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Where will you be watching USA vs. El Salvador?

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With the USA-El Salvador set for a Saturday night, chances are you will be looking for a good place to watch the game and enjoy some brews (or sodas) with some friends and fellow U.S. national team fans.

With that in mind, we want to know where those of you not making the trip to Utah will be watching the USA-El Salvador match. Give us your best suggestions for places to watch, be it in New York, California or anywhere in between.

Share your favorite viewing locations in the comments section below.


  1. Guess ESPN has figured out OU-BYU and NASCAR are still better draws than the USA Men’s National soccer team. That won’t change until the USA shows they are capable of competing for a World Cup (maybe within a generation ?).

  2. Andy/Dolan- Yeah, Champs is a chain. Nothing too special, but they have good beer, and a few tvs, so you guys should be well entertained. Enjoy.


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