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FC Dallas signs Daniel Hernandez

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In keeping with the recent theme of adding SMU alumni, FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman reached out to another former college player of his on Wednesday by signing defender Daniel Hernandez.

Just a week after trading for former SMU defender Ugo Ihemelu, Hyndman has now turned to the 33-year-old Texas native, who has spent the past three seasons playing in Mexico after a stint with the New England Revolution.

Hernandez is an uncompromising defender who should add some much-needed toughness to a young and, according to some in MLS, soft roster. The question remains whether he still has enough left in the tank to be a regular contributor. Considering he was starting for Mexican club Jaguares last season, and has started in the Mexican First Division since leaving MLS, you would think he still has something to offer.

What's the SBI take?

I actually thought of Hernandez as a possibility for FC Dallas when the Ihemelu trade went down (and now wish I had written so). Hyndman needs some veteran leadership and toughness on his team and Hernandez provides that (and yes, there's also the SMU connection).

My lasting memory of Hernandez was during his time with the MetroStars. In 2001, after a long scoreless streak that saw the team's strikers struggle to score, Hernandez called them out and said he could do a better job at forward than they could. "I'd score some goals, I know that" was his memorable quote. He backed up the talk by proceeding to start scoring goals and helping the MetroStars reach the playoffs that season.

Hernandez' arrival could let FC Dallas move Pablo Richetti back into a defensive midfield role, although a Hernandez-Richetti in 2010 might not be a bad one to have. Hernandez also has extensive experience as a defensive midfielder.

What do you think of the signing? Starting to wonder if Hyndman knows any American players who didn't play for SMU? Think Hernandez could come back to MLS and be an impact player? Are you a Dallas fan who is glad that Luchi Gonzalez has already retired from professional soccer?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Dallas has become a running joke, excuse me, FC SMU. SH makes me sick, and I’m a season ticket holder. Wasn’t Ramon Nunez from SMU….I bet he comes back.

  2. I know things are bad in Dallas, but really? Daniel Hernandez?

    Hopefully he’ll end up making a positive impact, but I really have my doubts.

  3. Hmm…why have I never heard of this guy? Was he ever mentioned in any Americans Abroad articles (on this site, ESPN, or Yanks Abroad)

    (SBI-Yes, he was on SBI’s Americans Abroad all last season.)

  4. I hope Steve is wrong on the Davino thing but Hernadez is an older player so it is possible that he would not be succesfull in MLS this time around.

  5. Signing former SMU players has been a formula for success so far. So why not keep doing it? Is it possible Hyndman is still working for SMU in some kind of public relations role?

  6. I’d be surprised if he had much of an impact. Was a good player for New England a number of years back during his first stint, but he’s no world beater.

  7. How is it that Daniel Hernandez can leave MLS and start at Mexican teams and still not get called by the National team or called in to camps? I always thought he was better than Mastroeni in all aspects of his game. And he even had a nose for the regular goal here and there. Even if he didn’t play in the midfield he could always play in the back. And he has always been vocal.

  8. Going by the pattern with FCD’s other central defenders, he’ll get hurt his first game. Also, I’m not so sure Ricchetti wants to be back for next season.

  9. The guy is really good, and his game is more suitable for the MLS than Mexico. Barring injuries, he’ll be lights out for the next couple of years. He’s a big defender that can pass, which is uncommon in our league.

  10. Congratulations Mighty…

    I’ve always liked Daniel Hernandez. I thought that he should have been considered for the WC roster back in 2006 (he has duel Mexican/American citizenship). Dallas should benefit from his arrival.


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