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MLS Notes: On the Dynamo, Chris Armas and more

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The Houston Dynamo will play a vital CONCACAF Champions League match tonight, and is doing what it can to make sure it has a big crowd behind it.

According to the Houston Chronicle, The Houston Dynamo is charging $5 for end-line seats for tonight's CONCACAF Champions League match at Robertson Stadium vs. Panamanian club Arabe Unido (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel), a vital match for the Dynamo's hopes of advancing to the knockout round.

The ticket offer comes on the heels of the Dynamo's last Champions League match in Mexico vs. Pachuca, a match which Pachuca allowed free admission for.

The Dynamo and Arabe Unido played to a 1-1 tie in Panama on Aug. 26 in a match that saw five red cards handed out.

Houston is currently third in its Champions League group with four points, and needs a win against Arabe Unido to pull into a tie with the Panamanian club. Pachuca, which plays Isidro Metapan tonight, is in second place with six points.

Here are some other MLS tidbits to get you through a slow Tuesday:

Armas to join Ring of Fire

Chris Armas will be inducted into the Chicago Fire's Ring of Fire, becoming just the sixth person, and fourth player to be so honored. The team announced the news on Sunday. Armas will be inducted prior to the Fire's match against Chivas USA on Oct. 22nd.

That's a fitting match to make it since Armas' former Fire teammates and current Chivas USA players Jesse Marsch, Ante Razov, Zach Thornton and Jim Curtin will be able to attend the ceremony.

Armas will join Peter Nowak, Bob Bradley, Peter Wilt, Lubos Kubik and Frank Klopas as Ring of Fire honorees.

Earthquake unveil stadium drawings

The San Jose Earthquakes unveiled illustrations of their proposed 15,000-seat stadium project on Saturday. Should Earthquakes fan celebrate? Not really. The drawings are just drawings of what 'Quakes ownerships to build some day. The Earthquakes had made plays to build a stadium that could open in 2012, but the weak economy has put those plans on hold indefinitely.


What do you think of Houston's ticket offer? Think the Dynamo will dispose of Arabe Unido easily? Happy to see Armas being honored by the Fire? Think it was pointless for San Jose to unveil stadium drawings for a stadium that won't be built any time soon?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. @dc

    Klopas was inducted because he grew up in Chicago, played for the Sting, played for the Fire and played for the US Nats. He is also the Technical Director for the Fire right now. He deserves it. He is Chicago Soccer.

  2. dude, Leonardo, there is a soccer stadium in Salinas, where you been? the California Jaguars played at the Salinas Sports Center for a couple years, one time Francisco Marcos even said it was “the best stadium in the USL”. the Jaguars started in ’95 and they had some great players before MLS poached them all. Ramiro Corrales, Paul Holocher, Jeff Baicher, Paul Bravo, Francisco Gomez, Mark Semioli, Mark Baena…
    they won the D-3 championship in ’96. but they went bust ‘cos nobody came to the games…

  3. San Jose is #10 largest U.S. city, bigger than S.F. population-wise.

    I vote for a stadium to built in my hometown, Salinas! Soccer is crazy here – the fields are packed every weekend with people of all ages playing. put it in the East Side, where the real players are. (you know, like baseball stadiums in Brooklyn back in the day that will create some badass soccer players who’ll make the national team 10x better! i don’t lie.

    i’ve played against local kids in high school and against college Div 1 players. these local kids are better – pure unadulterated talent (vs. hardcore training). problem is they dont even graduate for reasons other than soccer. with a stadium here, these kids will be Generation Adidas kids and freakin be amazing on the USMNT!


  4. “As big as a city as San Jose”

    yahhh, very big, NOTT!

    San jose is small, been there, and the franchise shulda went to San Fransisco, better fanbase there

  5. 15,000 seating capacity with only three sides. 18,000 standing room

    There is always that open side to expand when need be. Look at videos or IK Start’s stadium and you will see that it doesnt matter about the capacity of the stadium, but the atmosphere created.

  6. “Think it was pointless for San Jose to unveil stadium drawings for a stadium that won’t be built any time soon?”

    I think the point of the renderings was to draw interest from potential sponsors and put a face on the project.

    (SBI-So then your answer to that question was no, right?)

  7. Spartan Stadium is WAY TO CLOSE to the wall. Donovan hated it as well as the DeRo during the first incarnation of my Quakes. Here is the solution: Send the Crappers, I mean Raiders to Stanford for a couple of seasons, tear down that AWEFUL Coliseum, rebuild state of the art facility ala QWest Field, sell the two teams to true sports families like Chang and bring home some gold for the Bay!!!!

  8. As long as there isn’t any lightning.. they will play in Houston.. it is going to be VERY soggy though….

    really bad weather here today.. I was going to take my kids but don’t want to risk getting them or myself sick.. plus the mosquitoes..

    Attendance is going to be low despite the five dollar duckets.

    Go Dynamo.

  9. Ah, the dripping sound of soccer sarcasm….

    But these posters are the fans, right?

    Posted by: socmin | September 22, 2009 at 05:24 PM



  10. San Jose to build a 15,000 seat stadium? It would be a better move to relocate them to a city that would draw a better crowd.

    I chose San Jose as my defacto team until the Sounders were up and running. The Bay needs to be a part of the MLS. Be smart, build a stadium that seats 25,000 in a metro area.

  11. both Buck Shaw, Spartan or the proposed site are in good locations and are of good scale. until they get this project off the ground they need to take a lesson from seattle on how to raise excitement for their team and earn their spot in the media share. That goes into rebranding, new logo, new ownership approach they could do a lot.

    building a stadium that only sits 15,000 isn’t the worst thing ever. I actually prefer small stadiums; look at the Red Sox in Fenway or TFC in Toronto. don’t assume that every team should/can pull like seattle can.

    i wish that MLS teams, like San Jose, could work out agreements to use existing stadiums that would not wreck them financially. Most of the new SSS really are not in great locations.

  12. the Sounders are the future of MLS- selling out 30,000 seats and making a profit. i think in 5-10 years stadiums in other cities will be selling out too and these shortsighted owners will regret they didn’t build bigger stadiums. unless the world ends, of course…

  13. BA Sounders fan,

    The only time I remember the upper deck being opened up at Spartan was for a couple LA Galaxy games. And those are the only crowds that wouldn’t fit in the proposed stadium. If we take Lew at his word that it could accomodate game day crowds approaching 20k, I don’t see any reason to get hung up on how many seats there are. Mostly, I’m just getting frustrated with people using the number of seats as the equivalent of stadium capacity. In this case they are two different things.

  14. Jason i disagree, there’s no way a city as big as San Jose should have only 15,000 seats. the ‘Quakes used to draw bigger crowds than that at Spartan Stadium. Somebody needs to kick Lew Wolff outta town and get an owner that will actually promote the team. the A’s have sucked ever since he bought that club too… pathetic! what’s wrong with playing @ Spartan stadium anyway?

  15. The Earthquakes stadium is designed to have 15,000 actual seats. However, when you include the berm and standing areas Lew Wolff said it should be able to accomodate game day crowds of about 20k.

    Also, I happen to be of the opinion that the average attendances of teams like Dallas, Colorado, Chicago, Columbus and even Salt Lake suggest Lew is taking the correct approach with this.

  16. Wolff convinced MLS he was going to build an SSS along with the Oakland A’s proposed new park near Fremont, CA, with both projects to be funded primarily through housing developments…and we all know how the housing market has performed in the past 1.5 years.

    Wherever my Quakes end up (again), I’m sure they’ll rattle off a couple of cup victories after their move…sigh.

  17. colorado sss capacity is about 18000, I think. but more important than this question is why MLS rushed back into a market that a) sucked the first time around and b) did not offer a guarantee of a stadium before being awarded a team.

    i really hope houston avenges the game where three of their players got sent off and the lights went out. they deserved 3 points there and they need 3 pts at home. I hope the panamanians receive a hostile reception — and lose big.

  18. Ives, you forgot Lubos Kubik in your list of current Ring of Fire members.

    (SBI-Fixed that. He wasn’t listed in the stories I saw, but he’s on our list now.)

  19. Houston has to take 3 points tonight. $5 endline seats is nice, but when its 70 degrees in pouring rain, they should pay me to be there…

    who am i kidding, ill probably still go.

  20. @ QuakesFanatic: don’t worry, the Earthquakes will not move to St. Louis. That market will be occupied by the relocated DC United.

  21. I saw Joseph Ngwenya making his way down the steps at Giants Stadium towards the NE Revs bench after the Red Bulls/Revs match on Friday. Anybody know if he’s trying to work out a deal with the Revs since his recent failed attempt to return to Houston?

  22. I agree that the “Ring of Fire” is incredibly awesome.

    Also, I agree there’s nothing to celebrate about a stadium conception of only 15,000. When I see crowds below 15,000 @ RFK, I am very disappointed. Aim higher — for at least 18 or 19,000, and easily expanded. If Wolff thinks they can only get 15,000 in San Jose, perhaps they should be looking at other Bay Area locations…

  23. I went down down down…

    Wait.. what?

    Wow… I can see how San Jose deserves a second shot at an MLS team since they are admitting they’ll never draw 15,000 fans.

    Charleston could draw 15K if they were in the MLS. Nashville could too and they don’t have a USL team. Move someone to the Southeast for god’s sake.

  24. Speaking of Chris Armas, given his ties to NY, if the Red Bulls do hire Carlos Queiroz, Armas would be a great choice as an assistant because he knows MLS and how the league works and could scout colleges, something I just don’t see CQ doing.

  25. Man,

    Quick fact check:

    Pizza Hut: 20,000+

    Columbus: same

    Toyota: Same

    Home Depot…


    Rio Tinto…

    Right, most SSS’s don’t seat 20,000.

  26. Stadium looks weak……and why is it only 15,000? I thought part of getting an MLS Franchise was to secure at least a 20,000 Seat Stadium.


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