. That’s not just my opinion, it’s Benitez’s and Cappelo’s too.

  3. @Collin

    Relax, I don’t think Mascherano is going anywhere, for the simple reason that there really isn’t anyone out there to replace him with (that will bring the same level of play, anyway). That defensive mid position is too important to Liverpool’s success, and they are too close to the title, for Rafa to sell him just because a club comes in with a big offer. Now Xabi, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about …

  4. I agree HM, I just have become fond of letting Xabi and Masch do the dirty work and let Gerrard run with Torres. In a perfect world I would’ve liked to have seen us grab an attacking wing and add depth to the D…all while keeping Xabi and Masch.

  5. From jumpstreet, Liverpool should have taken cash plus barter deals from Barcelona and Real Madrid…

    Barcelona is going to give away Eto’o on the cheap (Eto’o, Hleb and huge cash to Inter???), and a small amount of cash plus Eto’o could have been achieved.

    Real Madrid needs to unload players, and cash plus players (Heinze, Sneijder) could have set up Liverpool with depth.

    Those 2 holding midfielders could have been replaced with one guy, since they would move to a 4-4-2 with Torres and Eto’o. The cash from these deals, plus cash already earned, plus the remaining 1.5MM pounds in budget, could have been added to the sale of Dossena and turned into 12-14MM pounds. Easily enough to buy a holding midfielder capable of partnering Gerrard in the center of midfield.

  6. @Doug

    I’m a ‘pool fan as well. I feel like I’ve just been punched in the gut. Two world-class midfielders asking to leave in the same summer? This really sucks. We’re on the verge of losing two anchors; losing these players may force us to change playing style and maybe even formation.

    I think what “grinds my gears” more than anything else is that we are so far behind the times with transfers. Sure, we snatched up Johnson early on, but why must we wait until late July to have a midfield crisis? I know rumors have been swirling for a while about Xabi and Masch, but it is frustrating that we’re going to have to jump in to the transfer market so late in the game.

    Let’s go Rafa. If you can’t keep ahold of two of your best players, you’d better find replacements, and quickly.

  7. I don’t doubt that Sven could have landed a more prestigious job Ives. I think this move was more of a challenge than a money-making deal. They could make a Hull-esque run to the premier league. Even if they make it to the Championship within 5 years, it will be an accomplishment.

    Look at what Bill Parcells has done with the Dolphins. I think it’s more in tune with this than with a bottom of the barrel type move.

    They have a loooooooooooong way to go, it’ll be interesting to watch. I heard somewhere they are the oldest club in football.

  8. So how many paychecks is Sven-O collecting these days? Collapse my arse. I wish I could fail so miserably that I had to collect paychecks from so many.

  9. Poor Sven! You can survive after leaving as coach of the English national team. You can survive after being let go by ManCity. But if you blow a gig in Mexico, you’re toast in the football world.

  10. Setanta is still broadcast in the USA (Direct TV Channel 621). Different company, so to speak, than in England. Also Erickson doesn’t need the money anymore, although he is being paid well for this job, and at his age why not take on a project like this? I think it is a grand idea. My mother, who is English (my dad is American), grew up just out side of Nottingham so it will be great to sit on this side of the Atlantic and watch their success.

  11. S1TV was on Setanta right? Isn’t Setanta no longer a tv station? So does that mean S1TV will move somewhere else or is it done?

  12. Obviously anyone saying Svens move is a “collapse” hasn’t been following Notts County lately. It’s the oldest league club in the world, and has had such managers as Jimmy Sirrel, Neil Warnock, Howard Kendall and Sam Allardyce. The team was recently bought by a wealthy Middle Eastern consortium (Munto Finance), and plan to bring the team up to the Championship within 5 years. They already signed Lee Hughes today, who was playing for Blackpool (in the Championship) last year, and have picked up a few higher league players in the last month to move up. Put into perspective, Sven will get 2 million pounds a year, and will get performance bonuses on top of that. With the increased budget for transfers and to build infrastructure, things are looking bright for him, and the team.

  13. Jose seems pretty special to me, titles in Portugal, England, and Spain with Uefa Cup and Champions League title to boot. Players love him. I would hire him in a heart beat.

  14. “Wow. I can’t wait to hear what the Special One has to say…

    Posted by: casadelqueso”

    I will let you know what Jose would probably say….Well of course Chelsea is good…that was my team, that I trained and they used my tactics… so I really won today and did not lose….I cant lose…I am perfect…I am the best coach ever. That is why I call myself “the Special One”…err….I mean THEY call me the Special One.

  15. I’m a Liverpool fan and while I would hate to see them go, 50 million pounds for both alonso and masch is too much money to pass up. Sign Miguel Veloso from Sporting and try to swap alonso for Sneijder and call it a day. Another player I would like to see in Anfield is Sao Paulo midfielder Hernanes. What do you guys think?

  16. I’m not sure it’s really a career free fall for Sven.

    It appears to me that he is relishing a big time project, and what better job to take on if that’s his hunger?


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