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Altidore impresses in Hull debut, delivers game-winning assist

Altidore Hull 1 (Getty Images)


Jozy Altidore had not stepped on the field at the club level in over seven months, but that did not stop him from making an immediate impact in his Hull City debut.

Against Bolton Wanderers on Saturday, Altidore entered the match in the 60th minute, and one minute later he delivered the game-winning assist in the 1-0 victory. It was only his first touch of the game, but Altidore controlled a pass before flicking an overhead pass to forward Kamel Ghilas, who buried the ball into the back of the net.

The American international also had a chance of his own moments later, but after a great trap and a neat chip, the ball rolled just wide.

Regardless, Altidore was active throughout his half-hour cameo, and his impressive performance in Hull City's first win of the season drew praise from head coach Phil Brown.

''It has been a tale of two weeks, that substitution,'' Brown told ''The kid got back into London from an all-night flight from the USA Friday morning, 6 o'clock. We then flew him up to the KC by helicopter.

''I looked at the whites of his eyes, asked if he was fit to play and the answer was fantastic. He was raring to go. It was a calculated risk that we didn't start him.''

With a performance like Saturday's, Altidore is sure to to find his first start soon. And if his debut is a sign of things to come then it appears Altidore is ready to thrive in the English Premier League. 


What do you think of Altidore's assist? Think he can help keep Hull City up? Will he start next week? Are Ching's days as a starter for the USMNT numbered?

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  1. @ Miguelito & others …

    I am not a homer, not yet, ATL does not have a team!

    Went to three FC Dallas 96 games did not like what I saw except from the Dynamo and their supporters (which is why I went in the first place). Ching stood out that game! I think he even scored or assisted on a goal.

    I became a fan of the Dynamo then. Particularly of Rico (ATL), Ching (Striker) and Ngwena (Zimbabwe).

    Ching has hardly grown from that game in 2007 til now! He is marginally more proficient in his strengths today than he was then. And the same can be said of his weaknesses. I have watched about 35 – 40 Dynamo games in the last two and a half years. I have watched every Nats game since 2006 (double/triple viewing) and Ching does not impress enough for me.

    He is past it! how does he move the program forward …


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