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USA 2, Honduras 0: The Highlights

We know you watched last night's USA win vs. Honduras, but in case you didn't, or in case you just in case you want to see the highlights one more time, here they are:

What did you think of the U.S. goals? Did you come away impressed with Troy Perkins?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I didn’t realize how close Ching was to a goal. Knock his finishing, but that left-footed shot was going in, save for a great last-ditch effort from the defender.

    Happy for Cooper, but let’s be honest, his goal last night was just as much of a sitter as Adu’s against Grenada (and I recall seeing Josh Wolff score just like that in the ’05 GC). I like Cooper as an MLS player, and he’s got a good soccer brain. The problem is that he’s just too slow, and for some reason can’t or won’t play to his strength, which is his height. If you put his brain in Eddie Johnson’s body, look out. But in the WC, a defender moving around on crutches could still man-mark Cooper out of the match. He’ll be scoring goals left and right next summer… in MLS.

  2. ok, so after seeing goodson score and rogers play decent, and as a huge md fan, could any other college match a starting XI from the terps:

    —–twellman—— jason garey
    rogers————–aj delagarza

    thats fairly quality. can anyone else put out a lineup that could compete from another college?

  3. I hear ya, Tom P, re: Hanhamman. I also didn’t realize he is that old. It’s a shame he hasn’t had more of a national team career.

  4. Mike —

    Yeah. Cooper’s penalty kick against Panama really was ‘freaking absurd.’

    The way he perfectly clanged the post beating a goalie who had guessed right in a major clutch situation was absurd. What a lame-ass, right?

    Ives is on point for calling Cooper what he really is — a waste of size. Which Coop totally proved again last nite.

    If it wasn’t for Brian Ching’s supersized heart Cooper would never score.

  5. jmac-

    Hanhamman is trying to compete for a starting position even though he was signed to back up ala Keller at Fulham 2 years ago. Do you really think he wants to be playing for national glory that passed him by some time ago or worrying about his family’s financial future at 38 years of age?

    What’s the best that could come out of it for him? 3rd on the pecking order in SA next year at the World Cup?

    I ‘m sure he wants to be on the squad that goes to SA next summer but what he would of given up by playing in the Gold Cup would have Faustian bargain.

  6. jmac “Anyone else thing Pearce has staked a claim above Bornstein in the LB pecking order? He is a much better defender and has more positioning instinct than Bornstein, who is really nothing more than an Eddie Lewis LM masquerading as a LB. ”

    I for one agree jmac

  7. Based on a remark I blurted out on some key play earlier in the tournament — I can’t reacll exactly when — my little boy and I have taken to calling Brian Ching “the hardest working man in football.”

  8. Shane – Cooper was not offside. He was behind the defenders, but also behind the ball. He actually did a great job of staying behind Holden, then just directing the ball in.

    That being said, I am nowhere near a Cooper fan, and agree with you about his strike rate (cue the Cooper fan club…… I thought his penalty kick the other game was freaking absurd (I hate that pause nonsense). He shoots almost every time he gets it, and he failed to put away a clean header from 10 yards (at most) in the Panama game. He did show improvement last night, however.

  9. I like Quaranta and wanted to see more of him. He had some good moves and creativity yesterday.

    Hard to carp on a winning coach, but I think the timing of the substitutions for BB is always 5 – 10 minutes late. This time it was NOT TOO late, so it’s OK, I guess.

    I don’t see why he should be late, especially in this game. The quality of the guys coming in was not worse at all than coming out, and fresh legs are good.

    What gives?

  10. @baquito: While Cherundolo was OK, I just don’t think the FB play has been very good. Heaps was a bloody trainwreck against Haiti. Even when we push wide and forward by design, none of them overlap well. ‘Dolo actually does better when he cuts inside, not out. What they have done well (and why I think you might be right to question my call!) is play solid defense behind the wingers. So maybe I am being too critical….

    So let me throw another one out there: I don’t think Cooper is any good at all. The fact that he has scored 4 in 6 games is the most egregious case of lying statistics…ever. Oh, and he was offside last night for the goal.

    But Goodson’s goal was as beastworthy as one from Gooch.

  11. Not worried about the goalie

    Not worried about the fowards

    Not worried about the defenders

    Not Worried about the wings

    but i am worried about the center mids

    Beckerman has been playing by him self all these games, PAUSE has won 2 balls in four games, but he gets the start every game. We need better if we want to beat Mexico

  12. I finally realized, that Ching is a dressier version of Alan Gordon of the LA Galaxy. At times he is able to hold up the ball, or have it bounce off him in it what seems an improbable way, and then when he has the easy open sitter infront of goal he misses. AKA Alan Gordon.

  13. As a defender, I have to say that Goodson’s goal was pretty wicked. When you come up in those situations you not only want to score, but you want to send a message. Goodson blasted that header in there and showed that he wasn’t messing around last night.

  14. I think peoples are nuts (like the FSC announcer) if you think Perkins is anywhere CLOSE to Guzan. Guzan is so much stronger and athletic, and even has better hands than Howard (Howard’s hands are his biggest weakness). Guzan has much more big game experience on the international level too. His performance against Egypt at the Confed Cup was superior to Howards’ in the first two games.

    Perkins is a solid keeper, don’t get me wrong, but he is nothing more than that now. He isn’t particularly fast, but has good positioning instincts (at least last night). He reminds me off Pat Onstad, which is a compliment: a solid keeper that knows how to play within himself.

    Considering Hanhamman’s professional success, you would have to think he is a higher selection than Perkins. But BB never calls him in, so who knows.

  15. Anyone else thing Pearce has staked a claim above Bornstein in the LB pecking order? He is a much better defender and has more positioning instinct than Bornstein, who is really nothing more than an Eddie Lewis LM masquerading as a LB.

    I guess it all depends on whether BB wants to start Bocanegra, or maybe even Spector, at LB in the World Cup. If he does, he might prefer to bring a more versatile player like Borstein as the back-up at LB, instead of Pearce. It’s hard to say, but I think I definitely would prefer Pearce at LB if I were selecting between the two of them.

    Hopefully Pearce can settle in with a decent team and get some minutes. Why doesn’t he come back to MLS? I am sure he would get paid pretty well to play LB for most, if not all, MLS teams.

  16. Mike & Gary: If Ching was a finisher (other than his occasionaly blistering hot streaks when he finishes EVERYTHING) he’d be a regular at, I don’t know, Everton or somewhere in Germany…

    Clearly, it’s a hole in his game and you’d like to see more scoring. But people who see only scoring – like parents at an AYSO U10 game – and don’t see the 100 ways he contributes to every game…well, they don’t udnerstand this game.

  17. Reports are the US Nat shared the same plane to NY as the Mexican team. This twitter from Brian Ching,hilarious

    “Apparently, we’re sharing a plane with the Mexican National Team. I hope the Mexico coach doesn’t kick me when I walk past him in the aisle.”

  18. Mike: I agree with you. What impresses me about Brian Ching is all the little things he does on the field that go unnoticed in the stat sheet.

    He holds the ball up, draw fouls so his teammates get better opportunities to score.

    He took a beating in the Panama game, against a much bigger defender/NFL Linebacker. He didn’t get much credit for it, but his teammates sure appreciate him for it and the scoring opportunities that he gave them.

  19. What are the odds of at least one red card in Sunday’s final? I could see Mexico targeting Ching, since he is the only one likely to play Aug 12…..

  20. Cooper finally showed me something yesterday. He made a nice move along the sideline to draw a foul, he had good awareness on his goal, and when he and Quaranta were breaking out, he crossed the magical 40 yard line and DIDN’T shoot. Progress!

  21. Oh crap, there is a story in the Spanish press that quotes the main guy at Xerez saying it is possible the Jozy comes back there. He said Jozy would have a better chance to play this year than last and that Xerez still has a good relationship with Villareal. Sounds like spin to me.

    The only other story I see in the Spanish press was a few days ago in Diario AS, which said he has three loan suitors — in Greece, England and France. Did not name the clubs, tho Greek team must be Olympiakos.

  22. Brian Ching sucks as a national team player.

    Tony, that was for you. I think he’s great. He doesn’t have to score goals to be effective. His pass to Holden was great, his holdups were fantastic all night, and he drew a good amount of fouls (he even should have drawn a red for getting stomped on).

    Do I wish he converts chances in the box? Of course. That being said, I think he’s invaluabe.

  23. “Okay, I shouldn’t say this but….

    Brian Ching has become one of life’s little intelligence tests. Whenever I here someone say he sucks as a national team player, I just nodded, smile and resolve to ignore that person from then on….”


    I hear you, but He needs to finish better, and cooper looks dangerous.

  24. Okay, I shouldn’t say this but….

    Brian Ching has become one of life’s little intelligence tests. Whenever I here someone say he sucks as a national team player, I just nodded, smile and resolve to ignore that person from then on….

  25. The “spine” has been good: Perkins, Marshall, Beckerman, Ching. Fullbacks have been poor, but did OK last night. Opposite for Arnaud, who looked lost last night and had the first touch of a lead brick. Wingers were OK and could be real threats.

    Good work from the mostly MLS guys; now finish it and BEAT MEXICO.

    Look forward to Ives’ ratings.

  26. Rogers is a frustrating player to watch -so much talent and so small a soccer brain at key moments.

    Does anyone out there have opinion whether he is going to ever turn the corner into a consistently quality player or not because I have no idea.

    Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

  27. Did you guys hear that the referee in charge of Mexico-Panama and Canada-Honduras games will be officiating the game on August 12 at the Azteca?

  28. SCOTT: RE: Set play goal. Actually, lately, it’s been the other way around. Starting in the Confed Cup we’ve scored a bunch of goals in the run of play. Our set plays have been lacking…particularly direct shots on goal.

  29. I’m really impressed with this team. I love seeing this group of players, mostly MLS players, play really well in this tournament.

    I see this group of players getting better and gelling as a team every time they step on the field. From top to bottom, everyone has been impressive. Holden, Beckerman, Marshall and even Ching. I never been a big Brian Ching fan but he has changed my mind.

    Again, very proud of this group of players. Go team USA and let’s beat Mexico on Sunday.

  30. Jimmy Conrad’s Tweet from this morning is hilarious: “Apparently, we’re sharing a plane with the Mexican National Team. I hope the Mexico coach doesn’t kick me when I walk past him in the aisle.”

  31. Perkins made a few outstanding reaction saves, showed great positioning throughout the match, and was just generally cool as a cucumber. After watching him in this tournament, I feel more comfortable with him in goal than Guzan. Sorry Brad, you’ve got some serious talent, but you’ve got to get on the field every once in a while.

  32. I’m satisfied with the amount of ass kicked, but I would have liked to see them take more names.

    Live and learn, I s’pose.

  33. Perkins is okay. It’s hard to judge off of this tournament. Does he get playing time at his club? Guzan has more of a physical presence but he never plays either here or at Villa. Hahnemann has been a regular for Reading but the US never plays him. We just have to hope Howard never gets hurt.

  34. Konoha7- remember the good ‘ol days when Perkins would come out 25 yards to get balls, then get caught out? He has come a long way since then. I’m glad to see him on the MNT.

  35. logan pause seems like a risk adverse player. He dinks , dinks , dinks, then all of a sudden he will hit a pretty through ball , or a great swtich. I think Holden has been impressive, and Quaranta in the little time he has gotten.

  36. I’ve always been impressed with Perkins ever since his days with DC. No offense to Guzan, but I want Perkins as our #2

  37. If Rogers gets his crosses down he will be a real threat. But without a crossing ability he doesn’t add much threat besides taking defenders on.

    US should have scored 3+ other goals that were saved on the line. The second goal was pure class from all three players involved. First was very nice as well.

    Perkins one save which he got his finger tips too was my highlight of the game.

    Officiating was horrible as is usual in CONCACAF, except a few calls. Overall it was atrocious.

    Typical diving from latin american players FINALLY punished by an official.

  38. those were pretty nice goals. didn’t get to see this match, unfortunately, but will be watching the final. i’m impressed with this groupo f guys.



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