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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

FrancecsoTotti (Reuters)

Today's menu of soccer matches on TV may not be as  loaded with marquee match-ups as Saturday's, but there are great games nonetheless. From England to France to Spain, there are matches with intriguing sub-plots and stars to see.

Bordeaux-Marseille, Roma-Juventus and Valencia Sevilla are just a few of the quality encounters on tap today, as well as a good MLS showdown between Houston and Colorado.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjjoy the action:

Today's Soccer on TV

  • 10am- FSC, FSE- Everton vs. Wigan Athletic
  • 11am- ESPN Deportes/ Athletic Bilbao vs. Espanyol

  • 11am- Setanta Sports- PSG vs. Lille

  • 11:30am- GolTV- Hamburg vs. Cologne

  • 11:30am- Heracles vs. Ajax

  • 12pm- FSC- AS Roma vs. Juventus

  • 1pm- FSE- Morelia vs. Cruz Azul

  • 1pm- Telemundo- Pumas vs. Queretaro

  • 1pm- ESPN Deportes/ Valencia vs. Sevilla

  • 1pm- Setanta Sports- Nottingham Forest vs. Derby County

  • 2:45pm- FSC/ Fiorentina vs. Palermo

  • 3pm- FSE- AS Roma vs. Juventus (delayed)

  • 3pm- ESPN Deportes- Hertha Berlin vs. Werder Bremen (delayed)

  • 3pm- Setanta Sports- Olympique Marseille vs. Bordeaux

  • 3pm- GolTV- Almeria vs. Valladolid

  • 3pm- Telefutura- Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamo

  • 5pm- Telefutura- Santos vs. Tigres

  • 5pm- Univision- America vs. Toluca

  • 5pm- GolTV- Sao Paolo vs. Palmeiras

  • 5pm- ESPN Deportes- Jaguares vs. Atlante (delayed)

  • 5pm- Setanta Sports- Bolton Wanderers vs. Liverpool (delayed)

  • 5:30pm- FSC- WPS All-Stars vs. Umea IK

  • 6pm- MSG- New York Red Bulls vs. Columbus Crew

  • 8pm- FSC- Aston Villa vs. Fulham (delayed)

  • 10pm- Setanta Sports- Manchester United vs. Arsenal (delayed)


  1. Mastroeni better get at least a two game suspension for that elbow.

    You elbow a guy so hard that you almost knock him out and hurt your own shoulder, but only get a yellow? And all after the ball has passed…

  2. Fulham is REALLY missing Andy Johnson. They just can not put together a string of intelligent passes on offense. Their most (semi) dangerous moments come on set pieces. $%^!@#

  3. Wigan has a 5 on 2 break in injury time and Timmy makes a nice save.

    On the other end, Jo gets taken down in the box and Everton scores on the PK! Finally Everton’s pressure for the last 25 minutes pays off.

  4. Bradley is a great talent who has never won, well, anything. He needs to keep his head down, mouth shut, and play smart. I’m sick of him walking around like he’s God’s gift to the game.

  5. Can you guys at least get the story straight? Bradley was suspended for one match because of an argument with Monchengladbach’s manager about being taken out at halftime last week.

  6. Saw a comment (another blog) on Bradley that he got into an argument with his coach who had wanted to bench him and ended up being suspended for the game. Take it for what its worth.


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