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A Soccer Saturday Reminder


  1. DVR update – I have Dish Network and my Saturday/Monday ESPN2 schedules have been updated to show EPL games. Already have them both scheduled to record.

  2. “The Best Soccer in the World” and then it shows EPL. but it redeems itself by showing La Liga.

    I’d say
    1) EPL is the most consistently entertaining (they always have awesome camera angles, something MLS needs to get with)
    2) La Liga is the best soccer in the world (Real Madrid and Barca win everything). it’s just sometimes i catch random games and they aren’t as exciting. but the big games are – clasico etc.

  3. According to ESPN’s website, under the TV listings… It doesn’t state this game will be in HD. =/

    Although the preceding Nascar show is shown in HD. Figures.

  4. Thanks, Ives…

    I’ve got a friend that works with the local cable company. I’ll see if there’s anything they can do to go out and grab the listings.

  5. EA… the same thing happened last weekend… ESPN sent out message to the cable and dish companies reminging them to update their saturday morning line-up… no more hunting and fishing :o)

  6. On an ESPN/EPL note…. Is the Saturday EPL game showing up on your channel guides for DVR purposes? It’s not on mine, and I’m wondering if I should bitch at ESPN or my local provider.

    Or both?

    (SBI-Here’s the deal. Usually your DVR receives the TV listings two weeks in advance, so since the deal to put EPL on ESPN didn’t come down until a week ago, you may not see the new listings until next week or maybe even the week after.)

  7. Well, even if GolTV gets to choose a RM or Barca game, that leaves a WHOLE lot of good football to watch, right? I hadn’t even heard about the La Liga thing….(must pay attention more)

  8. Good promo for the most part. But I’m a little stumped. It mentioned La Liga but didn’t advertise any games. Is there any on the schedule yet? Why not have a seprarate ad? Kinda weird to just La Liga was on Sundays and not expand.

    (SBI-The La Liga season doesn’t start for another week, but they probably want to remind people that La Liga is on the way.)

  9. People always talked about ESPN getting the Prem and what it would mean–this is what it would mean, more publicity–which can only generate more soccer fans in the US.

    And god bless for the HD!


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