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FC Dallas signs Heath Pearce

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Just a week after looking like he would be playing in Turkey, Heath Pearce is headed to MLS to play for a turkey of a team.

The U.S. national team defender has signed with FC Dallas, which acquired him via the MLS Allocation process. Pearce last played for Hansa Rostock in the German Second Division, but was released during the summer. He appeared to have a deal in place with Bursapor, only to have it fall apart during last-minute negotiations.

“Heath is a high quality player who can play a lot of different positions, and we are very excited to welcome him to the club,” FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman said. “We are really focusing on making our team stronger defensively, and Heath is a hard worker who can help us in that regard.”

Pearce will join FC Dallas after his International Transfer Certificate is received (and after he completes three course credits at Southern Methodist University. Okay, the second part isn't true.).

What do you think of Pearce joining FC Dallas? Wonder what will happen with Anthony Wallace? Think Pearce would have been better off in Turkey?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This has to be a sign and trade deal with an early out if a good club comes calling. Pearce is too good for MLS and especially Dallas.

  2. Please, take a step back and really analyze what Shellas is trying to build here. It is a revolutionary idea. Currently 50% of FCD he has built is comprised of left backs, left footed players, and SMU grads. Left footed players and left backs are always in demand and there isn’t an SMU player in the world who isn’t getting playing time with a professional club(mostly FCD, but still). Clearly Shellas is building an army of players that he can sell on the open market for hordes of CASH, bringing large amounts OF TALENT AND RULING THE WORLD!!! KICK HIM IN THE NUTS HE CAN TAKE IT!!!!!

  3. How does Hyndman still have a job right now? You have two of the best strikers in the league and it takes you until your totally out of it to realize you’re defense has been garbage for 2 years? Unbelievable.

  4. He needs playing time, so good for him.

    Yes, he’d have been better off in Turkey, but right now is was MLS or nothing.

    And why do people think he’s out with the Nats because he’s in MLS? See: Holden, Clark, Marshall, Ching, Rogers, and, most importantly, BORNSTEIN.

  5. ^^^I concur. Pearce blows. i don’t care where he goes. he better not play on MNT.

    “Funny lines today Ives

    Posted by: Scott A | September 11, 2009 at 05:27 PM”

    seriously Mr. SBI is on a roll – must be Friday! i’m stoked too – tons of games all weekend!

  6. I have never been impressed by Heath’s play. I agree he is a hard worker, technically good, but he seems very uncomfortable, stiff and indecisive on the ball. I rate him an good MLS back, but definately not national team caliber….although Bob Bradley seems to disagree. I do not understand how he keeps getting call ups.

  7. how can dallas sign pearce? why not the red bulls?

    (SBI-Dallas had the highest place on the Allocation Order at the time. Current record doesn’t determine the Allocation Order.)

  8. Good move. The guy is talented, and a year ago he was a shoe in at left back. hopefully he can find his game again, and maybe his right foot in the process

  9. I know I’m in the minority, but I rate Pearce as our best LB in the national pool, WHEN HES PLAYING REGULARLY.

    He not a world beater by any means but a good player…of course I might have called in A. Wallace by now if I was Bradley…cuz I think that kid is very good.

  10. My question is where is he going to be playing for FC Dallas? or is this just to trade away in a week or two because FC Dallas just signed as Jair to play left back?

    Dallas has 4 new defenders and are still struggeling.

  11. If FCD wastes this allocation by letting him go and not getting someone better (Cooper, Toja) then that organization has lost all control. The best talent in America come from the Dallas Metroplex (Ruben Luna, Dylan Powers). This summer’s U20 World Cup squad will be FCD youth vs. the wolrd. Can’t wait to see what happens.

    Good move? We just signed a L back named Benitez who has performed well. Not sure if Heath will play wing or back? Glad he’s in Dallas.

    Not funny about taking classes Ives. Check how many players on the current roster played at SMU – redic! SMU never won a championship in all 20 something years that Hyndman coached. You know he was spoon fed the best talent in the country, right?

    This FCD die hard just wants wins and trophies. We have neither. Good Luck Heath.

  12. Pearce might actually have a better chance with the Nats by playing with FC Dallas.

    His exposure to BB will greatly improve. LA to Dallas is a lot shorter distance than LA to Turkey/Germany. Not to mention the distance to US camp in January and all the US home friendlies prepping for WC2010.

  13. Pearce would have been better off at Bursaspor, but at the same time, its a good thing he’ll be playing. We need more in-form natural LBs in the player pool for this WC cycle.

  14. I hope it works out for him and he can work his way back into the national team. It’s worked for others who have come back to MLS. Good luck, Heath.

  15. The absolute worst that comes out of this is he gets a paycheck for the tail end of the season and gets to play in 7 games (which is better than the alternative of nothing and zip). He can then transfer someplace in January. Or try to get in the USMNT January camp. It may not be ideal but it’s far better than being out of a job after having had no PT.

  16. “Just a week after looking like he would be playing in Turkey, Heath Pearce is headed to MLS to play for a turkey of a team.”

    Hilarious. His stock has dropped in a major way. I hope his confidence doesn’t continue to drop as his team gets scored on like crazy.

  17. Here’s to hoping that FC Dallas can keep their team intact for a year or two.

    Cunningham, Sala, Ferreira, Van Den Bergh, and Pearce leading a group of young guys like Shea, Avila, Davies, Guarda, Marosevic, and Wallace could develop into a very good MLS team.

  18. I think if Heath Pearce is playing for FC Dallas and is still in the national team picture, Edgar Castillo should good a call up from Monterrey.

  19. “The real question for me is, who is better off, Heath Pearce or DaMarcus Beasley?”

    Playing time Heath Pearce
    Bank account DaMarcus Beasley

    It is always “better with more cheddar”

    Me votes DB.

  20. RK Wallace is a U20 NT player. He is a defender that could be pressed into midfiled service. It seems like he has been with FCD forever.

    If Pearce is smart (and wants to play) then he will look into taking a few courses at SMU or maybe help with recruiting there.

    Fire Shell-us now!!!

  21. From what I have seen in the Gold Cup, Pearce is a talented player. The more talent in this league, the better and he is american to boot!

  22. The real question for me is, who is better off, Heath Pearce or DaMarcus Beasley?

    One is guaranteed to play, but the season is nearly over (7 games left) and his team is garbage, so they’re highly unlikely to make the playoffs.

    The other is on a famous team in a decent league that has just begun their season, but its obvious that he’ll sit on the bench all season, unless he gets a transfer in January.

  23. Wonder what his new teammates will think as it seems he explored every possible option before making this move. Dallas was his absolute last option, his safety net. Hopefully he can resurect his career and Dallas improves.


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