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Morning Ticker: Mexico ends World Cup hosting bid, Arsenal striker in car wreck and more

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You can remove Mexico from the list of nations opposing the United States in the race to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Mexico has pulled out of the running, leaving the United States as the lone CONCACAF nation bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

The Mexican Soccer Federation stated that, after a careful review, it was determined that the country did not have the financial capacity to host the games, citing the country's need to renovate existing stadiums.

Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan and Russia are still in the running with single bids, while Belgium/Netherlands and Spain/Portugal have joint bids. 2002 World Cup co-host South Korea is in the mix for the 2022 tournament, as is Qatar.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:

Bendtner escapes serious injury after car wreck

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is lucky to be alive after a car accident left his Aston Martin totaled.

Bendtner suffered minor injuries to his knee and shoulder after the Sunday car accident, which took place on his way to training. He will miss Arsenal's Champions League match vs. Olympiakos while he recovers.

Bendtner's accident came just as Arsenal learned that it would be losing midfielder Denilson for two months with a back injury.

Matthaeus favorite to take over Hertha Berlin

Just when you thought one-time MetroStar Lothar Matthaeus might be a person Red Bull considers to coach its New York team in MLS, now comes word that the former German national team star is in line to take over as head coach of Hertha Berlin.

Hertha Berlin fired head coach Lucian Favre on Monday after six straight losses, leaving the door open for Matthaeus, who has yet to coach in Germany. The one-time Red Bull Salzburg coach has coached in Austria, Israel and also led the Hungarian national team, but would be taking his first job in the Bundesliga if he took over Hertha Berlin.

Donadoni on thin ice at Napoli

While Matthaeus looks unlikely to be in the running for the Red Bulls coaching job, another former MetroStars midfielder might be. Roberto Donadoni's time as Napoli head coach could be ending soon amid turmoil following the club's slow start. Napoli's sporting director, Pierpaolo Marino, left Napoli this week and Donadoni could be next.

The former Italian national team manager spent two seasons playing with the MetroStars (96-97) before returning to Italy to play for AC Milan.


That's all for now. What do you think of Mexico pulling out of the World Cup hosting process? Amazed that Bendtner wasn't more badly hurt? Glad Matthaeus won't be coaching in MLS anytime soon? Could you see Donadoni on the sidelines for the Red Bulls in 2010?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. rickr-

    When Mexico has hosted the WC, have the fans been classless? And when participating in World Cups has the Mexican team been classless? Show me ONE example anywhere to back up your statement! Maybe on one ocassion, Marquez vs. Cobi? And when else, please show me! Since when have Americans in general been so classy? I’ll tell you what Americans are known for all over the world… their lack of culture!
    You obviously don’t remember US vs.Uruguay in the 2007 U-20 WC. When the Uruguayans clearly wanted to hurt as many American players as they could, I mean seriously injure players, when they where not diving that is. Why don’t you hate Uruguayans also! Or do you? You already hate Italy, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela and half of the rest of the world! Who do you love? England? Oh yes the classy Brits! Especially when they are targeting fans from opposing teams after WC matches to actually (just for fun) see if they can land them in the hospital. If with a couple of stab wounds, even better. Welcome to the REAL world! Americans want to be treated “special” by everyone, and if they’re not, they whine! The USMNT ride in armored cars, and charter special planes. Please, you’re not that special! I could go on and on but I actually could care less what you think about Mexico!

    Good luck in Honduras!

  2. Truth is the only two WC’s that will be remembered with great fondness hosted in the American Continent where both organized by Mexico… period! Argentina was under military dictatorship when they hosted theirs in’78. Before that Brazil, Uruguay, nobody remembers!

    Sorry that all the jealous whiners weren’t there when the fun was happening down South. And believe me it was fun! Not to mention Pele in the 1970 final, Maradona in the 1986 final, what more can be said!

    The 1994 US WC will be forever remembered for having had the most BORING final in history, and not much more!

  3. Mexico didn’t really have a chance of winning the bid with the US being there.

    I like when Ives mentions anything Mexico, everyone starts whining.

    2016 Olympics go to Madrid

    2018 WC goes to England

    2022 WC goes to US

  4. Mike-
    MLS would probably just take the month off if we had a winning bid. They will never switch to the standard schedule because it just puts them up against too much else in the US sports scene.

    Plus, who wants to go to see the Revs or Fire in January or February?


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