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Americans Abroad: Midweek Rewind

Kenny Cooper 1 (Reuters)


For the Americans Abroad, Wednesday was a decent day in terms of performance.

Kenny Cooper scored his third goal for 1860 Munich, netting in the 50th minute of their cup match vs. Hertha Berlin. Cooper's goal gave the hosts a 2-0 lead at the time, but Hertha Berlin would pull level and force penalties. 1860 Munich won the game in the penalty shootout.

Freddy Adu also saw action, coming off the bench in the 64th minute to make his Belenenses debut. Adu was active in helping Belenenses search for an equalizer, but it was to no avail as they would fall, 1-0, to Rio Ave.

Fulham forward Eddie Johnson enjoyed a rare outing as well, going 91 minutes in their 2-1 extra time loss to Manchester City. Johnson was in Fulham's starting eleven.

Here is how the rest of the Americans Abroad fared on Wednesday:

ENGLAND (Carling Cup)

  • Tim Howard started, played 90 minutes and made six saves in Everton's 4-0 win vs. Hull City.
  • Brad Guzan started, played 90 minutes and made six saves in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Cardiff City.
  • Brad Friedel dressed but did not play in Aston Villa's 1-0 win vs. Cardiff City.
  • Clint Dempsey did not dress in Fulham's 2-1 loss vs. Manchester City.
  • Eddie Johnson started and played 91 minutes in Fulham's 2-1 extra time loss vs. Manchester City.
  • Jozy Altidore did not dress in Hull City's 4-0 loss vs. Everton.
  • Marcus Hahnemann started, played 90 minutes and made six saves in Wolverhampton Wanderers' 1-0 loss vs. Manchester United.

SCOTLAND (CIS Insurance Cup)

  • DaMarcus Beasley did not dress in Rangers' 2-1 win vs. Queen of the South.
  • Maurice Edu did not dress in Rangers' 2-1 win vs. Queen of the South. He is recovering from an injury.
  • Dominic Cervi dressed but did not play in Celtic's 4-0 win vs. Falkirk.


  • Kenny Cooper started, played 68 minutes, received a yellow card and scored a GOAL in TSV 1860 Munich's 2-2 draw vs. Hertha Berlin. TSV 1860 Munich won the game on penalty kicks.
  • Luis Robles dressed but did not play in Kaiserslautern's 2-1 win vs. Bayer Leverkusen.

FRANCE (Coupe de La Ligue)

  • Carlos Bocanegra did not dress in Rennes' 2-1 win vs. Sochaux.
  • Charlie Davies did not dress in Sochaux's 2-1 loss vs. Rennes.

PORTUGAL (League Cup)

  • Freddy Adu came off the bench and played 26 minutes in Belenenses' 1-0 loss vs. Rio Ave.

DENMARK (League Cup)

  • Michael Parkhurst started and played 90 minutes in FC Nordsejaellands'  4-1 win vs. AB Copenhagen.
  • Marcus Tracy came off the bench and played 10 minutes in Aalborg's 3-0 win vs. Thisted.


  • Oguchi Onyewu dressed but did not play in AC MIlan's 1-0 loss vs. Udinese.


  • Alejandro Bedoya started and played 90 minutes in Orebro SK's 0-0 draw vs. IFK.


What do you think of these midweek performances? Believe Cooper should get called up for the October qualifiers? Think Johnson's performance will warrant him more minutes with Fulham? Happy to finally see Adu playing club soccer again?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You know who’s been scoring lots more goals since Cooper went to Germany? FC Dallas. Says something, doesn’t it? -rory



    It tells me the other players decided to pick up the pace. It doesn’t tell me much about Cooper.

    In 2005-2006 Manchester United finished 2nd in the EPL. They scored 72 goals. Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored 24 goals that year.

    Then Ruud moved to Real Madrid.

    In 2006-2007 Manchester United won the EPL. They scored 83 goals. Everyone else picked up the pace.

    Ruud was still a fine center forward. Kenny Cooper is still a fine center forward. A good coach structures a team around the available players.

  2. Wait, both Adu *and* Eddie got playing time? Man, when the stars align like that either something really bad or really good is going to happen!

    Anyone have links to Eddie’s and/or Adu’s games?

  3. According to Sky, Eddie Johnson got a 5.5 rating for his efforts.

    The best player rated was Zoltan Gera with 6.4 and Seol Ki-Hyeon with 6.1. All other players for Fulham were rated below EJ.

    So, according to Sky, he was the 3rd best player for Fulham.

    Greening got a 4.3 rating, so go figure.

  4. good to see Adu get some minutes and same with EJ. EJ, if he can get minutes and get in good form, would be welcomed back to the USMNT if i were the coach. would be a good potential sub. and i agree that Cooper is better than Casey and Ching.

    As for Davies, Jozy, Dempsey, Boca…i think they were just rested by the coach. Had nothing to do with their performances.

    And Gooch, poor, poor Gooch. AC Milan keep losing yet he keeps sitting. I don’t get it.

  5. I like EJ as a back-up for Davies. You can’t have too much speed on your team. I he earns it, I’d have him as one of the two back-up strikers along with Ching/Cooper.

  6. Has anyone ever seen Bedoya play? Seems like he is getting a lot of time in Sweden. I’ve heard he’s more of an attacking mid? If so, maybe he should get a look in January…

  7. I would like to see buddle in the january camp. we should have two games in january instead of one looking at young players from europe mainly in one game (the ones that get rarely called up or havent yet) and the MLS players in the other game. Call up Kaz!!!!! he is a fullback and can play on the left and has 3 assists this season!!!

  8. i think ej could bring his speed up top to help out davies if e is ever injured but he wont be a starter again……casey(i agree, cooper would be fine too though) will back up altidore and bb is searching for davies backup going into 2010

    if i were bradley i wouldnt even look at ching any longer…..give johnson, marcus tracy, edson buddle, and robbie findley that chance

  9. mike–

    That comment has already been mentioned a couple times. You’re a little late for the party… so no need for name-calling.

  10. Thanks all for the info on EJ. For the record, I don’t think even top form EJ gets a call to the ‘nats. Between Jozy and Charlie, I’d say we have enough ability to put speed up front and that always seemed to be EJ’s greatest asset. Still, I wish him well and hope he develops further at Fulham. Apparently his work ethic and attitude rose a few notches while at Cardiff last year (with few goals to show for it, though).

  11. jsdbd and afc –

    Agreed on both comments. Now that I’ve rubbed the sleep out my eyes and I’m less evil…. I will say that it’s good to see Eddie getting on the pitch and making something happen. I look forward to the day that when we check this particular column – there is an influx of positive activity from the Red White and Blue throughout the global soccer landscape. We know it’s coming. It’s a very tangible goal that isn’t too far off.

  12. Eric-
    Understood, and no offense taken. Most likely, we’re talking about a potential 4th forward here, which I don’t even see as a necessity considering the potential of Altidore/Davies and the presence of Donovan and Dempsey. But I do think that EJ’s speed and Adu’s technical ability are things absent from our top 18 at the moment. Hopefully BB keeps giving more looks to in-form players, like Torres, Feilhaber, and Holden, that offer more than just the defensive toughness he values and midfielders and the ability to hold the ball he so values in his forwards

  13. No one is saying Eddie should be called into the Nats. At this point he is a long ways away from seeing that field again. We can’t be happy that he is getting playing time and contributing? Just because we are commenting on his play doesn’t mean he is anywhere close to a callup. I’m happy for Eddie, he is doing well and making the most of his limited pt.

  14. jsdbd – Sorry to offend, and I understand your point. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I feel Eddie Johnson’s “top form” doesn’t really amount to much of a game-changer. Sure, he’s got speed and an OK touch, but I think his tactical decision-making really hinders him and he’s not that prolific of a finisher. So I don’t quite see him being that much of an asset to the US squad.

  15. Good point Experience. I agree on that topic of focusing on some of the more pertinent names for the Nats. However, with much of this mid-week action being League Cup, a lot of clubs will have rested some of their better players for the weekend League action. Especially if there are any minor injury concerns, nagging muscles or just being tired. So I can see why Boca and Davies may not have dressed, but Jozy hasn’t exactly been getting 90 minutes per game in the EPL, and his absence from the match baffles me.

  16. To be honest, I do care what EJ does, because if he can regain his top form, he gives us the speed and attacking ability that are actually dangerous for a player coming off the bench, as opposed to Casey and Ching (and to a lesser extent Cooper), who are in no way game-changers.
    For the same reason, I’m actually encouraged that Freddy saw the field, hopefully its the beginning of his establishment as a vital player at the club level.

  17. While it’s nice to see that Adu and EJ saw some minutes, the focus should be on Altidore, Boconegra, and Davies, 3 national team starters. Doesn’t anyone else find it disconcerting that none of them dressed?

    Ives, you built the Rennes/Sochaux match up as the American showdown in France. Any word on why either didn’t dress?


  18. To be honest, I personally don’t care what “EJ” does. I think he’s a waste of time. I guess from an individual playing standpoint: I hope he does well for himself. But I don’t think I’d ever give him the nod over Altidore and Davies, or Dempsey (if he gets tactically shifted), or Cooper when it comes to the USMNT forward line.

    And poor Freddy. Can’t even get a starting spot in the Portuguese League Cup. I twitted that I’m the King of the World a few days ago. Doesn’t really mean it’s true. I guess 26 minutes isn’t all that bad… sort of. Hope he impressed. This kid needs to get his ‘ish’ together.

    Yes, I’m having a very cynical day. SBI provides a nice outlet.

  19. I saw the EJ “assist” and while it may technically be an assist, it was nothing to put on his highlight reel. One could even argue his touch appeared unintentional. The goal scorer (Gera) did everything. Still, good for EJ to get some minutes. He has started off better this year.

    Gooch with another DNP. Same with Beasley. I still do not understand why Rangers kept him.

  20. EJ should get some more first team looks. Perhaps in the FA Cup? He had goals and assists in preseason, an assist in Europa qualifiying, goal in a reserve match, and this most recent assist against a full strength Man City squad.

    He should play in the FA cups. He can be added to the uefa roster in January. He has 2 goals for the reserves 🙂

  21. EJ should get some more first team looks. Perhaps in the FA Cup? He had goals and assists in preseason, an assist in Europa qualifiying, goal in a reserve match, and this most recent assist against a full strength Man City squad.

    When he has played, he has performed.

  22. I dont think EJ got an assist. His pass went off another players head then to the feet of Gera.

    It was EJ’s assist. I listened to the radio commentary, it never hit another player.

  23. I can confirm Bob’s assessment. Adu played mostly on the left wing and sent in some nice crosses. He had 1 or 2 stray passes, but that’s to be expected when you barely play at the club level for 2 years.

  24. According to that bastion of good journalism, the Sun


    MAN CITY: Given 6, Zabaleta 7, Toure 6, Lescott 7, Bridge 6, Wright-Phillips 6, De Jong 6 (Weiss 6), Barry 7, Ireland 7 (Petrov 6), Tevez 6, Bellamy 8. Subs not used: Taylor, Garrido, Sylvinho, Vidal, Ball.

    FULHAM: Stockdale 7, Stoor 6, Baird 7, Smalling 7, Kelly 6, Davies 7 (Dikgacoi 6), Greening 7, Riise 6, Gera 8 (Anderson 4), Seol 7, Eddie Johnson 6 (Elm 6). Subs not used: Zuberbuhler, Watts, Saunders, Smith. Booked: Dikgacoi, Kelly.

  25. Adu got open and hit great crosses into the box from the left side 3 or 4 times, and the Belenenses strikers messed them up every single time. He looked fine running and dribbling as well

  26. Anyone hear how EJ fared in Fulham’s match? He isn’t mentioned in any of the match summaries I can find, so I’m sort of assuming he was invisible.

    He got an assist and Fulham’s match report said “He was working hard against the Man City backline”

    Man City had Toure and Lescott in defense.

  27. Adu’s twitter makes it sound like he was complimented on his performance by the coach. Either way, it’s good that the kid got some playing time and hopefully it continues.

    Gooch needs to get some time on the pitch.

  28. Freddy Adu was “active” in helping Belenenses search for an equalizer. Did you see the game, Ives, or hear an account from someone who did? “Active” is good, right, meaning he played well?

  29. I listened to the radio coverage of Fulham v Man City. As far as I could tell, EJ had a mediocre game. Although, I’m pretty sure he got the assist on Fulham’s lone goal.

    Gooch not playing this match is worrisome. Has he even played this year?

  30. Gooch doesn’t seem to be the kind of player that can get by without regular matches. Hope he starts seeing the pitch soon. Anyone hear how EJ fared in Fulham’s match? He isn’t mentioned in any of the match summaries I can find, so I’m sort of assuming he was invisible.


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