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Cooper scores beautiful goal for 1860 Munich

Kenny Cooper 3 ( 

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Kenny Cooper is having no trouble adjusting to life in Germany.

The U.S. national team striker scored his second goal in three games for 1860 Munich, netting a beautiful goal in 1860's 3-1 loss to Karlsruhe on Monday. Cooper scored the opening goal of the match.

Here is Cooper's goal:

It was a quality finish and a play made by a player who is clearly confident. Cooper will be tough to keep off the U.S. national team going forward, and while the goal did come in Bundesliga 2, it did come against Karlsruher, which was just relegated from the Bundesliga last season.

What did you think of Cooper's goal? Glad to see him score such a quality goal? Think he should be a lock to be called in for the U.S. national team's World Cup qualifier vs. El Salvador?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kenny Cooper has gotten to play with the first team players for the NATS how many times and for how long?

    You guys bust his chops but he never gets the chances that Ching and Altidore get… He is stuck with guys like Logan Pause and Kyle Beckerman as his playmakers…

    Let him play with Donovan, Davies, Dempsey, Bradley and then tell me if he is good enough…

  2. Not sure why there is so much hate for Cooper. He has a damn good strike rate:

    Oldham Ath: 7 appearances/3 goals (on loan from Man U)
    FC Dallas: 90 appearances/40 goals
    1860 Munich: 3 appearances/2 goals
    United States: 9 appearances/4 goals

  3. Good skill for a guy his size. He now needs to work on imposing himself in a match. He has the physical stature to throw himself around but he plays more like a finesse player.

    Good to see him having some success, even if it is the second tier.

  4. Great goal, but a big, slow, non-heading player who tries to dribble at defenders and shoot from long range just isn’t what the Nats need right now. Ching or Casey will be ahead of him because of their A) work rate and B) ability to hold the ball and create for others.

  5. No way…that was a weak goal. He barely got it off and not only that but he kicked it so soft. I think the Goal Keeper was the one that allowed the Goal. Cooper is a stiff, I rather we stick with “REAL TALENT” like C. Davie & Altidore. Cooper is the second coming of Brian Ching.

  6. I hope him the best. I get a funny feeling in my tummy when I see AA’s scoring goals and reaching new heights abroad. I hope he does well and blossoms in the striker he has the potential to become.

    I don’t want to get into hyperboles, but remember that other AA a couple years ago in the Bund. 2? What was his name? Neven Subotic or something…

  7. C’mon Cooper could lead his team and the league in scoring and Bob Bradley will not pick him for his WC squad. BB doesn’t care for him and he does not fit his system (insert your joke here). BB will play it safe and have Ching as his 3rd striker behind Altidore and Davies. Hey Ching how did the playing time work out for you in the last WC…exactly

  8. “hard to keep him off the national club”


    he is playing for a second division german side that is terrible. his “beautiful goal” dribbled in.

    Coopers is terrible. he should never wear the national jersey again.

  9. MLS one of the fastest leagues in the world?? Hardly ever heard anything more ridiculous.

    Do you mean fast running? then maybe yes. but soccer is not only about fast running….

  10. Kpugs takes the line-of-the-day award “anonymous diarrhea of keyboard mouth” that’s hilarious i gotta use that one to my old boss

    I don’t see the big deal with Cooper, but i’m all for the competition at striker. i hope he goes straight at defenders (a la Messi) and gets that voracious attacking attitude! plus he needs tons more goals to be able to bump Casey or Ching, although i’m not a fan of either, i do agree with having to prove urself first.

    am i wrong to think he was sloppy when under pressure at the Gold Cup?

  11. I have to say I’m not a big Cooper fan, but that was a very pretty goal. OK, the defending was a bit loose, but he made some space and tucked away a nice shot inside the near post when the keeper surely must have been expecting a far post shot.

    Nice job. The more competition we have for the national team, the better.

  12. Nice Goal. I think Cooper is making a good case for being in the top 4 fowards for the USA. Altidore, Davies, Cooper, Ching.

  13. Notimpressedwhateverfakename you want to use because you’re a puzzy. Shut up dude, you clearly know nothing about this game, because in case you didn’t realize from the dozens of overseas players playing in MLS and against them in exhibitions have said, MLS IS FAST you moron. One of the few things that MLS has going for it more than most leagues on earth, if not the top 5, is that it is extremely fast-paced and requires true fitness to play in. So again, shut up, or at least know what you’re talking about before you post your anonymous diarrhea of keyboard mouth on here.

    I like that we’ve gone from no solid strikers, to a bunch of emerging young strikers. This is nothing but good for the national team.

  14. That league makes MLS look fast. Lets not get too excited. The defense looked crappy and that goal will never make it on a highlight reel outside of family and fans of 1860.

  15. If scoring goals is one dimensional ill take that instead of a “target” forward like Chingso who knocks the ball down to opposing players

  16. @ Miguelito

    Dont hate bro. Give Cooper respects where its due. He was able to score his goal in the end due to his footwork. IS there any other Nats out there that try to do fancy footwork? Dempsey excluded, i think Adu is the only player capable of applying dribbling moves so Cooper gets credit for having the balls to try to out dribble defenders where Americans arent really known for.

  17. Oh come on. He did some dancing on the ball and beat? Nobody. He could have kept possession in the same area without acting like he was pulling moves. And then a dribbler to the near post. I’d like to see how an international keeper would have picked that up. Cooper is a sham of hollywood style, pointless stepovers that never get him by anybody. But when one of his teammates actually beats a defender and gets pulled down, well Cooper will step up and score that.

    He just doesn’t have the tools to be a NAT. He’s a poser.

    Mike has the right idea.

  18. It’s a good goal. Defending was a little soft, but you have to admit the finnish was solid.

    I like what Cooper is doing. Keep it up he should be a solid #3 option or #4 if the situation dictates Ching.

    What this should do if put Casey farther and farther away.. and in fact put Cooper in the mix something BB has seemed to not be willing to do.

    When your one dimension is scoring. Not a bad thing. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a poacher in there.

  19. can we have a moratorium on mentioning Eddie Johnson for USMNT until he a) consistently gets more than 10 minutes a game for a second division squad and b)scores multiple goals in competitive action…

    thankfully USMNT has come far enough not to need out of form players like EJ, Adu and Beasley…

    Eddie has had his chances, until he proves of some value on the field, let’s focus elsewhere

  20. Cooper is certainly raising his profile but he still needs to keep this up on a consistent basis cuz we all know that Bundesliga 2 is not a great league.

    I dont know why people keep mentioning EJ as a possible callup when he still hasnt proven anything (scoring a few goals for Cardiff is nothing to really brag about)

    Altidore and Davies should start and from there, it should go: Ching>Cooper>Casey

  21. Could this be the greatest season ever for American attackers in Europe? I am predicting double digit goals in all competitions for Davies, Altidore, Cooper, and Dempsey. And if Donovan goes to PSG, or whoever, he could bag at least 5+ goals in half a season.

  22. He should be a 3rd or 4th choice striker for the Nats. Davies/Altidore as first choice. Then I like to see a group of Cooper/EJ/Ching in the 2nd tier.

  23. I’m still not convinced he has what it takes to excel in the int’l game, but that’s a very nice goal. I hope he keeps it up!

  24. still good when giving a chance. Good change of pace behind Altidore and Davies. Has to continue and score quite a number of goals to be in consideration for national team fixtures.

  25. Yeah that was a beautiful goal, I just saw it a couple of minutes ago. I think he is poised to have a fantastic season. I see big things for him. I def. want to see him playing for the Nats.


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