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Who will win the 2009/2010 UEFA Champions League?

BarcelonaCelebrates (Getty Images) 

With the UEFA Champions League season set to kick off this afternoon, it is time to start thinking about who everybody sees lifting the trophy in May.

Will it be Barcelona in a repeat? Will Manchester United rebound from last year's final loss to win a second title in three seasons? Will Real Madrid's big summer spending lead to a championship won at the Bernabeu? Can Chelsea finally break through and win the trophy it has come so close to in recent years?

Who do you see winning the UEFA Champions League title? Cast your vote:

Who do I see winning it all? It's tough to bet against the reigning champions. Barcelona still has Messi and still has too much quality in midfield. The winner will come from the group of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Inter Milan (No, I don't see Manchester United doing it this year). A Barcelona-Real Madrid final at the Bernabeu would be one for the ages.

Who is your pick, and why?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. with the experience of Sir Alex Ferguson and the determination of the players to win,aswell the belief and surport of the fans theirs no doubt that Manchester United will win it.

  2. I voted for Chelsea because I enjoy watching them play and think they are a solid team. Lampard is the kind of player I would be proud for my kids emulate. Drogba and Anelka are a good forward tandem. I prefer the EPL and Chelsea is the team I’ll be rooting for.

  3. The stage is set for Real Madrid at home, assuming the team of players who now ‘make it rain’ can stay healthy and work together.

    But let’s cheer for heartbreak at the Bernabeu. Atletico Madrid would make an awesome dark-horse challenger.

    Aguero! Forlan! Upset! Upset!

  4. kpugs, regardless of what Fergie says, the fact is that most people dismiss United’s European chances this year and for good reason. Its one thing to spank Hotspur, its another to take it to a team like Barcelona. I don’t see that level of play coming out of the United camp. I don’t like to write the team I support off like that, but you have to be honest. Last year when people were talking about winning 5 titles and all that, sure I wanted to see it happen, but I knew even last year we weren’t playing at the same level as Barcelona.

    PS-acting like an elitist doesn’t make you one. It just makes you a wanker.

  5. AS: ah, a voice of reason. I hate how people think a team can’t win because they haven’t done it before.

    romanov, 100% agree. I would love to see it, because Ribery deserves to be in the conversation about top players, but is largely ignored because he isn’t in the EPL or La Liga.

  6. kpugs,

    How is it a bandwagon? The question was asked who we think will win and people gave honest answers. Chelsea is not the team that I’m rooting for, but I think they’re going to win.

    And if I remember correctly, didn’t Manchester United go a decade between Champions League titles? Didn’t Barcelona go 15 years between titles before winning in 2006?

    Your statement has no substance.

  7. Chelsea is the Indianapolis Colts of European soccer. Eventually they will find a way to break though and win the big one, after being close many times. Right?

    Come on you Blues!

  8. Andy, FYI you don’t play for Manchester United, and Fergie literally said as recently as yesterday that of course they want to win the league, but that the true goal is the CL, but I’m sure you’re a huge fan.

  9. I think it’s hilarious that Chelsea currently lead the poll. They haven’t won a European trophy in over a decade, they choke every single year, they can’t sign any players for a year and a half, they can’t even win the league, etc. etc. etc. etc. Gotta love that bandwagon.

  10. Bayern Munich is a really fun team to watch these days with Ribery and Robben. I’ll back them in the CL, but their defense will fail against the tougher teams.

  11. I’m not saying they’re favorites, but a great Dark Horse pick is Juve… They’re loving their underdog statutook Inter in Serie A and playing great soccer.

    (SBI-Juve’s definitely a contender. I picked them to win Serie A, but I think Ciro Ferrara’s inexperience could hurt them in Champions League, whereas Jose Mourinho has a deep team he could ride deep into the Champions League.)

  12. I dislike Chelsea, but with the way they are playing right now it is hard not to pick them. Injuries and January transfer window activity will tilt it towards one of the top four you mention.

    Also, Chelsea better do it now, if their transfer sanctions are upheld.

  13. Here is how I seed them:

    1. Chelsea

    2. Inter Milan

    3. Barcelona

    4. Real Madrid

    5. Liverpool

    6. Manchester United


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