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Report: United States to play Netherlands in 2010

U.S. Crest Netherlands crest 


During this World Cup cycle, the United States national team has tested itself against some of the very best teams, including Spain, Brazil, England and Argentina.

You may soon be able to add Holland to that list.

According to the LA Times, the U.S. is likely to play an exhibition against the Netherlands on March 3 in Eindhoven next year. The game has yet to be confirmed or denied by U.S. Soccer officials, but there is no question that the Dutch, who have already qualified for the World Cup, would provide a tough challenge.

The last time these two teams met was back in February 2004 at Amsterdam Arena, when the Netherlands defeated the Americans, 1-0, courtesy of a goal from then-teenager Arjen Robben.

What do you think of the U.S. potentially playing the Netherlands? Think this U.S. team is capable of stunning the Dutch? Who else would you like to see the team schedule before the World Cup (assuming they qualify)?

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  1. Pretty impressive how many of us would just love to watch the US play the Ivory Coast. They’re poetic on the ball. Sure, they might not beat everybody… but they definitely could beat anybody. I used to look at Costa Rica in the same way… except Costa Rica is in the early stages, in a day-late-and-a-dollar-short kind of way.

    But most importantly, we’re playing a World Cup in Africa, so we should schedule an African team on the road. In fact, I think all the confederations should schedule heavy in Africa this year. Why bother with all the posturing unless countries are ready to commit?

  2. Netherlands are a great side better than Spain at WC. They have ten attacking players on the pitch so Bradley will need to adjust during the game. Can he?

  3. I don’t like how the Dutch crest is mocking the United States crest by sticking its tongue out at us!

    Posted by: Mark

    LOL smiley face

    (If you don’t get it, that’s the title of a hilarious new “song”. Also check out “You’re a Jerk”, by New Boyz).

  4. Well it’ll certainly give us a better idea of our chances at WC2010 than if we played Mighty Micronesia.

    The Dutch are very beatable; of course they are just as capable of hanging a 6 spot on us. They can be erratic but when they are on they are one hell of a team. It’ll be a very good test for us.

    Especially if they are off as they tend to get VERY physical when things aren’t going their way and that could play well into our hands.

  5. Problem with the Germany friendly in 2006? None of our best players played, and therefore were unprepared for the real deal. Donovan didn’t play. Dempsey was “suspended” for some silly fight with a Revolution teammate. Beasley wasn’t there either. Or Bocanegra. Not even Claudio Reyna! Of the team that would start against the Czech Republic, only Keller, Cherundolo, Convey and Mastroeni started against Germany. The others could have used the wake-up call provided by the 4-1 lashing.

  6. Oh man, finally the matchup to test my loyalties. I’ve been raised following the Dutch by my father who is from Rotterdam. I myself, however, am American. Who am I kidding, I’ll be cheering on the Yanks in this one, sorry dad!

  7. Cool.

    However, we really need games against the same kind of styles we are going to face in 2010. Obviously we won’t know until the draw — but I’d like to see the US schedule friendlies against other WC Finals participants and play in South Africa.

  8. considering how poorly the nats have played on european soil this is a great warm up game for the World Cup. should be a world cup like environment too. hope to see us step it up like we did in the confederations cup.

  9. Soccer Stud – over-rated? This current squad or the team over its history? IMHO, they are the 3rd best Euro team over the last 40 years (Dutch league went pro only in mid 60s) after GER and ITA and above FRA (longer periods of excellence). WC 74 and 78 losing finalsts, Euro 88 winner, WC 98 semis, Euro 00 semis…

  10. Holland is top-quality. They are top shelf. They are a beef SUPREME taco.

    This would be a good test for them. It’s gotta be on European soil though, as much as I’d love to see them here, they need the challenge.

    While they are over there, they need to play a couple more games: Wembley, Germany, somewhere in Eastern Europe. I’d LOVE to see them against the Russians. They need to prepare themselves better than last cycle.

    Bradley has his head on straight in terms of friendly opponents. He isn’t going to set up games against Latvia, or the Bahamas.

  11. I remember watching that us v holland game on espn back in 2004. Robben did anything he wanted that game, what a talent! When that guy is on, he’s the best winger in the world, when he’s not he looks like a spoiled (albeit bald) child out there. That night in 2004, he was on.


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