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Dynamo to announce Landin signing today

LuisAngelLandin (Reuters)


The Houston Dynamo will announce the signing of Mexican striker Luis Angel Landin on loan from Mexican side Cruz Azul this afternoon, sources confirmed on Thursday.

The Dynamo has scheduled a press conference for today at 3pm to introduce its newest player, and sources tell SBI that the player is Landin, the same player Houston has been tracking for a year.

According to Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle, Landin will count as a Designated Player for the Dynamo, marking the first Designated Player in the club's history.

What do you think of the signing? Is Landin the missing piece that will bring the MLS Cup title back to Houston? Glad to see the Dynamo adding a player like Landin considering the club could lose Ricardo Clark and Stuart Holden to Europe this winter? Still think Columbus is the favorite to repeat as MLS Cup champions?

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  1. Landín is not half the player Montero is. He is much slower and in México they have questioned his heart. He wouldn’t start for México. He hasn’t been called up in forever, was not a starter for the U23s, and was not a starter and rarely played for Cruz Azúl. Sorry Montero is much better. Houston if you have money to burn fine, but you guys were ok without this guy. Definitely not a DP caliber player. Honestly the the guy is not even as good as Padilla who just went to Chivas USA on loan. He has bounced around the FMF and he’s 24. 5 clubs and you’re 24, obviously something is wrong with the guy.

  2. I think this was a move from the Mexican federation pressuring Cruz Azul to give up Landin to the MLS because of it’s physical training facilities and what can become of him. Landin is the future of the MExican national team too, and I think they want him expose to strong physical fitness like the Americans get in the MLS. He is probably the only Mexican player with decent hight & physical presense. This is a tactical move! Very sneaky MEXICANS!!!!lol… He is going to be the test dummy!

  3. Great move for Dynamo who have connected well with the local Mexican-American community despite never really having a player of that nationality. Agree with Scott that El Batallon should grow correspondingly. Also, this signing finally solves the forward problem (hopefully!). Since the inaugural championship season, Houston has burned through a large number of strikers trying to find someone to slot next to el Ching.

  4. I read that the only reason Landin is a DP is b.c. his salary + loan amount would exceed the max. Seems that salary wise he is not a DP. I can see the Dynamo trying to trade for a 2nd DP slot and open the pocketbook for Holden. Esp. as it seems that Landin is not making that much salary.

  5. if Landin does not dominate in the MLS than Cooper Sr. speech will be reiterated.

    Americans of good quality are treated like S!@# than compared to internationals of the same calibur.

  6. Mierda huey! He NEVER scored 167 goals. You don’t know what you are talking about. He came through Pachuca’s youth system, passed up by them. Morelia passed on him. Cruz Azul passed on him. He’s going to flop like Luis Hernandez. Only Mexican worth anything today is Carlos Vela.

  7. landin is not washed up dude is only 24 and so far in the mexican league he tallied 167 goals crus azul loan him because he does not fit ojitos meza system hes deal is a 2 year loan with the third year been that the dynamo can buy his full rights lets not forget chivas and america wanted and could not acquire him.

  8. it did look like ade was playing for his life yesterday, too bad he kept missing

    Landin can’t play in champions league because he is listed to play for cruz azul, i guess we can play him for our mls games and have chingy play a half for CCL

  9. In response to my own “second” point…

    I just received an email from the team, indicating that the Dynamo released Ade Akinbiyi to make roster space for Landin.

    With Weaver still out injured, that leaves four forwards available to play.

    And a note to Rex: they’re only the best defensive team in the league since last week, when Julius James was shipped out to DC. 😉

  10. Bobby Boswell gave Landin a good hard kick in the cojones a few years back in SuperLiga when Boz was w DC and Landin was w Morelia.

    Now they can be roommates.

  11. So the best defensive team in the league just added a dynamic forward to sit next to Ching. Wow.

    Landin joins a squad with
    3 USA regulars,
    3 additional MLS All Stars,
    2 former Defenders of the Year.

  12. Questions:
    1. Where is Harry and his endless Brian Ching bashing?
    2. Why doesn’t Jason have Bobby Boswell listed as playing central defense for Houston? (Maybe john at 12:51 called it right).

    First, this is a great move fan-wise. If they can use Landin to tap the Mexican audience, we could see El Batallon double or triple in size.

    Second, Houston now has six forwards on the roster: Ching, Kamara, Oduro, Akinbiyi, Weaver, and Landin. Something’s got to give.

    Third, for those fretting about the Dynamo losing Clark and Holden: I’m less worried about losing Clark thanks to Geoff Cameron’s emergence. When we get Eddie Robinson back to health, the spine of our defense will be Boswell and Robinson (or Hainault, who looks better with every game at central def.) with Cameron above them.

    And, I’m not convinced that Holden is leaving. He’ll get a big payday to stay, and Dom Kinnear has developed him really well, and he’s in the national team picture. He doesn’t have to look hard to find countless examples of players who left MLS too early and for the wrong reasons, and now no longer play for their clubs or the national team.

  13. He’s going to suck. Remember you read this here. He’s like the Mexican version of Santino Quaranta. If he can’t dominate smaller players in the Mexican League, what makes you think he will be successful in this league where there’s more of a physical presence in the game, and the players are more athletic ?

  14. Isnt Landin too much like Ching? Big and strong and neither can score on the international level.

    Its nice to see the league sign a young player to be a DP for a change.

    Then on the other hand I dont think hes quite good enough to be DP material.

    After all hes still a Mexican National team washout.

  15. Brian Ching needs to try a chance in Switzerland or Scandinavia. Surely he would score a goal in 1 of those leagues. Unless he wants to be a MLS lifer.

  16. I am looking forward to the MLS having two clubs this year in the CONCACAF Champions League that have a legit chance of winning it. I would love to see Columbus or Houston in the Club World Championships next year.

  17. Houston & Columbus would be the best final, however the Galaxy have been showing well as of late and could be dangerous in the west. I really can’t see how Columbus doesn’t make it from the east, only if an RSL or Seattle grab the last eastern spot and present Columbus with a difficult away game.

  18. Looks like either Dynamo or Houston will win the cup this year. Chicago has fallen out of contention.

    Posted by: NATO | August 20, 2009 at 01:09 PM

    Or both!

  19. this looks great! i think getting a player from a big league when he’s still hot is good news. great for the mexicano fans in houston too!

    i still dont get the whole DP thing. why wouldnt every MLS team fill their DP slot? seems ludicrous not to.

  20. I think this helps the team get to the finals. and hopefully a championship.

    With clark out, holden trying to make it across the pond and the chance that onstad may retire i think Houston is looking a reup year next season. This is a great step in the right direction.

  21. good for Houston, this guy sounds like a goal scorer. and their team allready is strong. hope they go deep into the playoffs and take the CCL. over the years they have been a well run organization and Dom is the best coach in the US right now, so more power to them.

  22. He absolutely help replace some of the star power of losing Clark and Holden (if he moves). They obviously play a different position, but the “wow” factor and star power absolutely helps if those two move on.

    It’s nice to see a younger Mexican “star” move to MLS and specifically Houston Dynamo. That’s great for attracting crowds and helping boost their stadium push.

    Good for MLS and good for Dynamo. These are the kinds of deals I love MLS making.

  23. huge move, very solid player… Houston now must be considered to be the favorites for the mls cup.

    every neutral observer should be pulling for a houston vs. columbus cup. these two teams are the best that mls has to offer.

  24. Apparently this guy has the Freddy adu syndrome, great upside, just hasn’t been able to get playing time. This is his second time being loned out. I guess it’s critical for him to perform well with Houston, otherwise his career might take a downturn.

  25. Wichopepe, I have asked about Felix Garcia as well. From what Big Soccer posters have written and from the lack of any info on him, it seems as though he just burned out.

  26. We need more talent from the south. Cheap and affordable. They succeed in MLS and can head abroad.

    But what I’m wondering is when will Dynamo have their own stadium? 2011 or 2012?

  27. Should be interesting, Houston gets better up top and should be a favorite to reach the MLS cup now. With the Losses of Clark and Holden looming and the teams nucleus getting another year older I think their window for winning another MLS cup is shrinking. By adding Landin they get better this year and add a talented striker for the next couple of years.

  28. This is a good move. Good move to see MLS get involved well with younger Mexicans. Now if we could only manage to get involved in coversations with these guys that don’t involve a designated player status.

    Wonder how that sits with Stuart Holden or Brian Ching…hmmm….

  29. Landin and Ching up top together has the potential to be one of the best scoring threats in the league, (provided that they continue to have great midfield service). MLS teams are definately taking notice of this. Houston is the favorite to win this year’s MLS cup in my books…

  30. How does Landin constitute as a DP when he is on loan? How does that work? I thought you had to be league property. Maybe it was covered in the Chronicle article. I’ll have to read again. I just skimmed. Nonetheless, Landin has impressed me the few times I had seen him. I didn’t realize that he was 24. That’s a definite added bonus. I could be a win-win for all. For my money Houston now has the slight edge of my Crew. That sucks!

  31. I’m glad RSL got a point out of the last match even though it was at home. It would be tough to duplicate once the orange squad is firing on all cylinders. Houston gets real tough around this last part of the season and they look like they might smack some teams around. Great news for Houston and MLS. That stadium should be packed and have a great atmosphere. Good signing.

  32. Losing the center of our midfield is going to be hard to replace, but that’s a worry for next season. Landin could give Houston its first ever legit full time attacking tandem. However, I have some concern that he’s not a scorer and his style will too closely mirror Ching’s to be effective.

  33. Why would signing a player on loan counter the effects of potentially losing Holden and Clark on permanent transfers at the end of the season?

  34. Great signing for the Dynamo, though I still make the Crew slight favorites.



    Bench: Ashe, Kamara, Oduro

    Is pretty strong. Still think C’Bus has a bit more depth:


    Could start Carroll, Moffat, Gaven (Ekpo wide) or Renteria (Moreno up top) in the CM spot. Also, I think we could start seeing some 3-5-2, with Guille as the #10.

    Bench: Ekpo, Carroll, Moffat, Moreno, Lenhart, Garey, Oughton, Zayner, Iro.


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