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Morning Ticker: Soumare’s Fire future in doubt, Galaxy wins on the road and more

Bakary Soumare (AP)  

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Overshadowing last night's Chicago-Los Angeles game were reports that Bakary Soumare's bust up with coach Dennis Hamlett may signify that the African's tenure in Chicago is over.

The Chicago Tribune's Luis Arroyave unearthed the details of last week's scuffle before Wednesday night's match. It seems that irreparable damage to Hamlett and Soumare's relationship has been done, with sources saying Soumare will likely never play again for the Fire. Soumare was left off the Fire's squad list for Wednesday's loss to the Galaxy due to what Hamlett called a lack of committment to the club.

"(Soumare) isn't committed to the team, his teammates or the organization," Hamlett told the Tribune. "As a coach, I can’t put a player on the field that is not 100 percent committed."

It would be a big blow for Chicago to lose an All-Star defender like Soumare, who has teamed up with Wilman Conde impressively over the past two seasons. The Fire is mulling a transfer offer for Soumare from French club Boulogne. Sources tell SBI that the transfer offer is worth more than $2 million.

Here are some other stories to get your day going:

Galaxy rolls 2-0 at Chicago

No Eddie Lewis or David Beckham? No problem. With Landon Donovan (apparently) healthy and playing 90 minutes, the Galaxy looked very strong on the road. Goals from Mike Magee in the 23rd minute and Donovan in the second half were enough to earn the three points for LA away from home.

For those blaming this on the possible distraction of the Soumare-Hamlett fight, perhaps they're looking too much into it. After all, Chicago has struggled at home all season — this is nothing new, as their record at Toyota Park is a disappointing 3-3-4.

The Galaxy continued to play well — if you ignore last Saturday's results — and Donovan's breakaway goal was the highlight of the night. In case you missed it, here it is below:

Dynamo close in on Luis Angel Landin

You've seen his name come up in rumors before, but Bernando Fallas of the Houston Chronicle is once again reporting that Luis Landin could be signed by the Dynamo. The possible deal would be a loan through the 2010 season for the striker who has found himself out of favor with his coach at Cruz Azul.

Because of his salary, Landin would become Houston's first-ever designated player. His presence next to Brian Ching would form a dangerous strike partnership that would make Houston an even bigger threat to win the MLS Cup.

No official announcement has been made, but Televisa has reported that it is a done deal this morning.


What do think of Soumare moving to Europe? Did the Galaxy impress you last night? Are Houston now title favorites if the signing of Landin goes through? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Quote: “In related news William Conde’s agent has just advised his client to punch Hamlett.”

    This comment was excellent! Very funny!

    I was at the game last night. Tough match for the Fire and they were missing a bit of heart which is unlike them. Hopefully it comes back soon!

  2. I thought Arroyve left reporting on soccer to cover high society weddings, ballroom dancing, quinceneras, and the newest Billy Dec nightclubs

  3. With Magee, Kovalenko, Dunivant, Buddle, and Arena, maybe us red bull fans should just start rooting for the Galaxy. LA’s certainly more fun to watch.

  4. ^^^real soccer fan!
    —i agree with this comment below. this ain’t basketball, you can’t abuse ur players or fight with them—
    wow if hamlett’s behavior is an indicated in luis’s article, then that’s shockingly unprofessional. not because i’m a hamlett fan or friend, but NO coach should behave like that.

    Posted by: ben alumbaugh | August 20, 2009 at 10:37 AM

  5. nothing new, Fire let their fans down yet again…

    not all can be blamed on them…. when you are having to rely on Washington (shouldnt have a contract), Robinson (lack of games and injury made him overly rusty and slow)and Prideaux (while an accomplished wingback in MLS, he’s too slow and lack of crossing ability is maddening) you can truly expect much….

    Baky out… Sega, Woolard, Ward, CJ injured… the writing was on the walls…

    LA came out and dominated play… Fire couldnt control the ball to save their lives…. LA deserved the win….

  6. Drove into the Fire game from Detroit with my 8 year old daughter last night. 🙂


    Nyarko has great feet (other than falling down a lot). But the dude seems LAZY on offense. He camps out offside 80% of the time. I am talking off by a yard or more and he just stays there. By accident the defense brings him onside. Pet peeve of mine. What possesses him to do that and miss potential strikes?

    I wanted to pull Magee in the first 5 minutes. Then he scores that goal. I wanted to pull him in the second half, then he has the assist. I dunno, a goal and an assist are really really important. But he mishandled so many balls and sweet over the top passes it was unreal.

    Kovalenko just manhandled Thorrington when the ref wasn’t looking. Threw him to the ground–no reason for it, no action was around him (might have even been dead ball or something). Just rocked him. No ref caught it.

    Kirovski seems disinterested in playing well. For a guy who has been where he has been (Man U, Bundesliga, etc) you sure can’t tell.

    Blanco is always up for a great pass or nifty move, but he is looking more and more like an aged, hobbling, whining, drama-queen dinosaur out there. Nicely weighted ball over the back line to Nyarko, I believe, but N. couldn’t handle it.

    How Klein missed his header . . . . sigh.

    Toyota park is a nice little venue. A little empty at first, but practically full by the 2nd half.

    Dang Beckham, why’d you have to get a red card and miss THIS game???

    Arrived back home @ 5am

  7. I love this picture above. The first caption that came to my mind, “Mommy!! Baky just hit me again!!” Looks like big brother got the best of little brother in that one.

  8. Donovan’s goal was great. He started the play with his header, immediatly went on run from about 3/4 field, and had a strong finish. I think it was a great goal to go with his many great goals.

  9. I don’t understand why Chicago is standing pat while the rest of the league acquires reinforcements. The vaunted “depth” isn’t doing much. Mike Banner needs to play more.

    Last night’s game showed that both of the Fire’s reserve fullbacks, who were forced into starting duty last night, are in pretty poor form right now. Washington may be good in the future, but he looked scared last night.

    Also, can someone get Nyarko some longer studs for his boots? He couldn’t keep his feet to save his life.

    What the over / under % chance that McBride comes back this season? Would it matter?

    Last night, nobody on the Fire seemed to have the confidence or ability to control the ball and try to build an attack through passing. Are the Fire this bad or is LA that much better? Neither team seemed to me to be of the same class as Columbus, but I think a playmaker / finisher like Donovan can cover up a lot of a team’s flaws.

    Fire wins US Open Cup? No
    Fire wins SuperLiga? No
    Fire wins Supporter’s Shield? Probably not
    Fire wins MLS Cup? Not Likely
    Fire fires Head Coach?

  10. magee is starting b/c the 3 other guys infront of him on the forward pecking order were hurt. Thats a testiment to LA’s depth if anything

  11. Agree 100% Nicole… because Donovan is nearly money on every 1 v 1 that is precisely why Busch did not think to come out…he expected to have no chance and was just hoping that Landon was going to go high near post and not slip it by his right leg like he did….

  12. The Fire looked completely disjointed for a majority of the match…but so did the Galaxy… also…how in the world is Mike Magee a starter in this league… I know they have like no forwards left but despite his goal… he is AWFUL…

  13. Yeah, Donovan’s first touch did get away from him. Busch should have come out.

    However, that usually doesn’t happen to LD. He usually keeps very close control of the ball on breakaways at top speed. That was an aberration for him.

  14. @Rooch you are totally right, Donovan burning by everyone on the field just proves that he sucks along with everyone else in the MLS. They might as well join the USL seeing as how they will never equal their superiors in Europe. I’m sure no one who plays in the MLS will ever succeed overseas, why keep playing? They should just retire….

  15. Quote: “In related news William Conde’s agent has just advised his client to punch Hamlett.” Posted by: CSD

    I don’t think Diego Gutierrez(his agent) would tell Wilman that but I would and he lives only 5 blocks away from me.

    I thought Hamlett should have been fired last year and to have such a good game @ KC and then lay a stinker like this @ home is inexcusable…only NYRB has less home wins then us!!!!

  16. Quote: “In related news William Conde’s agent has just advised his client to punch Hamlett.” Posted by: CSD

    Almost spit out my coffee on that one! heheehe. But I would rather get 2mil for Balky (sp intended) than see him goto another MLS team.


  17. Donovan showed his speed but I agree with others that if the keep comes out and cuts the angle he probably gets to the ball after Donovan’s first touch. With that said it was a clinical finish by a good scorer

  18. I’m with you on that Rooch. Keep should have left his line and pounced on that bad touch. I know Donovan is fast but he sent that too far out in front to not risk getting it picked up by a competent goalie.

  19. Sorry IVES – I meant Landis to Houston and not Soumare to France.

    (SBI-The paperwork may have already been in to MLS before the 15th. We don’t really know the details of what is going on there.)

  20. wow if hamlett’s behavior is an indicated in luis’s article, then that’s shockingly unprofessional. not because i’m a hamlett fan or friend, but NO coach should behave like that.

  21. I might struggle with this becuase Baky seems to be a really good guy and as a fan its a rule you have to side with the player over the coach (that’s a joke).

    But… one on that Fire roster bleeds Red and is team first more than Pause so if it started out with an argument with him my gut tells me something was simmering with Baky.

    He has also seemd disinterested and distracted at times this year and his play has really not been as solid as some think. Sell him to France let him get relegated to Lique 2 with that crap club that’s interested and thanks for the service.

  22. @Rooch – I totally agree. When the pass went through and Donovan got to it, I was like “Oh wow, surefire goal.” Then he took his first touch and I was like, “Oh crap, way to screw that up.” Keeper definitely should have come out to challenge for that ball.

  23. Sorry off topic, but does anyone know whats the deal with La Liga games being shown on espn2? Will they show it there or not!!!!

    Posted by: Wally | August 20, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    Saw a promo last night on ESPN2 touting La Liga starting this Sunday or next

  24. anyone else thing Donovan touched this out way too far? This goal has everything to do with Busch not coming off his line to take the ball when Landon pushed it way too far out in front. Nice speed and finish from landon, but punt and run like this wouldn’t hack it in many other leagues.

  25. Soumare can go. He has played terrible this season and how he got on the all star squad is beyond me. He isnt that good and gets beat like he stole something twice a game this season. Take the money and be done with this guy. Or send him to NY and let him rot on the terrible squad.

  26. Ives – how can he be signed/loaned when the transfer deadline passed on August 15th?

    Only way possible if it is a done deal and pending ITCs/Physicals correct?

    (SBI-The August 15th deadline is for players COMING IN to MLS. Transfer deadlines are always tied to where a player is going, so Soumare actually has until August 31st to go to Europe.)

  27. Sorry off topic, but does anyone know whats the deal with La Liga games being shown on espn2? Will they show it there or not!!!!

  28. 2 million doesnt seem like that much for a player of Soumare’s talent and phyiscal stature, but then again Chicago has already played its hand…


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