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EPL & Champions League Highlights now available on Hulu


The inroads of the English Premier League into broadband culture continue, as highlights from the Premier League are now available on Hulu free of charge, via Fox Soccer Channel. Coinciding with that, highlights from the Champions League are up as well.

With it’s own channel, fans can access two minute highlight reels of all premier league matches from that particular weekend and Goals of the Week segments. Clips are available in High definition resolution as well, and can be embeded. Last week’s EPL goals of the week are available after the jump.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see free highlights up for both Champions League and the Premier League? Think it’s a matter of time before they are available on broadband as well? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Would love to see something similar for La Liga (read: FCB’s scoring exhibitions). yeah, the HD makes such a difference in soccer. That’s a huge plus for ESPN2’s Prem coverage. Hope FOX are working on that.

  2. Huge improvement compared to YouTube clips, but one tweak would really take these to the next level. Let’s see FSC go to 16:9 HD.

    By the end of this year, right SBI?

  3. I believe I know the answer to this question from my own experience, but I will ask it anyway: is there a legitimate subscription service one can purchase to watch all BPL matches?

    I know there are certain teams with their own channels (MUTV and Chelsea TV). I know there are the iraqigoals, the justintv, the sportzpal, etc., of the world out there, but those are not reliable. Is there the equivalent of the DirectTV season ticket for BPL in existence?


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