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UEFA Champions League: Matchday One (Your Running Commentary)


The new season of the UEFA Champions League kicks off today with eight matches to get you back into the flow of watching the world's best club soccer.

Here is today's TV schedule for the UEFA Champions League:

2:15pm– Setanta Sports USA- Chelsea vs. FC Porto

2:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel-Marseille vs. AC Milan

2:45pm– Fox Sports Espanol- FC Zurich vs. Real Madrid

2:45pm– FSN- Besiktas at Manchester United

DirecTV subscribers who receive the Sports Package also have access to the other four matches being played today, including Bordeaux-Juventus, my pick for match of the day. In case you missed it, here is SBI's preview of today's matches.

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.



  1. Milan looks poor on high balls into the area. Doesn’t matter what their names are or if they can dance for Bolshoi, they certainly can’t clear, Gooch’s strength.

  2. I know it is early but perhaps Milan are not going to cup tie Gooch because it could be a big financial win if they picked him up on a free and then sold him to a needy club in January, especially if he shows well in some league games.

  3. And speaking of that, Heinze scores!

    Maybe AC Milan should continue to shut Gooch out of the CL squad. Then he could go to Marseille in January. It would be cool since they’re more likely to be in the tournament by then than the team he’s on…

  4. gooch doesn’t have the feet to play out of the back like required of an italian defender.. he would have been better off with a different league

  5. Marseiile find the back of the net for the equalizer. Ronaldo’s not the only Galactico to score tonight, as Heinze finds the net for his new club.

  6. Only reason Milan got Gooch is because he was free and they were afraid Nesta and Kaladze would be injured like every year. Until they are(which they eventually will be), it will be hard for Gooch to see the field.

  7. No GOOCH!! DAMN! Kaladze over Gooch?!lol Kaladze might have the CL experience, but not even close to being in the same level as the Gooch as a player… i really can’t believe this move.

    Gooch should of signed for Marseille!:).. He would have been in CB with Heinze right now!! BUAH BUAH BUAH!!

    Everytime there is an AC MILAN game as of now on TV and the gooch is not playing, I will flip the channel!! I will not give them TV ratings anymore,… I’m starting to think that is the only reason they got the Gooch on their team is to get Americans to watch their games so they can benefit some more cash flow!:)

  8. Man Gooch…he needs to figure it out. I figured after the Inter beat down by 4 goals he get more looks. Maybe not in CL straight away but at least domestically

  9. Anyone have a link for the Bordeaux v Juventus match? It’s my first time trying to watch online and I couldn’t find anything on or

  10. Hopefully things turn around for Gooch but I am sure he has got to be feeling a bit of regret this week considering he would have been an automaticial Standard Liege starter against Aresenal but doesn’t even make the subs bench for AC Milan against a team rumoured to have wanted his services as well.

  11. Man U game…production quality is bad. Sound keeps cutting in/out. Crowd volume is sometimes off…

    Seems to have gotten better though…

  12. @GC Achu and everybody,

    Yep. I’m surprised that Kaladze made the bench over Onyewu. Wasn’t it Kaladze who scored two own goals in WCQ during the recent international break? Is Onyewu out of favor with Milan, sick or injured? Anybody have Leonardo’s address?

  13. Dinho on the bench, Gooch in the stands it looks like….

    Does anyone know if the Chelsea match will be shown on the DirecTV UEFA channels if you don’t subscribe to Setanta??


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