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Morning Ticker: DeGuzman set to join TFC as Dichio retires, KC Stadium update and more

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Toronto FC is set to lose a player who its fans won't soon forget, but appear ready to add a star in the process.

TFC striker Danny Dichio will announce his retirement today, ending a three-year run that saw him score the first goal in club history and establish himself as a fan favorite. The move is expected to clear the way for Toronto to sign Canadian national team star Julian DeGuzman as a Designated Player. Sources within MLS have confirmed to SBI that TFC is closing in on making DeGuzman Toronto's first designated player later this week.

While DeGuzman isn't the goal-scoring threat Toronto FC has sorely lacked, he is a top-flight talent whose presence in midfield should provide a significant boost to TFC's fading playoff hopes.

As for Dichio, the 34-year-old striker had lost out in the numbers game at forward to the likes of VChad Barrett and Pablo Vitti, as well as the recent emergence of rookie O'Brian White. He had played in 19 games this season, but started just six, scoring three goals to go with two assists in the process.

Here are some other stories to get your day going:

Kansas City stadium project crossing state lines

The Kansas City Wizards' proposed stadium project appears set to move from Missouri to Kansas as developers look for a more viable financial situation for the project.

The stadium project had long been part of a proposed $1 billion development project in Kansas City, but the collapse of financial markets has led to developers seeking more financial support from local government, support that has not been fast in coming.

That's where Kansas comes in. The Kansas Speedway area is being considered as the new home for a Wizards Stadium, a site not far from where the Wizards are currently playing their matches, CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

Reliant Stadium to play host to 2010 MLS All-Star Game

Houston's Reliant Stadium will play host to the 2010 MLS All-Star Game, leaving open the possibility that the match will feature a high-profile international club.

Houston was awarded the 2010 MLS All-Star Game earlier this summer, but it still hadn't been decided whether the match would be at Reliant Stadium or Robertson Stadium, home of the Houston Dynamo. Having the match at the 70,000 Reliant Stadium suggests that league officials are confident that they will be able to bring in a club to face MLS All-Stars that can fill the stadium.

Wolff named MLS Player of the Week

Kansas City Wizards forward Josh Wolff earned MLS player of the week honors for the third time this season for his two-goal, two-assist performance in the Wizards' 4-2 win vs. New England on Saturday.


What do you think of these developments? See DeGuzman helping Toronto FC reach the playoffs? Disappointed to see the Wizards' stadium project moving to Kansas? Who do you think MLS All-Stars will face in 2010? Who would you like to see them face?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. M, what are you babbling about. He was Deportivo’s player of the year one season ago, in La Liga. And he “couldn’t hack it in Europe?” He’s been playing professionally there for eight years already.

  2. “I can’t agree with that. The location is too far out of the way for most people in the area. Its a great area for larger events (such as a NASCAR race), but I don’t think they would pull more people in with a bigger stadium”

    its a 20 min drive tops from basically everywhere in the metro, “out of the way” would imply that someone would only go to a game because it is “on the way” so some place that they are going anyway, which clearly isnt the case. The barrier in KC as far as attendence isnt location, its not like there is public transit that this location isnt a stop on. People seem to get out there to shop (something you do on the way to other things).

  3. Jloome,

    Sure, and Frank Lampard played keeper when he was 10 years old… Since Riquelme has played for Boca (starting in ’95) and since then with every team, he has not been a “two-way” midfielder. He has been a playmaker and usually settling in right behind the forwards. His defense has always, in fact, been one of his weaknesses, supposedly along side his lack of pace.

  4. i like how TFC is becoming the Canadian National Team..DeRo, Gerba, DeGuzman, whats next Salteri? why not do it. imagine if the US was not qualifying for the hex ever an DC was signing Gooch, Dempsey and Bradley in their primes.
    TFC is doing a great job building that franchise hope they upgrade Canadian Soccer a lot.

    as far as MLS Allstar Game 2010… what club is going to be ready to play in late July, just a few weeks after the WC? I might be a intern’l side.

  5. So wait is it still bannister site? THat was in Mizzou?

    So this new Speedway location is in kansas city yes?

    What will happen to the bannister mall location???? still retail place?

    I am so confusted…. some one help haha

  6. Why would you move an MLS team when you can add a new one and get a $40 Million franchise fee? They do have a fan base and they are aggressively pursuing stadium options. You can’t blame them for macro economic conditions they have no control over. Just because most MLS fans don’t have a damn clue about Kansas City and just dismiss it as a city that doesn’t deserve a team is not enough of a criteria to move a team.

  7. I wish they’d just move KC. It’s bad enough having the likes of Colorado and Dallas in SSS that don’t sell out (or come close) because they are in arse locations. As much as I hate relocation, having a stadium built that is not utilized is worse.

    If a decent location isn’t forthcoming, they should just move the team. If they can move SJ with 2 titles, why not KC?

  8. TFC has to many Roosters in the midfield. Someone will be left out and ready to leave ASAP.

    Quick KC Stadium PRO & CON for the new location on the Kansas side (from a Kansas resident)

    – Financial Situation
    – Environment w/ built in food, hotel, retail, parking, etc.
    – Local government relationship
    – Still in Kansas City
    – Better than {insert suburban MLS stadium here}

    – Not central location in KC Metro

    Call me biased but overall it’s a good move and maybe even push KCMO government to get there stuff together or be left with a demolished mall and empty parking lot.

  9. Unfortunately, Overland Park passed on giving the Wizards the best possible location, IMO.

    So now you have Bannister Mall, recently surrounded by the expanding ghetto, and the Speedway Area, monster projects rising out of the farmland, currently just past the developments of the exploding suburbs.

    Why it belongs at Bannister:
    – closer to the center of the populated area, it’s accessible to more people.
    – potentially a more cosmopolitan feel, if they can develop it properly, instead of the feeling of isolation at the Speedway.

    But it should be said that at the current location by the Speedway, they are selling out or nearly so, on an undersized field with horrible seating and views — so bad I usually don’t want to go. So from the Wizards’ perspective it may be a proven location.

    KC has spent a lot of money on questionable projects, it will be a huge mistake to let this one go.

  10. I don’t think TFC would’ve signed Guzman if he wasn’t Canadian. A previous poster was right – they have much bigger needs because they have no width, they have problems scoring and their defense continues to be inept. While this move adds a talented and marketable player, it doesn’t solve why they haven’t been doing well enough. Guevara was supposed to be that center mid catalyst; then it was supposed to be DeRo getting things going in attack; now Guzman? And if this was for marketing a Canadian player for Canadians to feel good about, don’t they already have DeRo for that? Don’t get me wrong, I think Guzman will be a good player, but I don’t see how this solves anything for TFC other than to get somewhat better at a position they’re already pretty strong at.

  11. Tim,

    Riquelme through most of his early career was considered a two-way midfielder, not a full-out holder but both a holder and a playmaker.

    That’s the kind of player DeGuzman is. He can pinpoint pass, dribble through guys, but also break up opposition’s flow. He’s very quickly going to be one of the best players in MLS.

    Having said that, the statement above that Cronin also “can’t pass” is erroneous; he’s a brilliant passer. He’s just not used in that role at TFC, unfortunately. A long-term midfield with Deguzman and Cronin in it will be a good one. If they can keep Sanyang (he’s already been inquired of by PSV and a couple of other clubs, apparently) they have a lot of options.

    But TFC’s big problem is having too many good players in the same positions. They have no one wide and no main striker yet, although Gerba or White may profit greatly from JDG being around.

  12. Alex

    Riquelme is not a holding midfielder by any stretch of the imagination. Very poor comparison. Riquelme is the classic “link” between the midfield and the forwards and he has never had any defensive responsibilities in any team I’ve seen him play with.

  13. A good holding midfielder is very important. But that is not what TFC needs. DeGuzman is very good and will play a more attacking role from central midfield.

  14. “They are playing in an awful baseball stadium — it is not a good situation.”

    Its a really nice small baseball stadium, just not idea for some footie; its better than playing at turf at the least.

  15. The new proposed location is a much better location with little risk to retail investors.

    Posted by: MVK | September 09, 2009 at 10:09 AM

    I can’t agree with that. The location is too far out of the way for most people in the area. Its a great area for larger events (such as a NASCAR race), but I don’t think they would pull more people in with a bigger stadium.

  16. MLS All-star “Games”

    This would be a great opportunit for MLS to schedule a double header ASG. First up would be the MLS All-star “B” team against a “B” level opponent, and then the “A” team against a high level opponent.

    I think that would rep MLS better then what they have been doing.

    The suggestion that MLS schedule a full national team is a great idea.

  17. I’ve seen pretty much everybody insist De Guzman is going to play the attacking role, but are they truely considering the impact a good holding midfielder has on the game?

    Look at Riquelme, he doesn’t have to make large attacking runs to set the play for his teammates.

    Robinson is nothing but a meat shield with no ability to pass. Cronin and Sanyang have limited qualities to pass in the same regard (but aren’t as bad as robinson).

    On a team where the majority of the backline isn’t very technically gifted with the ball, the holding mid will provide the link between the forwards and the defense. This will improve our attack vastly without the need for JDG to make many runs forward, because if the other players are doing their work off the ball De Guzman will find them, which puts emphasis on his best quality.

  18. RK – actually the situation really isnt awful. When your financing for your stadium plan is based on municipal bonds, it is hard to move forward when municipal bonds arent selling. We are in a recession. You cant expect a billion dollar project to not have snags.

    Atleast OnGoal has a contigency plan that will either force the City of Kansas City to move forward with the Three Trails deal or they can move forward with the new stadium plan.

  19. Erik, you’re right that De Guzman doesn’t fill Toronto’s most pressing needs. He is more than just a defensive midfielder. Especially for MLS he is very technically gifted & he is very dynamic. Depending on the line-up that Toronto puts on the field expect to see him in the attacking third of the field.

  20. Josh Wolff earned MLS player of the week honors for the third time this season for his two-goal, two-assist performance in the Wizards’ 4-2 win vs. Kansas City on Saturday.

    Not KC! Ha, just helping you out, Ives.

  21. Here’s some questions for the TFC fans: with Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson, and Amadou Sanyang already vying for playing time in that defensive center mid spot, plus you have Amado Guevara, who moves aside (and possibly off the team) for Guzman? Is Guzman good enough for the money they’ll pay him, or is this an instance of people’s hearts (the fact that he’s Canadian) leading their minds? I think Cronin is a good player who may become a great player in MLS, Robinson is a leader on the team, and Sanyang has been playing well. Seems to me what they need is a defender and a goalscorer up top.

  22. Big signing for TFC……….I hope that the TFC fans still sing the Danny Dichio song every game to remember the clubs first goal.

    That’s a great tradition!


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