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Who should the USMNT start vs. Haiti?

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The U.S. men's national team has secured a place in the Gold Cup quarterfinals, but still needs a result on Saturday vs. Haiti to lock up first place in Group B and the weaker quarterfinal opponent that goes with that slot.

With that in mind, it is time to think about what players U.S. coach Bob Bradley will turn to on Saturday. Which players would you start on Saturday if you were Bradley?

Here is one potential look at a squad we could see on Saturday:

Projected USA lineup vs. Haiti


Colin Clark———————————–Arnaud

—————Sam Cronin—–Holden—————

Jay Heaps——Parkhurst—–Conrad——-Evans


(I replaced Feilhaber with Arnaud, after being told that Feilhaber has left the team. I haven't gotten that confirmed, but if he has left, this is the group I could see playing.)

This lineup would give every player on the original U.S. roster a start in the gorup stage except for KC midfielder Davy Arnaud. If Bob Bradley chooses to rest Davies (doubt it, not with Davies playing so close to home), or not start Feilhaber, then it wouldn't surprise me if Arnaud got the nod. So no Ching? Word is he will avoid games on turf in this tournament, which rules him out of this one.

Count me among those who definitely wants to see Sam Cronin get a start. The Toronto FC rookie is certainly young, but he's extremely gifted and merits a look in this tournament. It also wouldn't surprise me of Santino Quaranta drew another start, but with other players, such as Arnaud, not having gotten many minutes, I wonder if we will see him before the quarterfinals as a starter.

What do you think of the lineup? Which starting lineup would yo like to see vs. Haiti on Saturday?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Not to mention the fact that Robles and Perkins are clearly better keepers. If he was not in the MLS he would not have been the third keeper which is only called in for this tournament if one gets hurt.

  2. Jon Busch isn’t even with the MNT. He’s the 3rd GK and has remained with the Fire this whole time. Way to pay attention to the team that you’re projecting lineups for, superfans matthew11, greg and Keith G.

  3. this is what i think the us starting lineup will be vs haiti on july 11th…

    ——–C.Casey C.Clark——–

    –S.Cronin S.Holden————-B.Evans—S.Kjestian———

    –J.Heaps- J.Conrad–



  4. Thinking about it some more though I guess the right mid spot might go three deep on your roster Dempsey – Feilhaber – Donovan whereas there isn’t a natural left mid on the roster. So maybe Beasley and Rogers are the favorites for that last midfielder spot.

  5. -Angel

    I like your roster but I wonder if we might only see 3 pure forwards taken considering Dempsey and Donovan can play up top. That would leave a roster spot open for a winger like Holden, Rogers, Adu and Beasley.

    If not Torres or Clark could be left off in favor of a winger. Looking at all the central midfielders I could see Holden sneaking onto the roster as I think he’s had more experience than the other bubble players playing on both wings and Bradley might see him as a more versatile player.

    However if Bradley gets sold on the idea of Torres filling in on the left and Feilhaber on the right I could see him go with the eight you listed.

  6. COOPER. Play him with good guys and good service please!!!

    BTW — I’m gonna get fired for checking this blog 20 times a day — love it.

  7. this is mine I hope you guys like it

    23 man roster? I think thats right.

    Gk (3) Howard, Guzan, Hahneman
    Alternatives(perkins, Robles)

    Def (8-9) Churundolo, Spector, Castillo, Pearce, Gooch, Boca, Demerit, Marshal
    Alternatives (Orozco, Parkhurst, Vidal )

    Midfeild (8-9) Donovan, dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Feilhaber, Clark, Torres, Edu
    Alternative(Beasley, Adu, Rogers, Zizzo, Holden)

    Forward (4) Davies, Altidore, Ching, Cooper?
    Alternatives(Casey, tracy?)

  8. Eric,

    I think that’s pretty close.


    I don’t know if Hahnemann is still in the mix or not. In some ways it makes sense (Hahnemann in ’06, Meola in 02′ Juergen Sommer in ’98)… an out and out vet, in the event the real #1 goes down. I’m not 100% sure that player isn’t Kasey Keller, though. Neither he or Hahnemann have been around this team much.


    If Marshall and Califf are “even”, which I think they are, I think Califf would go, based on more experience. I also think that Hejduk would go before Bornstein. I think there may be one back too many in that group, especially if Bocanegra becomes a fixture at left back. If that’s the case, that player is replaced by an outside midfielder.


    I don’t think 6 central midfielders will go. I think 5 is probably the number. (Bradley, Edu, Feilhaber, Clark, Jones) An out and out winger will be added, and I believe that if Beasley is in ANY form whatsoever, he’s the one.


    Altidore, Davies, Ching. Casey won’t, he was just Ching’s stunt double. I think if Adu is in form, he would go, for experience’s sake.

  9. If the WC started in one month…who would be on the roster…

    23 man roster? I think thats right.

    Gk (3) Howard, Guzan, Hahneman
    (perkins, Robles)

    Def (8-9) Churundolo, Spector, Bornstein, Pearce, Gooch, Boca, Demerit, Marshal
    (calif, Parkhurst)

    Midfeild (8-9) Donovan, dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Feilhaber, Clark, Torres, Edu
    (Beasley, Adu, Rogers, Quaranta, Holden)

    Forward (4) Davies, Altidore, Ching, Casey?
    (cooper, Eddie Johnson?)

    Not bad…The midfeild is pretty crowded. I could even see a player like Beckerman getting in the mix.

  10. “so you think Jay Heaps deserves more of a look than Moor?”

    I don’t either fit into the big picture of US Soccer. Moor is, at best, a 5th or 6th choice back, and given the others in or around his age, (Wynne, Simek, Spector) probably won’t rise much above that.

    Could he play in a pinch. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I can’t imagine a situation that he would make the roster in 2010.

    But he also has 5 or 6 caps already.

    I actually really don’t like Heaps as a player, but I think it’s great that he’s finally getting a cap.

    I certainly don’t think he needs to be bashed. He’s worked hard for years and has earned it.

    I really don’t think that he or Moor are really capable of anything tremendous.

    It’s called being “part of the program.” Each guy plays a part, whether it’s veteran leadership (Conrad, Heaps), youthful enthusiasm (Rogers, Holden) or just effort and hustle (Ching, Beckerman, Pearce).

    On a bigger scale, every player that has been capped, whether it’s Brian McBride or Ugo Ihemulu, feeds into a bigger picture of US soccer.

    And maybe it takes guys who are on the fringe getting thier chance like a Beckerman or a Pause, to push a player like Kljestan to raise the level of thier play to be a bigger part of the program. Or seeing a guy like Heaps get rewarded after 10 years that will push a guy to keep trying, to keep improving, to work toward that goal.

    I think it’s better for US Soccer as a whole for a 32 year old veteran to get his first cap, than it is for a decidedly average player to get his 6th or 7th.

    It’s the biggest honor these guys should have. I think that a real “fan” would applaud the guys that acheive it, feel for them when they don’t, and watch for and hope for thier improvement.

    Or just say that they suck, and find some 19 year old in the Belgian third division, call for him over and over to get capped, and if he turns a ball over more than once in his first appearance, ask for his head on a stick.

  11. If I ever see Klejsten near the national team next year I am going to puke. He is the most over rated player in the pool and he isn’t even the best midfielder at Chivas USA.

    He is also the most loud, obnocxious, foul mouth player on there team. He scores a hat trick against a weak sweden side and then Bradley just inserts him in the line up.

    Its ridiculous

  12. Davis should get playing time, but may need some rest for the Semi-finals.

    Beckerman needs to rest also.





    Subs:Davis,Pearce as a left-Mid he plays this position often with his club. And Logan or Beckerman.

  13. I agree with getting everyone that either has no or few minutes some significant minutes in this game, but I would like to see Holden and Quaranta start this game with Holden in the middle and Quaranta out right. I have confidence in our back four and forwards in this tournament, but our midfield will have to be strong to win the cup and I would like to give those two a chance to work together.

    With Feilhaber leaving and Klejsten off form, Holden has to be our best option to get some creativity in the middle on the field in the knockout stages. On the international stage I see Holden more as a winger, but at this tournament even with the expanded roster, we need to see if he can give us what we need in the middle. I see a midfield in the knockout stages like this.

    Rogers Holden Quaranta


  14. “Bc we are a year away from the WC and there are better options, like people who actually have potential to be a backup next June. For example, Drew Moor.”

    I’m guessing you didn’t see the US/Mexico friendly last year. With Ramiro Corrales at left back, and Drew Moor at right back?

    Drew Moor is a pretty good MLS player. He’s not full international quality and probably won’t be for a long time, and plays a position with a lot of depth.

    Barring a midair collision between a plane carrying the Confed Cup roster and a plane carrying this team, neither Moor nor Heaps are going to South Africa without a ticket.

    What’s wrong with saying “Congrats to Jay Heaps for busting his arse in MLS for 10 years and finally getting capped.”

    Or “Congrats to Santino Quaranta for overcoming his personal issues, and earning his way back to the team.”

    Why not wish for Eddie Johnson or Beasley or Kljestan to regain the form they once had, find a club where they can play week to week.

    After every game, this site is bombarded with “XXXXXXX is garbage. He should never wear the shirt ever. Why aren’t Cooper/Torres/Adu playing.”

    Just a lot of crap spewed towards guys who bust thier ass for this country, and just don’t get what the negativity provides for a “fan.”

  15. I’d be willing to bet a fair amount of money that Drew Moor is nowhere near making the 2010 squad in any capacity.

  16. @EA

    Bc we are a year away from the WC and there are better options, like people who actually have potential to be a backup next June. For example, Drew Moor.

  17. KCB- “Call me selfish but I’m still hoping that Arnaud and Conrad won’t be on the US match day roster so they are eligible to start for KC v NE that same day, same stadium.”

    Conrad is sorely needed, McKenzie is absolute junk and its highly questionable that Onalfo doesnt move Besler to CB and put Harrington at LB while Conrad is gone.

    Also, I dont know if its offical but Wizards signed a new striker — Zolt├ín Hercegfalvi out of Hungary. Not sure if he will be avalible.

  18. “Jay Heaps touched my cousin.

    Posted by: AdamTheRed | July 10, 2009 at 01:14 PM”

    Too bad he can’t sing and dance. He’d be a national hero.


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