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Busy Tuesday for Americans Abroad

Jose Francisco Torres (Reuters) 

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A forgettable weekend for Americans Abroad is in the rear-view mirror and many of those Americans will already have a chance to erase those memories as several of them will be in action today.

The second round of the Carling Cup in England will serve as the battle ground for several U.S. born players, with several of them facing each other. Jozy Altidore will have a chance to face fellow New Jersey native Ian Joyce as Hull City takes on Southend, while Mike Grella might have a chance to take on U.S. national team central defender Jay DeMerit as Leeds faces Watford.

Jose Francisco Torres will also be in action as Pachuca looks to post its first win in the CONCACAF Champions League group stage with a victory against Isidro Metapan.

Here is a rundown of all the Americans in action today:

Americans Abroad in Action on Tuesday


Jozy Altidore and Hull vs. Ian Joyceand Southend

Mike Grella and Leeds vs. Jay DeMeritand Watford

Frank Simek and Sheffield Wednesday vs. Port Vale

Jonathan Spector and West Ham United vs. Zak Whitbread (out with hip injury) and Millwall

Marcus Hahnemannand Wolverhampton vs. Swindon Town

CONCACAF Champions League

Jose Francisco Torres and Pachuca vs. Isidro Metapan


Hoping to see Jozy Altidore get a start? Think Spector will get a rest after his rough outing vs. Tottenham? Will you be watching Pachuca tonight with hopes of seeing Torres get a start?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Gooch speaks dutch? where would he have learned that? Oh right places in Belgium do speak Dutch. pretty impressive.

    Not many footballers are fluent in various languages, though Ibrahimovic speaks english, swedish, italian, bosnian and soon to be Spanish. He spent 3 years in the NL but didn’t learn dutch lol

  2. Awful week for West Ham. Two players struck with tradgedy, a 3rd possible retirement.

    The negative press they are about to get they will deserve, and I’ll just have to take it this time and not fight back. Going to be hard for me!

    Hope it doesn’t scare off what few transfer targets do want to come there (Alessandro Diamati)

  3. re: languages

    I believe gooch has said he speaks at least dutch, french english, soon to be italian as well.

    Davies has said on twitter that he’s starting to learn french. I would assume bocanegra does.

  4. “and what a bad week for West Ham.”

    Anyone hear about Ashton’s retirement? Heard that he will likely hang the boots up. If he has the surgery on his ankles (degenerative condition) he will no longer be able to play. I hope for the best but expect the worst.

    Maybe Westham can pick up Connor Casey …

  5. listening to bbc radio 5 .. wow.. upton park area sounds nuts..

    Demerit started on the weekend i believe, could just be a rest.

  6. Anyone notice that Demerit wasn’t in the lineup for Watford? I think that’s an indication that he’s on the move. Hopefully to Everton as they need a CD

  7. wow, no one has talked about hoffenheim swooping in for gyau and renken since Modibo linked it. Oh well, it’s a conversation for another post.
    So I’ll reserve my opinions until SBI has that up.
    But wow, what a deal for each party.
    Very excited for Jozy, now I want to see him do that against a Premiership club.

  8. I think Barack Obama needs to hold another beer summit–this time he can invite his fellow West Ham fans and some Millwall fans.

    I imagine the situation would deteriorate quite quickly.

  9. and what a bad week for West Ham.

    First Davenport and his mom gets stabbed which looks like its going to end his career. Then Collinson’s dad dies in an accident going to see his son play last weekend. Now all this violence.


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