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Where will you be watching USA vs. El Salvador?

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With the USA-El Salvador set for a Saturday night, chances are you will be looking for a good place to watch the game and enjoy some brews (or sodas) with some friends and fellow U.S. national team fans.

With that in mind, we want to know where those of you not making the trip to Utah will be watching the USA-El Salvador match. Give us your best suggestions for places to watch, be it in New York, California or anywhere in between.

Share your favorite viewing locations in the comments section below.


  1. @dolan: I don’t know of a ‘good’ place to watch a match in or around Lake Geneva, WI, but I called Champs in downtown LG and they said they’d put it on.

    Champs, 747 W. Main St.,

    Can’t vouch for it as I’ve never been there but the wife and I may try it out. Go Yanks!

  2. Kendra, as Rod said MacDinton’s in South Tampa. not sure what part of the city you’ll be in. In fact, just go to MacDinton’s and spend the day. Here’s the schedule:

    Sat. 09/05, 12:30PM

    England vs Slovenia Sat.

    09/05, 8:30PM

    Argentina vs Brazil Sat.

    09/05, 8:00PM

    USA vs El Salvador Sat.

    09/05, 2:00PM

    Denmark vs Portugal

    Full disclosure. though i’d like to, I have NO ownership interest in MacDinton’s.

  3. ill be at nevada smiths but reid asked a question bout bar in CT try anna liffeys in new haven go check it out ive been there a couple times it a good place.

  4. I am flying into Miami on Saturday at 6 eastern and need to find a place to watch the game around Ocean drive. Never been there so I have no hookups for my USMNT fix. Thoughts?

  5. Section 22 Row U Seat 9 (though I would have been in my normal seats on row G had the front office emailed me my pre-sale code like they were supposed to)

  6. I’ll be at an FCDallas game scheduled at the same time (GRRRRRHHHHH) and followup with DVR tape delay of the USA game at home.

    OR: after the FCD game, watch a tape-delay broadcast of the USA game at the Pizza Hut Park Stadium Club which will feature drink specials. (the hesistancy with this option is the 50 mile ride home after “imbibing”).

  7. @Kendra

    I assume Macdinton’s is good but I’ve never been there. Cherry’s just south of Tampa in Bradenton really does up the atmosphere. The last time I went there, Marcelo Balboa and the U-20 national team were also in attendance.

  8. Section 27, Row K (10th or 11th row)! Just to the side of the north goal. I’m so excited I can’t focus at work! Is it time to go home yet?!

  9. DVRing and watching saturday night…

    Running 18 miles early that moring.

    then watching college football all day.

    Go Bucks.

    Watching game later that night.

    great day.

  10. As I’ve barely seen my kids the past couple of weeks due to work, I’ll be hanging home with the family.

    If I were still single and childless, I’d head into New York to watch at Nevada’s or one of the many choices there.

  11. Ives – It would be helpful if you posted the time that the game begins. There are three posts on your blog that mention the game (including soccer on TV), and I’ve had the date starred on my calendar for weeks, but I’m still forced to find the kickoff time on other web sites.

    Next time would you include kickoff time in your posts?


  12. Jack: I’m right there with you. I played my card Wednesday night for the DCU match. But that’s why I end up watching so many matches on my laptop…

    Joe: good thing the Georgia game in on during the afternoon.


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