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Beasley stays at Rangers as European transfer window closes


The summer transfer window was a chance DaMarcus Beasley needed for a change of scenery. It was clear that Glasgow was not the place for the winger if he hoped to resurrect both his club and country career. Unfortunately for Beasley, rumors of a switch from Rangers to either Germany or Spain failed to come through today.

With the window now come and gone, Beasley must wait until January. Making matters worse, Rangers acquired left winger Jerome Rothen on a season long loan from Paris St. Germain. Not a good sign if the manager adds another player on the same side as Beasley, who has yet to feature for his club in the SPL this season.

Another American struggling for playing time, Eddie Johnson, was adversely affected by Fulham's signing of Swedish striker David Elm. The injury to Andy Johnson had temporarily provided the American with a brief chance that Roy Hodgson may have closed.

Those two moves could leave both Johnson and Beasley out in the cold until the transfer window re-opens.

Elsewhere, the transfer window failed to close with the same drama of last season when Robinho switched to Manchester City.

What do you think of these developments? Is Beasley's national team career over? Does Johnson have a shot of playing time with Fulham? What did you think of the lack of transfer action? Share your thoughts below.


  1. people are forgetting that assist vs Ghana in the 2006 WC…That perfect curling pass left on a platter for Dempsey.

    Posted by: harry | September 02, 2009 at 03:12 AM

    I’ve blocked pretty much the entire ’06 WC from memory, so yes 🙂 Outside of a few individual moments no one really had a good WC for the US that year.

    I’m sure he could still do that, on occasion, but it’s his consistency (or lack thereof) over the last 18 months that has killed his national team chances. I have vivid memories of 2002 and would love to see Beasley return to that form, here’s hoping he does.

  2. Beasleysucksballs,

    You’re what, 15? Maybe 16? Grow up and get some perspective. Before his injury, he was a stud. Period.

    There’s no doubt he’s struggling big time now and has been for years. I just don’t understand the scorn and derisiveness. An in-form Beasley makes the MNT immeasurably stronger. We should all be hoping for that, not that we never hear from him again.

  3. Not saying he wasnt ok (ok, not great like everyone is making him out to be) in the past. Just saying he is horrible now. Unless someone has a time machine, he is worthless now.

  4. WHAT???????? no one wanted such a unbelievable talent like DMB? I cant believe this. Just goes to show that anyone that is still on this chumps bandwagon from this board is an idiot. DMB is worthless, next stop foot locker.

  5. Aristotle,

    Bobby Convey???? Bobby Convey??? No offense, but I think you need to clarify that reference. DMB is, perhaps, the most successful American player for club and country ever to don spikes and you’re comparing him to a guy who was a sub in nothing games for a couple years in the Prem and a sub in a few meaningless USMNT games? REally?? Did Bobby Convey ever start for a Champions League semifinal team? Did Bobby Convey ever start for a WC quarterfinal team?

  6. Beasley appears to be a lost soul. I don’t think he will ever have much impact on the national scene or club level again. I hope I’m wrong though. He appears to be going the way of Bobby Convey and so many other potential greats that never made it. Sad.

  7. umm Beasley was doing extremely well before his injury in the Champions League vs Stuggart(?) in late 2007/early 2008…………after that hes went downhill…………but Beasley was excellent before that…………people are forgetting that assist vs Ghana in the 2006 WC…That perfect curling pass left on a platter for Dempsey.

  8. Donovan and Beasley were both non existent in 06 though. Since then Donovan has dominated a very bad league and Beasley has been hurt and has not lived up to the hype.

    As bad as I wanted Donovan to play somewhere in Europe, I wanted more for Beasley to go somewhere other than Scotland, which I thought was basically the worst possible destination. I’m sad that he is proving me right.

  9. “He was never that good anyway.”

    Sad, sad, sad. People’s memories are so short…

    This is terrible news for Bease. Things can always change rapidly in the months leading up to the World Cup, but his 2010 chances are looking pretty slim. It’s just sad, really. Back in ’02 we were all looking forward to 2010, when our twin rising stars of Donovan and Beasley would both be in their primes…

    matt dillon: You said it perfectly. Everyone should read your comment. Twice.

  10. I don’t think it was ever likely DMB was going to move this window:

    1) He still makes at least 300% more in salary at Rangers than he would somewhere else.

    2) Whie he is not seeing much time at the moment, Rangers silll has a thin squad especially now that the group stage of the Champs League is here, so he may still get some run.

    3) MLS only has 6-8 left weeks in the season and then he would be inactive for another 3-4 months.

    4)Leaving the UK now would make it difficult to regain a work permit should he try and come back in the future, if he continues to be overlooked by USMNT.

  11. A question we never illuminate: Don’t most of the Yanks abroad have the same agent? What’s the deal Beas?

    (Maybe I just wanna put the blame elsewhere besides Beas (and guys like EJ not having the nads to embrace the “never say die” attitude)

  12. How about instead of throwing in the towel and declaring that the sky is falling, why don’t we look for Beasley to fight for his spot back?

    The attitude that Beasley’s only option is to go to a lesser team says a lot about people’s expectations. There is nothing inherently saying he cannot succeed at Rangers. He has been there for only one season. To leave is a cop out.

    If he has something left, show it at Rangers. Beasley doesn’t have to go to a Dutch, German or Spanish minnow to get out of his hole. He can get out of it at Rangers and finish what he started.


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