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USA rolls to set up Gold Cup final vs. Mexico

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For the third time in two months Honduras put up a fight, but for the third time it wasn't enough.

The U.S. national team scored a goal just before halftime, and held Honduras' in check the rest of the way before a Kenny Cooper insurance goal helped give the United States a 2-0 victory in the Gold Cup semifinals on Thursday night.

The win, coupled with Mexico's penalty kick victory vs. Costa Rica sets up a rematch of the 2007 Gold Cup final, which the United States won, 2-1.

Clarence Goodson's header goal seconds before halftime ultimately proved to be the difference for a U.S. team seeking its third straight Gold Cup title.

What did you think of last night's match? Who's performance impressed you the most? Do you like this U.S. team's chances vs. Mexico?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Beto- not sure which Mexican NT you’ve been watching recently but we have owned you guys and the region for the past couple yrs. Sadly, your player developement has been lacking while nearly our whole starting 11 is playing on clubs in Europe. It is not suprising that we are the superior team, so….suck my balls.

  2. The US and Mexico have both done well and both have improved as this tournament has progressed. It should be a great final.

    The corner situation with the fans in the Mex vs CR game was disgraceful but the Mexican Captain is not the head of security for the stadium.

  3. My 18 would come from this pool of players right now:

    GK- Howard Guzan Perkins

    D- Bocanegra Gooch Spector DeMerit

    Marshal Cherundolo Conrad Pearce

    M- Donovan Dempsey Bradley Holden

    Rico Beckerman Edu Torres

    F- Ching Davies Altidore Cooper

    Possible Yes / No…

    Jones Adu E.Johnson Califf Bornstein Sasha K. Hejduk

    Posted by: Mr. Kite | July 24, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    I see Feilhaber above Torres, edu, holden and beckerman

  4. Frank, you are the racist on here.

    Beto, you have a wonderful career waiting for you-writing message lines in spam emails!!!

  5. As a Mexican I’m super happy that the final is US/Mexico!!! Would not have wanted any other way!
    One thing, that American fans just have to accept, is that Mexico has gotten better with each game that’s gone by. The first extra time of yesterday’s game was the best I’ve seen Mexico play in a long time!
    Aguirre is the first coach since Hugo to be allowed more than a week with the team, and it shows!
    And no one will argue that the US is at an all time peak! Should be a GREAT MATCH!
    Too bad that such a great site is marred by less than classy haters who are more than willing to show their ignorance and blatant racism!
    Still thanks Ives for my favorite soccer site in either English or Spanish!

  6. Frank,

    You are crying wolf. The fans shouldn’t have thrown things. But hey — Raiders fans throw batteries at the Broncos, and Eagles fans cheered while Michael Irvin was immobilized. There are plenty of class-less fan bases. Unfortunately the Mexican-american fans attending these matches are part of that. It’s Ok to point that out. it doesn’t make someone racist.

  7. Freaking Racists on here. Stay classy Ives! I hope all you guys come back on Sunday evening and own up. The US A team is better than the Mexican A team right now but this US team is not better than this Mexican team. Fans like you guys forced me to switch allegiance from the US to Mexico about 10 years ago. And if I knew some of you and saw you at a game I would pour my beer on you also. That is life. There is so much racism in this country, it is ridiculous. I like reading Ive’s blog, it is interesting but the racists on here are horrible.

  8. I just realised that I forgot about Feilhaber in my 11:58 post.

    Therefore I’ll move him to the 23 man pool and demote Torres to the ( Yes / No list )

  9. Any chance the “one shirt size too small” is not for style but rather to make it harder for defenders to grab your shirt?

    Posted by: West of the Cascades | July 24, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    Was Twellman ever good enough to actually have a defender try to grab his shirt?

    Posted by: Erik | July 24, 2009 at 12:09 PM


  10. the Mexican fans were classless as always- when will CONCACAF or USSF pay up for security? I’ve been to the last two Mexico gold cup games at Soldier field and there’s barely any security in the stands. In 2007 Mexican fans were slugging each other and no one intervened. For a Bears game you look at someone the wrong way and three guys grab you and boot you out of the stadium… WTF? Pay up for security!

  11. A-wipe, I mean Aaron, you’re such a simpleton! And an arrogant one at that!
    And showing you’re lack of class and culture. Charro as you call her, even though it’s Charo, has NOTHING to do with Mexico…she’s from Spain!
    And you coudn’t wipe the a$$ of any of the the coaches who have EVER coached Mexico!!!
    You talk a lot about HOW BAD Mexico was, how they where going to lose against Guadalupe, Haiti, Costa Rica…well guess what?…see u on Sunday!!!

  12. Despite a couple of dicey moments, I was impressed by the backline last night. The attack left a lot to be desired, though. Pause and Rogers struggled in particular, and Ching and Arnaud as a forward tandem weren’t all that dynamic. If Holden stays healthy and continues to play the way he’s been playing, I don’t see how he doesn’t become one of the final 23. He is a real talent. Same goes for Marshall. You just never know with Bradley because he sure does have his favorites, or so it would seem.

    I like the optimism surround the US national team these days. Hope you guys are right about Sunday and especially about August 12, though I would be shocked if they managed to pull off the upset at Azteca. Even a struggling Mexico is tough to beat at home.

    I am going to go through some serious withdrawal when this “Summer of Soccer” finally ends.

  13. Beto proves that you don’t have to be drunk to be disrespectful. I can imagine 50,000 Beto’s in a stadium with a good supply of beer and understand the classless behavior. In fact, I don’t have to imagine it–I witnessed it last night at Soldier Field.

  14. On top of that MensreaJim – he’s been better about getting his subs in at the appropriate time. Even in the Confed. Cup he was a step or two late, now he’s utilizing the right players when advantageous.

    If we win Aug. 12th – I think that will pretty much do Mexico in. Who do you guys see as the next Mexico head coach? My best bet is on Charro – she’s probably a better motivator than the last few deadbeats that have come through there.

  15. any going to the milan derby in boston know where to watch the gold cup final game? need some help here hopefully there is a place close to gillete stadium.

  16. Also–No complaints about Bob recently. We have come out and won the second half of every match but Haiti. That, I believe is the sign of a good tactician.


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