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Revs down Sounders at Qwest Field

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The New England Revolution became the first MLS team since April to post a road victory at Qwest Field on Thursday night, riding a Shalrie Joseph goal to post a 1-0 upset of suddenly struggling Seattle.

Steve Ralston set up Joseph for a 21st minute finish to give the Revs their third win in five matches and pull New England to within three points of Colorado, Chivas USA and Toronto FC, the three teams currently holding the final MLS playoff spots.

Seattle had its share of chances during the match, including a 44th minute penalty kick missed by Fredy Montero.

Seattle, which has gone 1-3 in the month of August, suffered its first home defeat since a 1-0 setback vs. Kansas City on April 11, a game that saw Kasey Keller earn a first-half red card.

The Sounders still hold third place in the West, and a playoff spot, but that could change if Seattle doesn't snap out of its current funk. A brutal road schedule looms, beginning with a trip to Houston on Sunday. Seattle's remaining road schedule includes trips to Houston, New England, D.C. United and Columbus, four teams that are a combined 23-3-14 at home this season.

Here is Joseph's goal for those who missed it:

What did you think of New England's performance on Thursday? See the Revs as a serious playoff threat? Starting to think Seattle might not make the playoffs? Still believe the Sounders will find their form when Freddie Ljungberg comes back?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I agree with just about all the comments on here. I realize they missed Freddie but leave it to New England to turn what could have been some more positive prime time MLS exposure into an absolutely unwatchable match.

    CD said it best…

    “Long ball. Hack. Foul. Argue. Whine. Curse. Repeat. Game Over. Revs win 1-0. (or lose 0-1, or tie 0-0).”

  2. Montero’s pk would have been an indirect kick and not a penalty if you determine it to have been dangerous play. That’s probably how I would have called it.

  3. Nicol and Mariner need to enroll in an extended anger management program. I’m expecting to watch both of their heads explode one of these days like a scene out of “Scanners.”

  4. @ Steve

    I am not sour about the way you play. I just think (as a neutral last night) that your team plays the ugliest soccer in the league. You ruin games and you are getting results, congrats! Put it to you this way, next time I have a choice of two games starting at the same time on match centre, I will probably choose the game New England isn’t playing in. Good luck for the reaminder of the season and I hope you don’t make the playoffs, so i don’t have to watch nothing but a scrappy game like last year against Chicago.

  5. bm-your attitude is case in point. learn up. address the friendlies and the poor attendance @ the gold cup. as for the gold cup, i flew in to the giant fish market(Seattle), endured the beggars, and mass transit, and was one of 13,000 to see two matches, yet only 12,999 of these great fans could make it?

  6. Regarding Seattle fans – love them or hate them, at least we have them. Which is more than almost any other MLS team can say. I think most of you are just jealous we actually have a supportive, energized fan base. Watching away games are embarassing to MLS compared to our home games. Quit complaining about Seattle fans and drum up some support on your sides of the fences.

  7. FYI – Sounders season ticket sales are up 5,000 over this year… they are opening the Hawk’s Nest and part of the upper bowl.

    And Montero’s heading of the ball out of the keeper’s hands is not cautionable when 1) you come from behind and 2) you only use your head and 3) the keeper only has one hand on the ball.

    Learn up.

  8. For everyone complaining abouut NE’s style of play: Nicol’s job is to win games. Taking into account the players available, the opponent, etc. he is going to put together a game plan to do this. He has been VERY successful over the past few seasons coaching the way that he does. Why would he change that? Sure, NE could play something like a 4-3-3, send everyone forward, most likely lose, and be more entertaining. But that would probably get him fired. It’s the same argument that Mexican fans have been making for years since the USA starting dominating the rivalry. “Well, if you had played our style of play we would have one.” It doesn’t make any sense to play a style that doesn’t give you the best change of being successful. Complaining that the style of play isn’t up to some imaginary standard just sounds like sour grapes.

  9. Back on topic

    Long ball. Hack. Foul. Argue. Whine. Curse. Repeat.

    This started with Nyassi sitting on the ground for 2 minutes in the first 5 minutes of the game. It worked for them last night, but against a team with better finishers they will lose that game 3 or 4-1.

    Then again there aren’t that many teams in MLS with good finishers.

  10. I guess my thought is how is any of that bad for the league.

    If I was in another city I would probably like to see the Sounders fail as well. I wouldn’t want any expansion team to come in and have success without taking some lumps.

    I think some of the reaction is a little bit of defensiveness, because all that I remember reading prior to this year is that it will be a horrible enviroment to play in front of 10K people and that they will never fill the lower bowl.

    My personal favotite was it is propaganda that there are 25K season ticket holders.

    How the team will fail because they are an expansion team.

    I am curious to see what impact the econmoy will have on ticket sales next year, because most sales were made before the economy went bad up here. The ownership group here as generally done it right so I dont’ think it will fall off too much.

  11. I can see why people hate Steve Nicol: if I were supporting someone else and they had a coach as passionate, hardworking and smart with a solid gameplan proven to win games, I’d hate them too.

  12. nobody’s consumed lassie,it’s just that it seems to the avg. sounder fan that football,let alone the mls didn’t exist until the sounders played it. the whole drew carry “do it like barca”,walking to the stadium, greatest-fans thing gets old, then to only have 13,000 show up for gold cup, embarass mls with those pitiful friendlies, makes people tire(d)of the whole Seatle thing. no offense

  13. Ralson is great. Twellman is good when he’s healthy. The rest of NE is pretty much unwatchable.

    Long ball. Hack. Foul. Argue. Whine. Curse. Repeat. Game Over. Revs win 1-0. (or lose 0-1, or tie 0-0).

    Can we trade NE for a new expansion team somewhere?

  14. I agree with sonicdeathmonkey – Jacqua was a disaster last night.

    I’m not sure that Freddy brings creativity to the Sounders attack as much as he brings calm and confidence. Without him managing the game, they just throw numbers forward and hope.

  15. As far as the heading the ball out of the keepers hand that is a cautionable offense since the keeper has control of the ball and you are playing/charging the keeper at that point in time.

    -Agreed if he was charging at the player

    However Montero was walking behind him waiting to see what he was going to do–And Reis put the ball out in front of Montero so Montero took it.

    I still think it was called correctly I am trying to see if there is any merit to what some are saying.

    To be honest if the keeper is going to stick the ball out like that he deserves to have it taken away. I thought it was funny that he used his head to tap it away instead of kicking at it.

    We know we are an expansion team which is why it is so much fun to have some other fans consumed with hating the Sounders. With our lack of trophies, Which could change in about 2 weeks.

    Hopefully when the Sounders show up in your town more people will come watch because of the hatred.

  16. @ Steve

    I have watched New England play a few times this year and believe me it is very painful. Are they fighting and playing a brand of soccer to be competitive on the field? Yup. How are they doing it? They are doing it just like lower level premiership clubs do, running on the field, holding, fouling, slowing up the play, making the game scrappy, yapping with the refs and wasting time from the get go. They have been playing every game to get a tie, they are out there to compete by being more physical than their opponent. Maybe thuggery is too strong a word, but negative and workman-like, chippy would better describe them.

  17. soccertom is mostly correct. At this level the only indirect fouls that are generally called in the box are the two he listed and offsides. Most officials at this level will only call contact fouls which are direct/penalty kicks. However if an indirect kick foul were called it would result in an indirect kick.

    As far as the heading the ball out of the keepers hand that is a cautionable offense since the keeper has control of the ball and you are playing/charging the keeper at that point in time. Not sure I have it worded correctly but that is the gist of the law.

  18. I was really enjoying watching Sounders at the beginning of the season. It seemed like a great thing for MLS. Now that I’ve seen how the Sounders fans behave, they’re my favorite team to hate. It’s SO nice to watch them get taken down a few pegs this month. I hope the trend continues through the next two months. When you get 4 stars over your badge, then you can talk some sh1t. Until then, Sounders fans need to tone it down and realize they’re an expansion team.

  19. It’s a long season. Every team goes through ups and downs. That said, we are getting into playoff crunch time. And if a 5th Eastern team turns it on, or someone like Colorado or Chivas or RSL decides to go on a run, Seattle’s slump may end up coming at a really bad time.

    As for the complaining about NE, as a team, they’ve always been difficult to play against. Nicol game-plans as well or better than anyone in MLS. He team is mostly veteran (even if young veteran), the implement his system well, and he does a good job denying what you want to do and force you to adapt. Teams that don’t adapt tend to end up playing ugly kick ball with NE. NE used to give Freddy Adu fits–just drive him crazy. Not having Ljundberg against NE really hurts Seattle. You really need a veteran with vision, a sense of the game and some control to play well against NE.

  20. 6. The U.S. diving team should scout the sounders- some potential louganis’ on that roster(not that there is anything wrong with that)

  21. Just like Seattle…always whining. Every loss is blamed on:

    1. The referee

    2. Terrible field

    3. We are missing this guy or that guy

    4. The other team was a bunch of thugs

    Read older comments on Flounder losses. Same excuses, different game.

  22. Cjbrown, what are you even talking about? New England conspired with the refs? Was it all part of their plan then to get 4 yellow cards and their coach thrown out? The most questionable call of the game was a penalty kick awarded to SEATTLE.

    Zico, what about New England’s style of play is so offensive? It hasn’t always been pretty this year but you can attribute that to missing so many players due to injury (twellman, joseph, albright, etc.). They play well with whatever personnel they can put on the field, and find ways to win games. I don’t understand how that makes them a “thug” team. They had fewer fouls than Seattle last night and none of the yellow cards were the result of hard tackles or dirty play.

  23. Zakuani’s speed get’s him to the endline to put in crosses, which he did quite a few times. Unforunately, as has been the case quite often for the Sounders, there was no one in position to cash in on the crosses, and when they were, they couldn’t put the ball on frame (Jaqua). He does occassionaly cut the ball across the field to change this up. Yes, he could always do better, but, he is just a rookie, he’ll continue to improve. He does need to mix in some more passing, he was tackled a few too many times last night, but, maybe he’s tired of seeing his crosses go for naught and tried to do it himself.

  24. 3.any sounders fan who moans better remember that sad-sac acting job riley pulled on eddie lewis…now that’s a disgrace

    See Riley’s red card against the Galaxy in Seattle things have a way of coming full circle. You can’t have it both ways.

    I haven’t read any comments saying the ref cost the Sounders the game. (If there are they are wrong) There is a lot of comments saying the ref was horrible. The Sounders lost because they can’t finish.

    The hot start changed expectations, but realistically if you had said at the beginning of the season at the end of August the Sounders as an expansion team would be in contention for a playoff spot many non Sounder fans would have been suprised. If they continue to play poorly then they won’t make it, but they do control their own destiny

  25. Zakuani was pretty well contained by Alston IMO. When TFC played New England Alston did the same thing to Barrett (who’s far less talented but still)who eventually got fustrated and carded himself out of the game.

    I’ll agree that New England’s boring style of soccer was effective … but i’m not going to root for it as a neutral.

  26. Can’t stand the Revs. Jay Heaps sucks and Matt Reis looks like Uncle Fester. Jeff Larentawitz is a cheapshot and his wanna-be twin brother in midfield is shite. Hope they don’t make the playoffs just because I don’t want to watch a playoff match at Foxboro where there’ll be 9,034 in attendance with yard marks and NE Patriots written all over the field.

  27. I am not sure why all of you Sounder fans like Zakuani so much?? I see nothing in his game outside of speed. He is pretty clumsy with the ball, he lacks vision and he is quite predictable. I would prefer Letoux over him any day of week.

  28. I’m kinda surprised more people aren’t talking about Jaqua’s performance last night. He was the worst player on the pitch, IMO.

    As to the officiating, it could always be better, but it wasn’t horrible. The PK was legit, the yellows for dissent were fine, and you can’t complaing about Montero’s yellow (what the heck was he thinking?). Buck up Seattle fans…the ref didn’t cost you the game; your team did.

  29. 1. seattle is all hype-done nothing since the high energy start
    2. revs did what they had to do to win…sorry it wasn’t beautiful.
    3.any sounders fan who moans better remember that sad-sac acting job riley pulled on eddie lewis…now that’s a disgrace
    4. montero returns to earth
    5. can the fans of seattle shower and shave, they are a motley group

  30. Would be complaining as much if the USMNT and gone into Mexico and played some thug soccer in Azteca and taken 3 points? Like it or not there intricate games played within soccer that do not involve the ball. Having 2 coaches in the sky box watching the game is a stretch for any team in any league. I have never ever seen that happen.

  31. Sounders gave the ball away too much. It was painful to watch how many times they gave the ball away in the middle 3rd of the field, Vanegas seemed to be the main cluprit. Freddie is needed in that midfield so they can have Evans on the right, Zakuani on the left, and Alonso being his usual great self behind.

    Jaqua missed an early chance from the 6 at the near post, that shot needed to be put on frame. I believe it was Ianni who missed the header on the back post that also needed to be on frame. Montero’s PK may not have been warranted, but, he needed to put it away. Had it not hit the bar, Reis may have had it, he guessed right.

    New England’s time wasting and whining is obnoxious, but, they did get the result. Until they stop having success, I doubt they’ll change.

    Zakuani needs to get 90 minutes fit. He is so dangerous and exciting, but he tends to run out of gas a little after the 60th minute.

    It sure would be nice if the commentators actually followed the MLS. It seems as though they only watch the games they work. I actually like Harkes usually, but nothing he says tells me anything about how the teams or players have been performing over the course of a few weeks, or the season.

  32. I’ll preface this by saying I’m a Revs fan. This was a tough 3 points that they needed a little luck to get (Montero’s PK off the bar). I didn’t like the lone forward attack until I realized that Seattle brings a lot of numbers forward and you have to account for that. Nyassi and Mansally still drive me nuts. For every good play they do, they hurl in an awful cross or give it away. Barnes and Alston played really good back there. Harkes was right, Osei is good at defending but has a frustrating propensity to just launch a long ball instead of a simple pass. Seattle is good at pressuring the ball upfield and in midfield, but if they don’t force a giveaway there it leaves their defense a little exposed. The Sounders could’ve easily taken 1 or all 3 points from this game if they finished better. I think both teams could have issues with the officiating, so I don’t think it decided it either way.

  33. Boo hoo. Waaaaah! The officials… waaaah!

    The only thing worse than MLS officiating is the ay Sounders fans bitch and moan every time a call goes against them. They come out en masse and whine together. Go have another latte at starbucks you yuppies.

    Booo hoooo. Waaaah!

  34. 1. Multiple people in my office who are casual soccer and non-MLS fans made a point of coming up to me to say that they watched the game and enjoyed it and couldn’t believe how fast it was.

    2. Montero’s act was a clear yellow, you cannot do that.

    3. Steve Nicol’s behavior was embarassing

    4. The Ref was terrible both ways, really terrible..I’m not sure how the Revs “conspired” with the Ref

  35. If the foul was in the penalty area-with the exception of a direct kickback or goalkeeper time wasting- the result is a direct or penalty kick.

  36. Was the Seattle PK even warranted and couldn’t it have been an indirect for dangerous play. Any refs want to weigh in on that one?

  37. @ CJbrown

    I am glad somebody else feels that way about New England. New England is the thug team of the year, just trying to a steal a playoff spot with really negative soccer. They have done nothing all year, except defend and foul all game and ride the shoulders of Shalrie.

  38. Dumb question time–there is some thought that since the keeper only had one hand on the ball and literally stuck it our in front of Montero (I thought Reis was taunting him) that it isn’t an infraction to take the ball away. The thought is if the keeper has two hands on it then he can’t. Personally I thought it was dumb of Montero and he deserved the yellow, then again it wouldn’t be the first time a ref go something wrong.

  39. 1. Seattle looked lost without Ljungberg


    Agreed 110%. There was zero creativity in the centre. It was all pivot / pass to the predictable target.

    And yes the reffing was terrible, but in my opinion it didn’t affect the result.

    Alston had a hell of a game BTW, every time i’ve watched this guy play i’m impressed.

  40. 1.Agreed

    2.Agreed-compounded by the dumb yellow so now both Freddy’s will be out on Sunday

    3.Aren’t we getting used to it by now-didn’t cost the sounders the game

    4. Can Sigi get over his man crush of Vaginas

    5. I really liked the stalling by NE with 60 minutes to go in the game.

  41. New England is a disgrace to MLS. I’m just tired of the constant antics from the top down — Nicol, Mariner, Reis, Heaps et al are in a perpetual state of “f.u.” aggression. Nicol and Mariner clearly were not chastened by their banishment. In fact, at the end of the game, Nicol gave an “up yours” gesture to the Seattle fans in the neighborhing skybox. Right on national TV. Stay classy, Liverpool.

    The fact that they have had some success in past years is a black mark on MLS. Their style of hairy-arsed, hard-running, headless-chicken soccer has no redeeming qualities. Who have “The Buffalo Bills of MLS” given to the national team beyond Clint Dempsey, who couldn’t wait to get away? Ah yes, Jay Heaps, the hero of the 09 Gold cup final and the glorious draw with Haiti. Seriously, only Ralston has any class, on the ball and in his behavior.

    Last night, they conspired with the ref to make the game almost unwatchable and still got the 3 points. A sad commentary for all of us who have watched MLS for all these years ane expected better by this point.

    (SBI-CJ, as a general rule, trolling isn’t allowed, so your anti-Revs diatribes have been limited to this one, which is plenty long enough to get your point across.)

  42. A few things from the game last night:

    1. Seattle looked lost without Ljungberg.
    2. Freddie Montero had a horrible game – highlighted by the missed PK.
    3. That was one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in some time.

  43. It’d be a shame if the Sounders missed out on the playoffs. Imagine the Qwest atmosphere in a playoff match! Anyway, I expect that they’ll make it despite their recent form.


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