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USA victory vs. Spain wins ESPY for Best Upset

USMNTEspy (Getty Images)

The U.S. men's national team's stunning upset of Spain in the 2009 Confederations Cup semifinal was a game that won't soon be forgotten by American fans. Now, the victory has been awarded for its dramatic impact with an ESPY Award for Best Upset in American sports. The national team won the award at the ESPY Award Ceremony on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

The ESPY Awards Ceremony was taped on Wednesday night, but will air on Sunday on ESPN.

Several members of the USA Confederations Cup team were on hand to accept the award, including Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra and Jozy Altidore. Yes, that's right, Donovan was in Los Angeles the day before the Galaxy's match against the New York Red Bulls.

If you were one of the folks who made sure to vote for the USA upset of Spain, take a bow. Mission accomplished.


  1. The only people who care about the ESPYs are ESPN and their advertising partners. And the athletes that are nominated too I suppose.

  2. Who will be the MLS top scorer this season? I’d say it’s between Montero and Casey and Cooper? I’m gonna say MOntero gets 17 by the end of the season. And Casey has 19 and Cooper with 19 unless he transfers.

  3. Its only unprofessional if he plays badly…

    Or looks ragged and dogs the whole game. Which I doubt very highly that he would do after he called out the biggest sports personality in the world for not committing to his team.

    Watch him score a brace just to stick it to every ‘soccer analyst’ who came out of the woodwork to comment on the circus. Beckham was right though, this happens constantly in Europe. But its usually people questioning other players skills or fitness, not commitment.

  4. How can we increase PR for the NT as they cruise to the World Cup? Should Altidore and Davies be on the cover of Seventeen? Should Boca start dating Jessica Simpson? I mean do we need 1 of our players to be outed by Perez Hilton so we get more of a spotlight?

  5. Though I personally don’t put much emphasis on the ESPY Awards, the American sports public does which is what makes this such a BIG deal

    Posted by: KCB

    Nah, I’m pretty sure no one cares. But it is nice that they weren’t overshadowed.

  6. Though I personally don’t put much emphasis on the ESPY Awards, the American sports public does which is what makes this such a BIG deal. When soccer has to compete against college football & baseball, sports at the heart of American culture, and BEATS them for an award, that’s just Awesome. Congrats to the boys, they deserve this award and any additional publicity it creates.

  7. Gooch at AC Milan, Davies at a midtable French club, Jozy on loan at the best club in Greece. what a transfer summer it has been.

    Ohh and why is Conor Casey even on the roster. Why didnt Kenny Cooper make it to the Confed Cup? He can do more with 8mins than Casey can do in 1 half.

  8. I couldn’t remember my password, so I didn’t vote but I made a half-ass effort. I agree that Landon had previous commitments that were probably made prior to the Milan game screwing up the schedule.

    Great recognition for the team, and this sort of stuff can only help.

    To win at Azteca would be a huge upset. Their record there speaks for itself, so for Mexico to lose would be a big upset even with the team in the shape it’s in.

  9. @Go Yanks-It will only be sad if we finally win in Azteca.

    Now I finally have a reason to watch the dreadful mun2…

  10. We need better strike options than that.

    Spain has Fernando Torres and David Villa. And they have on the bench Daniel Guiza and Fernando Llorente, 2 guys who know how to score even coming off the bench. For sure Spain is set to make it to the semi-finals at the very least of the World Cup in 2010.

  11. OT. but what are our striking options and possibilities for the World Cup?

    I know Altidore is for sure but needs to work on his final touch. Charlie Davies has won a place on the roster and could be in the starting XI. I suppose Brian Ching is still in the team despite barely being able to score goals against CONCACAF competition.

    Who will be our 4th striker? EJ? Kenny Cooper? Freddy Adu? Conor Casey? Or will we have a 5th striker?

  12. Did you know there was two superliga finals tonight?

    Posted by: Chicago Mike | July 16, 2009 at 12:32 AM

    how in the hell can you have 2 finals in the same competition??

    Maybe 2 semi finals?

  13. How tall is Bocanegra? I read 5’11 and another 6’1. I mean he looks almost tiny compared to Gooch whose 6’4 and Dempsey appears a bit taller so i’d imagine Boca is near 6’0. do you guys know?

    and how tall is Michael Bradley? He’s written as 6’1 but appears the same height as Tim Howard who is 6’3?

  14. That is great. Shame the whole squad couldn’t be there. Did Donovan do all the talking? Carlos is the captain and Dempsey was the star during the tournament. They should have accepted.

    AMERICA needs to learn about our NT

  15. Is that Sacha back there gleefully saying to himself “I didn’t really do anything, but, due to my living in close proximity to this awards show, I get be here to accept this award” ?

  16. @JGIB & csd

    Ugh guys–Look again. That is NOT Landon in the photo; That is his twin brother, Brandon accepting the award on his behalf.

    I realize that they look alike (“hello”! don’t identical twins usually look alike?!?)

    Some of you need to get your “facts” straight before you start in with the diggs-or your gratuitous sarcasm–just a suggestion…

  17. @DC

    you didn’t have to be an insider to vote. i did it..

    good question about a win @ azteca. we are rated higher, currently a better team, much more recient success but i feel like that would still be an upset. crazy tho

  18. I went to vote for them, until I realized I had to sign up as an ESPN insider, which costs money. So I didn’t vote.

    But I’m very glad they won this award. It is deserving, they played amazing soccer those last three games, and in spurts throughout the first. They showed they can put a dent into the major teams in the world, and deserve respect.

    Question, when they crush Mexico at Estadio Azteca, is that considered an upset?

  19. Donovan was also a presenter at the Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year awards.

    Not his fault this game – which was originally scheduled for Saturday – was switched to Thursday night just so the Galaxy could play AC Milan on the weekend – which was part of the deal for Beckham to stay at AC Milan until the end of the season.

  20. Landon should have been in NYC like Beckham. Landon just doesn’t care about the Galaxy or the MLS. He is all about the fame.

  21. Ugghhhh Sacha and Bornstein..

    Posted by: Brian | July 16, 2009 at 04:17 AM

    They’re not playing great(at least Sacha isn’t) but you have to admit they clean up nice.

  22. w00t, i voted.

    also, how did they know to be there, are they informed ahead of time that they won?

    i highly doubt lando would have been there the day before a game if there was only a chance they would win. part of me wants to think they already knew, right?

  23. @ jjraines

    you cannot deny that this was indeed a great upset. But that does not mean the USMNT is awful. God no, far from it! But it is great upset for those who dont follow the USMNT as much as we do. The ESPN TV ratings for the confederation cup final is proof more americans took more interest and its no surprise that US national team jerseys are not on sale anymore (coincidence? i think not). Maybe a great upset is not what you have in mind…maybe more of a great eyeopener for the rest of the world

  24. In some ways it’s great, but at the same time, when we talk of “great upset” and “miracle on grass” I think it deprecates the true quality of the team. This wasn’t some one-off fluke–the USMNT is legit. It’s about time everyone realizes that and stop pretending these are a bunch of outmached college amateurs trying to hang with pros.

  25. Glad to see more positive exposure for the USMNT on the national stage. Looks like I’ll be firing up the Tivo for this one.

  26. The Superliga semis games were pretty good. It a step up from watch the Gold Cup’s low level soccer.


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