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Tickets for USA-Mexico qualifier on sale Saturday

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If you are a U.S. national team fan intent on traveling to Mexico for the highly-anticipated World Cup qualifier between Mexico and the United States, your chance to get tickets is coming.

Tickets for the Aug. 12 qualifier go on sale to the general public on Saturday. Tickets went on sale on Mondayfor Banamex credit card holders, but if you don't have one of those (and I'm sure 99.9 percent of SBI readers don't), you will have to wait until Saturday to start stockpiling the tickets.

U.S. Soccer will also be selling an allotment of tickets. Details on that process have yet to be revealed.

Will you be making the trip to Mexico City? Are you counting down the days? Think this will be the match that finally sees the U.S. national team win in Mexico?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I have 4 tickets to the USA vs Mexico match on August 12th. Moved to Mexico City over a year and a half ago, and bought the tickets during the presale. Preferente (bottom upper deck), Section G second row, behind the goal. If interested e-mail me I’m selling at $100 USD per ticket.

  2. This match will be epic! The documentary ‘Gringos at the Gate ( is looking at the sea change in the US v Mexico rivalry and everything surrounding it. Check out their trailer from the first game in Columbus!

  3. I purchased seats yesterday using banamex card and was told O and P were the US Supporters section. I am in Section O row 5, seats 19-22…the rows are opposite of how we do them in US. Row 1 is at the top, so be carful when you get them…number for ticketmaster in Mex is 011 52 555 325 9000….

  4. Hi everybody !!

    I have my ticket right now …. !!! my Access code is RPA 3 ACC 2AL10 behind the north goal , the opposite is the visitor ( US ) area behind the south Goal , so we´ll see what is gonna happen ….

    a recommendation for the US visitors for the game … if you will rent a car , please do not park the car in the Stadium parking lot because when the match is over you´ll spend two or three hours trying to get out of it , the traffic jam is really amazing , is so much better if you leave the car in the GRAN SUR mall parking lot near Azteca Stadium you can go to Azteca from there walking , try to enter to the stadium 3 hrs before the game, around the ramps and gates the sponsors of the MEXNT like adidas,movistar,cocacola,aeromexico,corona make fun activities and you can win something really nice !! if you want to go to some pub or bar after the game I recommend to you the south side of the city ( Insurgentes sur , cuicuilco , loreto ) or reforma av district there are a lot of nice places to hanging around beside very secure places …

    so if you have some doubt please dont hesitate to ask !!

  5. To my American friends, I have been going to Azteca all my life on and off. When I was a kid I used to go support America as often as possible, and it was A LOT OF FUN! Having said that, there where some fights in the stands sometimes, and the pee-bag thing is part of the experience, although I was never hit by one personally. Obviously back then, Mexico D.F. was very safe, with less than half the traffic. BUT you still had to take your precautions like in any big city. Recently I was there again in a America vs. Jaguares, and I did feel a little more tense and insecure, then again now I’m a father and attended the game with my ten year old son. We parked really far away in one of the poor “colonias” adjacent to the stadium, where you have to pre-pay to park in front of peoples properties. When the game ended I thought I was going back to find my car broken into, or stolen! It was right there safe and sound. Take into consideration, that for MNT games, especially vs. the US, there is much more security, and don’t be surprised (if Mexico is playing like crap), that many in the stands will stat chanting “ole,ole” for the USMT!!!
    My son (we live in Miami) was mesmerized by the stadium and the atmosphere, and LOVES going to Mexico!
    Wouldn’t change a thing!!!

  6. Objections to my previous post aside, I am wondering if anyone who has been to a US/Mexico game at Azteca before could fill us all in on the security arrangements with regard to visiting fans.

    On another note, I wish US Soccer would stop seating visiting and home fans together for games. Even if the US is outnumbered 3 to 1 as we were when I just saw US/Honduras at Soldier Field I think it would make for more atmosphere (not the nasty tribal kind, just more dramatic). I was not able to attend the ’94 WC and do not remember how it was done then. Did they separate fans from opposing teams in ’94 or not?

  7. Bro-Can you make sure that you get the kind with the lotion? Those are my favorite.

    Posted by: yankiboy


    They make kleenex with lotion in it?

    My god.

  8. I’ll bring a box of kleenex for all the whiners who are “afraid” of going to Mexico City.

    Posted by: Christian


    Bro-Can you make sure that you get the kind with the lotion? Those are my favorite.

  9. Just to set the record straight, it was the ticketing folks in their infinite wisdom who put our group on the lower level directly below a large group of very drunk Pumas supporters. At first they just tossed wrappers and peanuts at us. Later things got worse.

    At the end, we were held back while the crowd left and we walked out through a tunnel of plexiglass riot shields.

    Other than the tension during the match, I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed my trip to Mexico City. The people were great, the food was great, it was just a fantastic time. Folks on the street (in the days before and after the match) would come up to me and say stuff like “Welcome to Mexico. I’m sorry we have to beat you because we need the points, but thanks for coming and we hope you like our city” I heard things of that nature a lot. Never once except for during the match did we hear anything hostile. (Of course, we took care not to be obnoxious too.)

    I jumped at the chance to return.


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