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Who is your MLS Player of the Week?

Brad Davis (

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As far as MLS Player of the Week races go, this week's is as tough as they come.

Several standouts from the weekend have good claims for taking home this week's MLS Player of the Week honors, but only one will secure the prize.

Will it be Brad Davis, who set up two goals before scoring a beautiful game-winner for Houston vs. Real Salt Lake? Will it be Zach Thornton, who stoned Seattle from close range repeatedly to preserve a shutout and scoreless tie for Chivas USA? How about David Beckham, who scored a goal and assisted on a second in LA's 2-0 win vs. Toronto FC? Would you give the nod to Pete Lowry for his two goals in Chicago's 2-2 tie vs. Columbus?

Cast your vote here:

Who got our vote? On most week's we'd give it to Zach Thornton, but Brad Davis gets it for setting up two and finishing off a beauty of a game-winning goal.

Who did you vote for? Share your thoughts on this week's MLS Player of the Week award below.


  1. RSL fan tips his hat to Brad Davis. I really think the USMNT needs to bring him in for his cultured left foot. awesome. He single-handed beat RSL over the weekend, and that winning goal, damn, I gotta give props.

    Props Brad.


    (SBI-I almost included him, believe me, but went with five.)

    Posted by: David | September 21, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    I was somewhat kidding because I know Woly isn’t the usual player of the week material but he is seriously a warrior. He took a beating against the Revs and to comeback and get the equalizer after having a clear penalty waved off was impressive. Most guys would quit trying at that point but he just never gives up. 100% workrate every game, all the time.

    Of the guys up there, I go with Beckham. Haven’t seen the highlights of the other guys and don’t need to. Beckham was class.

    (SBI-Wolyniec’s a warrior and a fan favorite for a reason. His effort on Friday was great. I’ll admit that part of me worried that if I put him in he’d win and we’d get all the anti-NY backlash. I still say Davis is the clear choice, but Wolyniec deserves credit for his effort on Friday.)

  3. Zach Thornton for me. He was a wall and is such a great leader for the defense. He also just won a full time gig as a Zeus “Tiny” Lister impersonator in Vegas, so duel congrats are in order.

  4. Davis is an outside mid for the Dynamo, definitely a guy who should at least get a look at a Gold Cup type tournament (and if Holden takes off for Europe we might see Davis at center mid next season). Geoff Cameron is another Dynamo player who deserves a look, guy can play almost anywhere on the pitch and excel.

    Probably goes without saying that Davis got my vote, just a fantastic performance overall.

  5. I guess I didn’t make it clear enough. I’d put him in the middle. I don’t care what he plays at Dynamo. For me, he’s a center mid. He’s got decent technique, very good vision, not afraid of the tackle, and leadership ability. I’m not exactly sure of the formation that Dynamo plays, but it looks like they like to keep him tucked in (not completely at the touchline). For a comparison, Ballack is normally a left or right midfielder at Chelsea, but always plays centrally for Germany. In any case, I think he’s better than Beckerman. I think he got a bit scr%wed over for the Gold Cup because Houston was already handing over so many other players.

    Oh… and I know in the grand scheme of things my opinion is unimportant, but for me Brian Ching is a fringe player. His time is so over…. he’s like those old vegetables at the bottom of the fridge (Seems like a nice guy, though.)

  6. @PetedeLa

    I’m a dynamo fan and I love the way Brad Davis plays. No doubt to me he’s the player of the week. But he’s not South Africa material.

    First off, Ching isn’t a fringe national team player. He’s just been usurped of a starting spot by Davies and still plays a huge roll on the team.

    Second, Davis has the passing vision and outside shot that few national teamers have. Feilhaber is one of those few, though he does suffer a bit of inconsistency. But Davis doesn’t have the ability to take people on that you need on the wings in the international game, and he’s not a tenacious defender on the left wing, where the US would need him to be one to cover for the weak left back options. All that makes him a great MLS player but not quite suited for the world game aside from as a bit player who comes on in specialist situations.

  7. That’s funny. I was just thinking about Brad Davis. What’s normally the criteria for a national team player? Someone who sticks out for all the right reasons. This guy is class. I know he’s basically got no chance, but IMHO he should be going to South Africa before Beasley, Ching, Hejduk and all the other fringe guys. Would not be surprised if he could play the more offensive #6 role that the USMNT desperately needs. Could imagine him being actually better (or at least more consistent) than Feilhaber. But I guess it’s too late to be re-shuffling the deck.


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