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Where will you be watching USA vs. El Salvador?

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With the USA-El Salvador set for a Saturday night, chances are you will be looking for a good place to watch the game and enjoy some brews (or sodas) with some friends and fellow U.S. national team fans.

With that in mind, we want to know where those of you not making the trip to Utah will be watching the USA-El Salvador match. Give us your best suggestions for places to watch, be it in New York, California or anywhere in between.

Share your favorite viewing locations in the comments section below.


  1. Dolan- If my damn parents-in-law weren’t in town, I’d say my basement here in Madison. Plenty of Sam Adams, but… Otherwise, it’s a little haul (Madison is about a little over an hour from you) but The Claddagh in Middleton (Western Madison, WI suburb) or possibly closer to you is Flanagan’s North in Lake Geneva (Although I haven’t been there in a while, but they should turn on the game for you)

  2. aaron…..i live a few hours north of miami and i know there are so many pubs around its not even funny, but i really cant think of one that involves soccer quite a bit…..Hurricane pub or something is a bit of a dive but is good(honestly cant remember what street thats on though)

    might not have helped….but i hope i did

  3. @ bottle caps

    The reason the game is on ESPN classic is because its opening weekend for college football. So i know it sucks but at least they have the game on. I know ESPN 360 will have it available online or there are other links. I will be watching it from Sam’s Sports Bar in Nashville

  4. racing back from the OBX to see it on my HD big screen 🙂

    Won’t have the money, or time, to hit the bars in DC. Wish my best to my peers traveling to their favorite spots in the district.

  5. I think I’m going to hijack a TV in the middle of SEC country here in Auburn. Locos in Auburn has more TVs and now charter’s sports tier, so even with Auburn and ‘Bama playing I think I should be able to get them to have the WC qualifier on if I get there early enough.

  6. Few places here in SE Arizona! Mexico, maybe, but they now require a passport to go across the border!.

    For the longest time I was able to get ESPN CLassic with my total choice package on DirecTV. Unfortunately, they made ESPN Classic a part of their “sooper-dooper” sports “upgrade” package at another $13 a month. This package include some soccer channels. but is mainly composed of regional sports channels. Why do I need to watch (and pay) to see Southern Elbonia State versus Eastern Midvale U. women’s lacrosse match in order to watch the US MNT in WC qualifying!

    Well I need the $150 for the year more than I need to watch these sports, so I guess I’ll miss this one.

    I want to know what marketing A-Hole at ESPN decided to put the game on ESPN Classic and thereby disenfranchising a million or so potential viewers.

    Also a thumbs-down to US Soccer for allowing ESPN to do this. They can put in their contract with ESPN that these games are to be aired on more “available” channels.

    I do realize that on foreign away games, the away federation holds the rights to those games. We saw Telemundo who gained the rights for the English-language broadcast of the Mexico-US game make a special effort to make sure it’s aired by allowing broadcast providers to air a channel they were starting, free access to that channel for the game.

    It looks to me like ESPN has decided to use this game as a marketing tool for its purposes.

    This is something that US Soccer should remember and address when they entertain the rights renewals for the US MNT Games.


  7. In the RIO baby
    lots of fans with US soccer jerseys checkin in to the hyatt summerfield? anyone up for a beer tonight or before the game tomorrow?

  8. @jason-

    “Any Seattle folks who can compare the dray and the george-and-dragon?”

    G&D is bigger but on the other hand tends to get more crowded for matches. Probably because when people think soccer bar in Seattle, it’s what comes to mind. British pub.

    The Dray is a lot smaller space (40 or so seats), but I prefer it for a few reasons.
    1) I find it less crowded, but still gets people to come watch matches.
    2) Better beer selection, at least in my mind. Perhaps I should say more unique beers that always are rotating through.
    3) It’s a couple blocks from my home.

    Only drawback at the Dray is that their menu is really limited (just a few sandwiches).

  9. Working argghhhhh… I’ll be watching the replay on ESPN360.

    Side question: Anyone know where you can watch soccer games in San Luis Obispo? I’m going back down there for school and I’d like to watch games with fellow USA fans.

  10. Turtle – that’s the spirit. I have been taking my 2.5 year old to some games recently, her 1st being a gold cup game. I am going to have to pass on having the baby watch the game with me because I scare her when I yell at the TV.

    Other than Phoenix Landing, are there any places in the Boston area to watch the game? I’m thinking of heading down to Foxboro and watching from CBS Sportzone if I can’t find a better place.

  11. following on my blackberry during the UVA/W&M game in Charlottesville

    Posted by: Will | September 04, 2009 at 01:06 PM

    I went to UVA too but US National Team comes first!! Get your priorities in order buddy!

  12. I’ll be at the All Nations Soccer Bar, 130th & Aurora, in Seattle’s beyootiful North End, yeah baby! Gotta have some of Sam’s pizza while watching on the big screen … at least until Brazil-Argentina comes on.

  13. This game will mark the first father-daughter USA game. I will be viewing the game at home with my 1 week old daughter. Never to early to start the programming, right?

  14. For those people in Cambridge, Mass (and the greater Boston area)- I’ve seen some people mention watching the match at the Phoenix Landing, but my impression was that they don’t show games at night, only during the day (it turns into a dance club at night). Am I wrong about this? The only organized viewing party I know of in the Boston area is at The Banshee, which is all the way out in Dorchester. If anyone has other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  15. I’ll be enjoying some Smithwick’s at Fado’s Irish Pub in Austin, TX, while all the “American football” fans swelter in the Texas heat at UT’s first game of the season.

  16. @ Aaron There are a few pubs on on collins or washington you make get lucky there.

    I’ll be watching at my friends place on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. GO US!! Get SOME!

  17. i wish i was watching it down at pipers with the rest of the american outlaws

    but i have stupid fantasy football draft that i told my friend i would join cause they need another person

    so buffulo wild wings

    better put the game on

  18. O’Brien’s Pub in San Diego. The only officially recognized (by us soccer) pub in SD. They have one of the best tap lists in SD. Tom, the owner, is putting on a keg of the best IPA in the world, Sculpin, just for the occasion.

  19. Does anyone know of a bar or restaurant in East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Southhampton, Wainscott, Sag Harbor or Montauk, New York, area broadcasting the USA game on Saturday?

  20. At THE BEST watch party in the world. The one at RIO TINTO STADIUM of course!!! Watching the game live and in person. The place is going to be rockin’. USA! USA! USA!

  21. I was thinking I would watch the first half of FCD and then walk over to Lochrann’s but since they start at the same time I will probably just stay home and watch a meaningful game played by the US.

  22. Flying from Long Beach, CA to Sandy for the game tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing the new stadium and seeing a critical WC qualifier.


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