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Morning Ticker: Beckham booed as Galaxy tie Milan, Wambach nets 100th and more

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David Beckham's welcome home to the Home Depot Center was far from a warm one, but that didn't stop him from making an impact.

With his own fans booing him, Beckham delivered a perfect cross to Bryan Jordan, who headed home an equalizer in the LA Galaxy's 2-2 exhibition draw vs. AC Milan on Sunday night.

The match was marred by fan protests of Beckham, mostly from the Galaxy's main supporter's group, the Riot Squad. The protests eventually led to a confrontation between Beckham and an LA fan who left the stands and ran toward Beckham after being invited/dared/begged to do so by Beckham himself. (Here is an interview with the fan in question.)

Newly-signed U.S. national team defender Oguchi Onyewu was not in uniform for AC Milan.

Here are some other news stories and notes from the weekend and Monday morning to get your day started:

Wambach scores 100th

U.S. women's national team striker Abby Wambach scored her 100th career goal in front of her hometown fans in Rochester, New York, to lead the USA to a 1-0 win vs. Canada on Sunday.

Wambach became the ninth woman to score 100 goals, and fifth in U.S. national team history, doing so faster than any woman before her (129 matches). At 29, Wambach still has some time to try and catch all-time scoring leader Mia Hamm, who finished with 159 career goals.

Revs down struggling Chivas USA

New England stopped its own recent struggles by helping Chivas USA continue its own.

A pair of second half goals helped the Revs post a 2-0 victory on Sunday against a sliding Chivas USA squad that hasn't won a match since June 6th.

Shalrie Joseph came on in the second half to help spark the Revs to their first win since June 7th, a span of three MLS matches.

America edges Inter Milan in penalties

Mexican powerhouse Club America pushed Italian champions Inter Milan to a 1-1 tie before defeating Inter in penalty kicks in their World Football Challenge clash at Stanford Stadium on Sunday.

So why penalty kicks? The winner of the penalty kicks receives an extra point in the World Football Challenge standings. The WFC is a six-team mini-tournament being played across the country over the course of the next two weeks.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is set to make a transfer move to FC Barcelona, came on as a 50th minute substitute for Inter.


What did you think of Sunday's action? Surprised at the reception Beckham received from Galaxy fans (okay, so maybe not)? Impressed with how fast Wambach reached 100 goals? Surprised at just how bad things have gotten for Chivas USA?


  1. It was a mildly entertaining game, but I was surprised by the nearly total lack of recognition about Onyewu signing with AC Milan. I would have thought the network would flash a picture or do a quick profile, maybe try to interview Leonardo or an AC Milan player about the signing. All the attention was on Beckham and Ronaldinho.


  2. jones71… I am not a regular Riot Squad section guy but my season seats are in the section NEXT to them because they CRACK me up. They are spirited and funny and ON SPOT when it comes to the game. Some of them do get drunk but are just beligerent enough that I am not embarassed when there are youngsters nearby. I LOVE sitting near them.

    Yesterday, I was in the section on top of them and they were NORMAL. That guy going over the wall is only the second time in 8 years that I watched them do something really stupid. The 1st time was three years ago when one of them had a birthday and all his boys were buying him drinks and he got REALLY STUPID DRUNK. That was fun to watch Alexi escort him from the stadium…

    The point being is that I’m pretty sure that Beckham was doing more than asking for a handshake. Even before the end of the half…if you watch Ronaldinho’s corner you’ll see D.B. pointing into the stands at someone. He continues to be very UNprofessional in his conduct…in spite of his words…

  3. The end of the Inter/CA game was bush league. Who tacks a PK shootout onto the end of a match like that?

    The game was fun, and it was cool to see the players involved, but both teams were obviously rusty and several Inter players were going at half-speed. The Inter red card made no sense either (at least based on what I saw)…

  4. “…if this league wants to maintain any legitimacy in my mind, garber better fine beckham for inciting a fan to jump on the field (and the fan was arrested no less..)”

    Agree totally with the fine. Disagree with the idea that Garber is interested in MLS being legitimate. If he were, he would have fined Beckham for making an obscene gesture at referee Jair Maruffo last season in D.C. Garber is only interested in promotion, marketing and MONEY. He is AEG’s avitar.

  5. Good for you Galaxy fans. He turned his back on you and as a captain that is disgraceful. Until he admits he F’d up and takes responsibilty for it he should get booed in every city in America.

    Go Sounders!

  6. …oh, nad who the hell is David Beckham? I thought all the paparazzi and fuss had something to do with Andrew Shue from melrose place was coming back to the team. I remember him being subbed in a few matches at the rose bowl, all I can say is we’ve come a long way. ha.

  7. it’s funny how some idiots on here are so quick to jump on this forum to splatter their nonsense and simply expend their energy and time to put down either the Galaxy or supporters…when in reality they simply want to try to fuel some fire out of their own outright…fear, jealousy maybe..I mean why else would they jump on here to just talk crap or try to make a statement like “I didn’t even bother to watch”…then if you don’t care, don’t comment! Some of these peckers can’t even bring themselves to mention who they support in MLS, if in fact they’re gonna take the time to and effort to bad mouth LA…then let me ask you bstrds something, Who do you support in MLS? Who do you support that you feel superior enough to talk crap about the Galaxy? When you figure it out, and you feel you have a strong enough love for your club, even a tenth of the love us Galaxy supporter feel for our club, then, come on here and say what you gotta say…and if you don’t have a club in MLS, they your opinion in not worth more than the crrap dribbling down your chin…




  8. I like how no one is even talking about the hilarious ending to the Inter vs. Club America game.

    First off, all the players started trading jerseys as soon as the final whistle blew. America’s coach claimed no one even told him the game would go to pk’s. Ibrahimovic and Viera actually had to go get their shirts back from CA players. Then, after the initial confusion, ESPN spys a chance for a commercial break and takes advantage.

    When we come back, the teams are still just milling around the middle of the field. Just to top off the sh*t show, “Harkesy” then gets in an on-air argument with the field reporter Fernando about whether red card suspensions will carry over to the next game. After Fernando says they do, Harkes then mumbles “no they don’t,” then when Fernando repeats that he just spoke with tournament officials Harkes spouts some crap about it not being an official competition. He’s embarassing.

    All the Club America PK’s were well taken. Inter’s save should’ve been allowed to stand. It seriously looked like if Inter got a 6th pk, Mourinho was going to take it, he was up on the field with the players at that point. I was laughing my ass off by the end. ESPN quality coverage, just like always.

  9. Almost done with Wahl’s book. Rent Boy Beckham engages in this sort of confrontational behavior through out it.

  10. LA Riot Squad are a disgrace and clearly not fans of LA Galaxy, they’re only fans of themselves. No different than a street gang of criminals. These types of supporters groups in soccer really need to go. They’re like those pathetic Ultras in Milan that boo Paulo Maldini at his retirement. Again, not fans of the team, only fans of themselves. Get rid of them.

  11. All the people upset with the fans sounds don’t realize that those fans have been there for years. The Galaxy averaged over 24,000 in attendance before Beckham arrived. We don’t need him and if he’s gonna act like a little bitch, we don’t want him. We’d like to return to our glory days. We care about the team and Beckham doesn’t. He cares about himself and how he’s gonna get to South Africa next year. That’s why we boo him. He’s all about himself and the money, and not about the Galaxy.

  12. Wow, i can’t believe Becks called the fan out like that! It’s as bad as kicking out at the Argie all those years ago, very dissapointing. I think maybe he should just admit that he made a mistake coming to MLS, at least we could respect that.

    The Riot Squad are ridculous, they’re not fans disband them now they are a joke anyway.

    Trade Gordon now!

  13. The LA fans have every right to express their displeasure at Beckham for is classless backhnaded insults to their club when he was in Milan seeking to permently leave and his noted give a crap attitude in 2008. Those fans care alot about their club and Becks apparently does not. Their protests are warrented.

  14. “Our past couple seasons have been marred by Beckham and his wankers at 19!”
    Posted by: Kaiser

    Quote of the Week! and it’s only Monday.

    Admittedly, Beckham’s class ON the field has improved an already vastly improved Galaxy side, now with strong defense and a potent offense (potentially).

    To bad Beckham has no class OFF the field and with the Galaxy supporters. Beckham is such a Tool.

  15. wow – after watching the video, if this league wants to maintain any legitimacy in my mind, garber better fine beckham for inciting a fan to jump on the field (and the fan was arrested no less..)

  16. @LAisRiot

    “Give the attention whore fans their 5 minutes.”

    Those fans have been there since the Rose Bowl days, and are loyal as hell (not like the fair weather David Beckham supporters)! They don’t want attention, they want to let David Beckham know how they feel about him disrespecting thier team and thier league! The Riot Squad are true fans!

    Know what you are talking about, ass!!!

  17. Who cares about Beckham….

    How about the rookie-former Maryland product defenders Omar Gonzalez and AJ DeLaGarza?!?!?!?!

    I can see them being a force for the national team in a couple years.

    LA Galaxy are one of the stingiest teams on defense….these dudes are a big reason why.

  18. While since the Donovan excerpt came out I was firmly in the sell Beckham camp, I am changing my mind. He may not have lead by example in practice, but he has been playing hard in games. Upon reflection, I cannot begrudge him if he lost a bit of motivation last season after realizing he may have to play in places like the CommunityAmerica Ballpark for the rest of his career, his enormous salary notwithstanding.

  19. agreed…Buck Fecks (and the funny thing is that he now has a chip on his shoulder, and combined with Arena getting the team fixed, will make the LAG’s very tough to beat down the stretch and all the way to the MLS Cup)…

  20. When becks and landycakes jump the pond soon the galaxy can go back to the obscurity they know and love. Give the attention whore fans their 5 minutes.

  21. What they are not reporting is after he confronted fans and the second half began, he had huge cheers every time he touched the ball or went to take a corner kick…By the end, he won the fans back!

    As for match, no Pirlo or Gautusso and NO GOOCH. AC had mixed team of starters and newbies. Fun match and both of the galaxy goals were spectacular! Sellout Spice, stupid spice or whatever we want to call him was instrumental in both goals. But he will be gone again. Part time lover he is! Buck Fecks!

  22. This is all part of Beckham’s ‘get the hell out of LA’ strategy.

    Next will be “The boos are affecting the team”, and then “my family can’t come to the games anymore’ and finally ‘I don’t want to be a distraction to the team during the playoffs so I’m leaving’.

    You are all playing right into his hand.

  23. The Offside Rules has footage of the Beckham v Fan confrontation at halftime. Beckham is telling the guy to come down (pretty much challenging him), so he does, but then the fan gets arrested. I in no way support fans leaving the stands, but I also don’t support thin-shinned pansy asses who can’t handle a little booing and heckling and try to confront the fans. Beckham has no class, but we alreay knew that.

    I am huge Galaxy supporter, and I will boo Beckham till he leaves (may even be a happier day than when Lalas and Gullit got fired). Will I cheer when he gets an assist or helps the team out? Of course, because unlike him, I care about the badge on the front of the jersey, I love the Galaxy, even more than I hate the wanker wearing the 23 jersey. If we use him to help us for the rest of the season, great, becasue he used us for 2 years!!!!

    Goldenballs has none!

  24. Ives, why did you put the result in the post title, when the game won’t be nationally aired until tonight?! There are result-neutral titles that would have served just as well.

  25. man, the riot squad are cry babies. boo hoo. Becks “ruined my team”.

    Sometimes supporter’s are the worst part of football.

    they think all the team’s success should be contributed to them and that all of the team’s faults are to blame on someone else. get over it and quit booing playing that wear your team’s kit.

  26. “Didn’t see the game – can someone please explain Ives’ photo. It looks like two police officers dressed as L.A. Galaxy are trying to forcibly restrain Ronaldinho. Maybe he stole some pies or something.”

    Well done. You win the caption award.

  27. “The match was marred by fan protests of Beckham, mostly from the Galaxy’s main supporter’s group, the Riot Squad”

    Our past couple seasons have been marred by Beckham and his wankers at 19!

  28. Didn’t see the game – can someone please explain Ives’ photo. It looks like two police officers dressed as L.A. Galaxy are trying to forcibly restrain Ronaldinho. Maybe he stole some pies or something.

  29. They showed the whole Beckham controversy on ESPN Sportscenter today (remember any publicity for the MLS is good publicity). Hopefully Beckham can shake this off but he has even admitted in his autobiography that he is “thin skinned.”

    The first goal that that LA Galaxy scored was incredible! Beckham’s ball was unbelievable to Landon and Landon’s pass was right on the money.

    Hopefully Beckham wants to prove himself here and will have more fans and respect than anyone at the end of the year. Especially if they win the MLS Cup.

  30. I’ve been skeptical of Beckham since the Messiah arrived in MLS, and I was disgusted with his performance last year. That being said, I wanted to watch how he’d respond to Donovan calling him out. I think there must have been a pretty significant grain of truth in what LD said. Beckham has REALLY stepped it up in the two games he’s played, has relinquished the armband and has combined VERY well with LD setting up numerous chances.

    Wait till y’all get a chance to see the first Galaxy goal vs Milan. Pure class from LD and Becks.

  31. Some of LA’s fans seem more interested in drama than their team actually pulling a draw with one of the best clubs in the world… Hollywood, jeez.

  32. I was at the game. He did get booed everytime he touched the ball, but only in the first 25 minutes. After that, there were mostly cheers than jeers. And when he was taken out of the game, he was mostly cheered.

    I was sitting behind another Galaxy’s fan group, the LA City Brigade. This particular group seemed to take a neutral approach, they didn’t cheer nor jeer when Beckham touched the ball.

    So overall, Beckham definitely got more love than hate.

  33. I was diasappointed not to see Gooch even in uniform. I can’t stand AC Milan – or pretty much anything Italian that’s soccer related, but I did tune in to see Gooch. he wasn’t playing but I watched longer because it made me laugh everytime I heard the fans boo when Beckham had a touch.


    Only 85% kidding. She’s 6’0″ 175. And finishes better than Ching…
    I’m just sayin’…

  35. i havent got caught up in the beckham drama this summer. kinda just leaving it at an indifference if he plays in america or not.
    on a lighter note, i really want to see onyewu make his debut while on this preaseason tour.

  36. Both the goals in the Inter-America game were scored off corner kicks, but the one scored by CA was a thing of beauty – a one-touch volley off the outside of the foot through the crowd into the side netting across the goal.

    That said, Inter really looked to have the better run of play in everything I saw, and were unlucky not to win.

    And yes, I was watching that instead of the ESPYs.

  37. I can see why the fans would boo Beckham but look how they’re playing with him. The tide is turning in MLS and if teams don’t pay attention, the Galaxy might just walk over everyone.


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