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New England Revolution at New York Red Bulls: Your Running Commentary


Major League Soccer is playing under the Friday night lights tonight as the New England Revolution take on the New York Red Bulls at Giants Stadium (7:30pm, MSG).

The Red Bulls don't have anything to play for, but the Revs are locked in a tight playoff race and need all three points tonight.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. I'm at the match, but can't do a commentary (I may be able to do one for the second half so stay tuned).

Enjoy the action.


  1. I went to the game and I thought they played better with Obster than Luke Sassano who is always SCARED of the ball cannot run or create and always passes the ball back. Also yea Woly got a goal but he is so slow and hopefully we will see a new team next year that is all I can say. Looking forward to new stadium and NEW PLAYERS anyone but some of the scrubs we have.

  2. I watched this game wondering why I would watch this game. I guess my main motivation was that I was hoping that somehow the hapless Red Bulls could somehow beat or at least stop New England from getting three points. I REALLY don’t like New England. The problem is I don’t like NYRB either. I just dislike them less.

    I was quite surprised to find myself really rooting for NYRB as the game went along. I mean I was genuinely rooting for them because of the way they were playing.
    Here’s a team and organization that has given fans nothing but a joke of a team and acts like they want to alienate fans as much as possible. Watching the team under desorryo I eventually got the impression that NYRB had achieved what they wanted. A nightmare team and manager that were inflicting maximum pain on the 12 or 13 remaining fans. I was thinking there was probably a great story explaining all this if someone could uncover it. You know, something like someone high up in NYRB that has been harboring a grudge against the city of New York and it’s people, and that this was the revenge.

    After seeing previous games, and especially seeing this game under Richie Williams, it seems pretty obvious who the new coach should be. NYRB has gone from a horrible team in both terms of results and in how they played, to a poor team that is greatly overachieving, and one that is showing a fighting spirit and determination that it will no longer be a laughing stock and doormat.

    Last night’s inspiring performance (given what they had for a team!) was great to watch. It’s a shame Kandji and the referee prevented NYRB getting a well deserved win. The no call on the foul on Wolyniec in the penalty box was disgraceful. A very clear penalty if I have ever seen one. Still you could see the players were determined and eventually brought the very small crowd into the game until both the crowd and the players were feeding off of each other. I don’t ever remember hearing such a small NYRB crowd getting into the game the way they were during the latter part of this game, and you could see it was pushing the players to an even higher level to the point where they were clearly after the win. Even though the teams involved and the circumstances should have dictated just another loss for NYRB. I don’t follow NYRB games that much but it still seems like I have seen a lot of their games, (I have MLS KIck.) and I don’t really remember hearing the crowd ever chanting Red Bulls with that kind of enthusiasm before. Maybe there’s hope fro NYRB after all. I sure hope so with a new stadium coming and a severe lack of fans.

  3. All I can say about Mr. Grajeda (and it’s wonderful that his first name is Hilario; I was sitting in the stands laughing out loud at some of his decisions) is: He makes Mr. Okalaja and Mr. Marrufo look good. My kids got better officiating at their games.

  4. This Guy – you must work for the LAPD. I’ve never seen so much BS read into a movement since the Rodney King trial.

    That was the most blatant penalty offense of the entire MLS season and the roid-ragin’ ref missed it entirely (not a surprise considering the other calls he missed or blew – he probably was too preoccupied with the lizard people melting into the pitch who were taunting him). Not only that but it should also have been a red card for Osei for denying a DOGSO. What an abomination.

  5. @Tim F.

    There is no explanation other than the ref didn’t have the balls or the angle to see that the revs player only played Wolly’s body. The AR should have given that PK but, knowing the ego of some MLS referees, he was probably told to not call anything in the box. USSF should ream the ref crew for a no call there. God knows if I were beings assessed that play would 86 any chance at a positive evaluation.

  6. I just watched the match on MLSNet MatchCenter archives so I’m a little behind.

    The no call was a judgement call. I would have called a PK but, if you watch the replay with an open mind, you can clearly see Woly step to the left to shield the defender from getting near the ball as he prepares to shoot. By doing that Woly initiated the contact.
    That’s is a plausible reason for a no call. I would have given it to him though. It’s the Red Bulls they need a break from time to time before suicide becomes a sensible option.

  7. I like Darruius Barnes and Kevin Alston for NE………..thats nice that they are both young AMericans 22 and 21. What is Jeremy Hall’s best position?

  8. I would love to hear the explanation as to why Wolyniec in the 18 yard box within the first five minutes of the second half did not result in a PK. Can anyone explain that non-call to me? Can the league comment on this situation?

  9. what a terrible call at the end of the SJ – Colorado game. At least from the run of play, it looks like the ref gifted a point to the Rapids.

  10. The refs were terrible and missed so many calls in the Red Bulls favor…it was pathetic. NY would’ve won this game if the officiating was better. Terrible calls. Great night for a game tho and at least they pulled off a tie. 2nd half had way more energy and cohesiveness than 1st half. Good game, bad refs!

  11. Yes, I was at the game.

    Weather wasn’t too bad, but it is really awful having a field with the YARDS on it. Teams were really having a hard time controlling the ball.

    Can’t wait for next year. Yes, yes, the Metros could had won but instead they chose to tie. Hey, it is what it is with this team.

    Will have season tix for next season and at this point don’t expect much from the team.

    Greetings to you all


  12. They’re interviewing Jeff Larentowitcz and he’s talking about how the ball is bouncing all over the place. And you know they play on turf at Gillette too. I think I know why the Red Bulls suck so much.

  13. @ fathermunchkin

    just pay the subscription from the MLS website. You catch all the games (except nationally televised ones: FSC/ESPN) now till the MLS cup. The quality is way better than the illegal ones and its only 10 bucks which im sure we can ALL afford. If you cant, then you shouldnt be on this website and instead be looking for a job. (no offense to the unemployed intended)

  14. man there are like no streams of this anywhere……i tried but its not there. does anyone know where i would be able to find a stream of this game?

  15. Ives, do you sit in the press box or with the regular paying public?

    (SBI-Press box, but I think I might sit down in the stands the rest of the way.)

  16. Oh my God! That was an incredible goal by Nyassi. The whole time I was thinking he was going to do something stupid, but then he pulls off a ridiculous goal.


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