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European Ticker: United upset by Burnley, Lescott dropped from Everton squad and more

Michael Carrick (Getty)


It was a monumental upset yesterday in the English Premier League as newly promoted club Burnley shocked the defending champions by a 1-0 score.

A sensational volley by Robbie Blake was enough to overcome a struggling United side. Keeper Brian Jensen did well to save a Michael Carrick penalty, earning a historic victory for the small club from northern England.

Before jumping into further news, consider this: the entire city of Burnley would struggle to fill Old Trafford to capacity.

Lescott left out of Europa League squad

A tumultuous week for England central defender Joleon Lescott continued yesterday when he was left out of today's Europa League side. David Moyes cites the player's "poor attitude" and refuses to let the defender go to Manchester City for less than £30 million. After the awful defensive showing by Everton last Saturday, it comes as little surprise to see the backlash — but how much is it related to the transfer saga with City? Moyes is taking a determined approach to the ordeal, one that could potentially cost Lescott a chance at a place on Fabio Capello's World Cup squad.

Sneijder eyes Inter move

According to Sky Sports, Dutch midfield maestro Wesley Sneijder is pondering a move to Inter Milan. The addition of Kaka, Karim Benzema, and Ronaldo has triggered an exodus amongst the Dutch players currently on the books at Madrid. Sneijder, who looked in good form against D.C. United, would certainly make Inter the team to beat in Italy — if they aren't already.

What did you think of Burnley's win yesterday? Think United is in trouble or is it too early? How will the Americans fare in today's Europa League? Does Sneijder make Inter the best team in Italy? Share your thoughts below.


  1. This could be a fascinating season. Manchester City and Tottenham look the best they have in many years. Could this be the year a team other than Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea win the Premiership?

  2. I believe Lescott was dropped for a Europa laegue game. If that is true, and Lescott didn’t play in the first leg, then perhaps Moyes is trying to keep him from being cup tied and therefore more marketable.

  3. Didn’t see the game, but it is great for Burnley to get a big result like that to start the season!

    The Lescott Moyes situation sounds similar to the Hamlett Soumare situation at the Fire except a lot less money is involved and Moyes and Lescott haven’t fought yet!

  4. metrometro,

    I am pretty sure that you can say that Man U is not going to be as good as they have been in recent years. You are right though one game does not make a season for either team.

  5. Lescott is going to ride the pine until December and then no one will even want him anymore. He’ll miss the world cup all for being a whiny bitch, serves him right. Everton made him and we can break him.

  6. man u lost to watford last year at the beginning of the season but that doesn’t mean that 1. burnly is good or that 2. man u is bad.

  7. I wouldn’t say Berbatov sucks, but he won’t be scoring enough goals to justify his price. He will get assists though.

  8. Top goal scorer this season?

    Torres? Bent? Defoe? Rooney? Adebayor? Van Persie? Arshavin? Drogba? Anelka? Gerrard? Lampard? Tevez?

  9. Dutch NT will do solid regardless. But I’d imagine it better for them to get active playing time. Real Madrid is a club for the greatest in the world like Barca and Man U and AC Milan. You can’t just play a good season or 2 and than think you’re GOD of football and this applies to Van der Vaart and Robben. Pretty good players but by no means RM status.

  10. Shouldn’t have pick Berbatov over Tevez. I think when Vidic, Ferdinand, Van Der Sar, and Nani return United will be dominant again but they for sure need another lethal attacking option to complement Rooney. Berbatov and Owen so far have not been the answer. Berbatov doesn’t look dangerous at all and Owen looks dangerous but isn’t finishing. Also they need to sort their PK’s. Between the community shield and this Burnley debacle it looks like they need to put in some PT on those.

  11. great photo, Ives. Owen totally sucked, but the announcer defended him after he was subbed out, “no one was there (for that cross) but you know if Owen was in, although poor today, would have been there.” apparently people are in denial…

    i agree, Tottenham looks vicious!

  12. RM was the home away from home for the great Dutch players. Now they’re all jumping ship.

    Huntelaar, Sneider, & van der Vaart all will be gone.

    Wonder how much PT guys like Drenthe, Ruud & Robben will get?

  13. Man U are in trouble, and you don’t even need this result to realize that. Ronaldo has been carrying them for the last two years way more than people realize. If you replace Christiano Ronaldo with Michael Owen, there’s going to be a difference in quality.


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