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McBride nears return from shoulder injury


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As the playoffs approach, late season additions can add that extra edge to equal playoff success. For the Chicago Fire, the return of Brian McBride from shoulder surgery, perhaps as soon as this weekend, could be just what the Fire need to push them over the top.

With Chicago already looking like a lock to make the playoffs, McBride will boost an offense that has been rather inconsistent in his absence. Despite missing eight games due to his injury, the American striker still leads his side with six goals.

Chicago has six games left, plenty of time to get McBride back into the mix and be prepared come playoff time. And while they've lost Bakary Soumare to a transfer, remain one of the favorites in the East.

Does McBride's return to Chicago make them a MLS cup favorite? Will he have a positive impact right away or will it take a few games to get his feet back under him?

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  1. McBride slaps the face of everyone who pays to see the game everytime he flops around in the box. This man has no character and will do whatever his wife tells him to do (which is why he is in chicago). I can’t wait to watch him lose to the Crew again in the playoffs (if chicago even makes the playoffs).

  2. wjmooner- I love it! ”Thunder & Lightening!” Anybody sent a tweet to Jozy and Chuck D. yet telling them of their new nick?

  3. I think McBride will do a better job as a target than Patrick Nyarko, who may be a good player but isn’t well-suited to the target role. Interestingly, Chicago’s crack coaching staff didn’t seem to recognize that fact.

  4. As confused as the Fire players appear to be on the field right now and given Brian’s lack of productivity since May, introducing him back into the mix could possibly just add more confusion to an already confused lineup. I don’t necessarily think his coming back will result in great things for the Fire this late in the season unless the boys decide they want to play together like a team.

  5. Brian McBride is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

    When Brian McBride does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.

    Brian McBride is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

    Hey Brian, sure you don’t want a spot backing up Thunder and Lightning in S.A.?

  6. I am very happy he is coming back for selfish reasons. He is the only player my wife knows and we will be in Chicago and going to the Crew v Fire game so she can play the keep track of Brian Mcbride game while I watch the whole game.

  7. In other news re: the ESPN2 ad. to the right…why the hell is Burnley on every week? I think they’ll be on in a few weeks again vs. Liverpool.

    Huzzah that they beat Man U and Everton, but come on.


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