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USMNT loses another player as Davies leaves for France

Charlie Davies ( 

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Charlie Davies' long and busy summer with the U.S. national team appears to be over (for now).

The young striker, who has been with the team for both the Confederations Cup and Gold Cup, is heading to France to join up with new club Sochaux, and thus won't be available for the U.S. team's Gold Cup quarterfinal against Panama on Saturday in Philadelphia.

There is no word yet on a replacement, though Jozy Altidore is still in the United States and could merit a call-up if the Americans win on Saturday.

Davies enjoyed a breakout performance at the Confederations Cup that helped spark increased interest in his services on the transfer market. Sochaux eventually made the move for Davies, buying him from Hammarby in the biggest transfer in the Swedish club's history. He could return to the team for it's Aug. 12 World Cup qualifier vs. Mexico, so his summer national team duties aren't completely over just yet.

What do you think of Davies leaving? Are you starting to have doubts about the U.S. team being able to defend its Gold Cup title? Think the forward trio of Brian Ching, Kenny Cooper and Santino Quaranta can get the job done?

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  1. Our Euro players need to be there with their clubs. Much as I’d like our C team to win the Gold Cup, I’d much rather have our guys overseas in good positions for playing time with their clubs.

  2. TimR

    “Clearly Bradley has an eye on next summer more than this summer ….

    In two years when the Gold Cup counts as the future Confed Cup representative we can expect him to call in a very different squad. ”

    You are expecting BB to still be the coach after the WC?

  3. This is fantastic news. Maybe now I can redeem myself and get a call-in for the knock-out stages.

    Suck on that ESPN.

  4. Clearly Bradley has an eye on next summer more than this summer and has decided that the most helpful thing toward that goal is getting players well situated with their clubs in Europe – not winning a Gold Cup.

    In two years when the Gold Cup counts as the future Confed Cup representative we can expect him to call in a very different squad.

  5. If the USMNT is to move to the next level, they’ll have to do it when odds are against them and players aren’t available.Obviously their chances of winning this tournament have now gone from a very good chance to less likely, with the recent player departures that they’ve had, but can you imagine where the team will be if they now win the whole thing!? It will be another small step closer to the group of teams that consistently rank in the top 10. If they get knocked out before the final or lose in the final, it will still be a positive step if they play with a lot of heart and purpose. Remember, this is not their starting team. This is a team made up of mostly players that will not make it to the WC2010 tournament. Coach Bradley will surely gain more respect, and more importantly, experience when 1st stringers go down due to injury or cards.

  6. This particularly Gold Cup just shows MLS is not a league suitable for training international level players (yet). I’m disappointed our “B” and “C” players are having such trouble handling CONCACAF teams.

    I also do not like holding back our European players from their Club teams’ preseason training; club play is where our top nationals are going to learn their trade so the priority should go to the Club teams than a meaningless Gold Cup. It’s unfortunate this Gold Cup actually contributes to the FIFA rankings but that’s life.

    What’s up with Jozy anyway ? We are still not sure where he is landing and I’ve the suspicion he could be called to Europe at anytime depending on which club gets his service.

  7. @ Dan Roudebush

    The gold cup is important. We would not of been in the Confederations Cup if we had not won the Gold Cup.

    But you must be related to Bradley and think it is not important.

    Posted by: Joe clark

    But the GC is only directly related to the ConfedCup every 4 years. The team that wins in ’11 will go to the Confed. So this year it is only for pride and perhaps for ratings (But I will leave the mudslinging to MensreaJim and LJ)

  8. Tom P…..

    “Ching’s qualities are well known and personally I like & admire the grit and understanding of the role he brings, if not the speed, to every time he crosses the touch line on to the pitch for our national team. ”

    Please save the level headedeness.

    This is the internet. It won’t get you anywhere.

  9. LJ why don’t you post the formula for 2010 seedings then? Oh, what’s that you say all other informed commenters? They haven’t been released? Sorry mofo, have some sort of clue before you post.

    And as a terrible coach once said, we play to win the game. I care a lot if we lose, no matter who we put out there.

  10. As excited as I am for Davies to make a move that will help his carrer, I am dissapointed he has left the USMNT. Mostly becuase I have tickets to the Final, and I was looking foward to seeing him play live. I know this tournement isnt a big deal right now, but you still have to want to win it. I am hoping that the rest of the guys that where part of the 7 men added are used in the team, and can get this team to the title game.

  11. Lj, I suggest you brush up on both etiquette and basic reading comprehension.

    I said “eventually seeded.” I know those five syllable words can be real head scratchers, but that one means resulting from a process of time, which implies a time period extending beyond the 2010 cycle. (Fun fact- the WC is held every four years. Theoretically, they seed different teams every time! Isn’t the world a strange and wonderful place?)

    You can find out about the words theoretically, eventually, and many others from an Oxford* dictionary. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you may not have first hand experience with Oxford University. Trust me, it’s a really good school – much better than most of the others that would not accept you.

  12. I don’t understand everyone saying they don’t care to win it. It is a continental championship, and it counts for full points in the rankings. The computer doesn’t downgrade the results for players sitting out.

    Even though a dozen posters are waiting to tell me the rankings are a joke and “(insert absurdly high Eurosnob number here) teams in Europe would destroy the US!”, the rankings do matter. We all want to eventually get the benefit of the doubt and secure a seeded WC spot, and the way to do that is to win as many CONCACAF tournaments as possible.

  13. Jones looks like a red card waiting to happen. Combine a very physical player with the lack of respect the US gets and you have a red card every time. If Rico, Sacha and M. Bradley got straight reds for their offenses, I’m expecting a multi-game ban for Jones. He’s definitely going to have to tone it down for FIFA games 🙂

    That said, he’s got skillz. I think it will be a toss-up between Mo Edu and J Jones for the starting midfield spot next to M. Bradley.

    As for Charlie leaving, I think it’s the best move for him. He needs to settle in with the club and make a good impression.

    That said, I really wish BB had put Wynne and Pontius on the Gold Cup rosters (and additions). We could have used them now for depth. As it is, I’m expecting something like:

    Ching – Arnaud
    Rogers – Beckerman – Holden – Quaranta
    Pearce – Marshall – Conrad – Goodsen/Evans

    The problem with this lineup is that there’s very little on the bench you can bring in to help the team. The only ones left are Cronin and Cooper. That’s not much depth.

    Imagine if we had Pontius and Wynne available. Yes, I realize that Pontius is a rook and Wynne is up ‘n down, but that’s what this Gold Cup is for, to figure out which players can play at this (easy) International level.

  14. watched the Jones video…
    my 2 cents: i don’t think we need another central midfielder who loses his head and lashes out. and i thought he was going to be faster.

  15. Can I tell you my heart skipped a second when I saw USMNY Loses another…

    I was like, since when does Charlie Davies have French citizenship and is switching sides lol

    Posted by: Mentz | July 14, 2009 at 05:17 PM



  16. I think that we will handle Panama very easily. Then gentlemen start your engines. Let the cussing begin. Then we can bring Sasha in for the semis and finals if we get there.

  17. @ Dan Roudebush

    The gold cup is important. We would not of been in the Confederations Cup if we had not won the Gold Cup.

    But you must be related to Bradley and think it is not important.


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