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Afternoon Ticker: Ronaldo expects quick recovery, Cannavaro cleared and more

Cristiano Ronaldo 1 (Reuters)


If you were upset at the thought of not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in action for a month, you may be happy to hear the superstar's latest comments.

Ronaldo expects to recover from the ankle injury he picked up in Portugal's 3-0 World Cup qualifying win against Hungary in less than a month, the amount of time he was originally expected to miss. Ronaldo stated he will do his best to shorten the length of the injury.

Ronaldo is expected to miss Real Madrid's upcoming league match against Valladolid and their Champions League clash with AC Milan, but he could make a return on Oct. 25 against Sporting Gijon.

Here are more stories to help wrap up your Monday:

Cannavaro cleared, reacts to failed drug test

Fabio Cannavaro has been cleared of the failed drug test he was accused of late last week.

The Italian Olympic Committee dropped the case on Monday, and Cannavaro, who failed the doping test in August due to treatment on a bee sting, expressed his dismay with the media's reaction, telling reporters that the way it had been handled by some of the media was "busting his balls."

Drogba makes World Cup declaration

Didier Drogba and Ivory Coast qualified for their second consecutive World Cup this past weekend, and the Chelsea striker was not shy about his expectations for next summer.

Drogba wants to make history with his country in South Africa, stating that he believes they can hoist the World Cup trophy. Drogba also believes that winning the tournament would make most people change the way they see African soccer.


What do you think of Ronaldo's injury? Glad to see Cannavaro cleared? Do you consider Drogba's statement realistic?

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  1. Kalou is hardly nasty. He’s not exactly lighting up the EPL (granted he’s behind Drogba and Anelka). I thought I read awhile ago that there were talks of him maybe leaving Chelsea because of his disappointing play…

  2. Some of the “expertos” on ESPN Deportes were guessing that C. Ronaldo would improve…just in time for Portugal’s playoff matches in November.

    Sorry, Real.

  3. 1 – This Portugese league game was clearly no better than a Red Bulls – San Jose MLS game. That being said, Freddy clearly is not in form yet.

    2 – The numbers add up well for Concacaf and CAF to be in the same pot. (assuming Argentina qualifies and Conmebol wins the playoff vs. concacaf)

    5 CAF + 3 CONCACAF = 8

    3 CONMEBOL + 4 AFC + 1 OFC = 8

    8 UEFA = 8

    In which case I like our chances against a 2nd rate UEFA team and anyone from the other pot except Paraguay. If CONCACAF beats CONMEBOL then itll probably go like this.

  4. Freddy Adu just posted on Twitter that he injured his ankle before the half but should be ok in a few days.

    I guess that would explain the sub

  5. Did anyone find it shocking that the USA actually played some possesion ball against Honduras….I mean OK sure it was only 10 – 15 minutes but it was shocking to see.

    Why doesn’t Bradley have them do this more often?

    (SBI-It’s easier to knock the ball around against a team that is completely gassed and completely shocked at the same time. Honduras went into a complete funk after Casey’s goal (and had little left in the tank) and the USA took advantage of the space and lack of pressure to show off some nice passing skills. Consider it a potential early peak at what will hopefully evolve into better possession as American players get better.)

  6. A player only play for his club for as long as he plays, but he will always be from his nation of birth. I can understand that impulse.

  7. The Ronaldo injury is upsetting. Kind of frustrating how these guys put their national teams so far ahead of their clubs when it is the club that pays their salaries. He probably knew it would not hold up, and they didn’t even need him in the end. On the other hand, history is made at the World Cup and every player wants to be remembered for being a top international.

  8. Cross your fingers that we get potted with the African teams, so that we don’t meet any of them in the first round. Ivory Coast is a scary, scary team.

    Posted by: Adam R. | October 12, 2009 at 04:44 PM

    Another reason to pray for that scenario is that in all likelihood FIFA would prohibit SOuth Africa from being grouped witha nother African Team meaning the US would have a 1 in 3 chance of getting South Africa versus Brazil or other Euro power. I’ll take my chances with the host quite frankly.

  9. @alex…you should be worried about the pots…the fact is that in this tournament format…you can avoid the big boys early if you are lucky.

    That is not totally true…because of seeding..the US will be drawn with at least 1 of the super powers. But after that we need to pray for an Asian and African pair. If we can avoid another top tier team in the group then it bodes well for our chance to advance.

    The knockout stages is our chance to “beat the best”…it would be nice to have an easy group for once.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about facing the Ivory Coast. I think the US would actually face up really well against them man to man. Drogba has been their only serious threat in the Ivory Coast games that I’ve seen, and I don’t think he could overpower Onyewu and Demerit as easily as he does most defenders.

    Posted by: Nick | October 12, 2009 at 04:57 PM

    Solomon Kalou is nasty. Abdul Keita is also a very good player. Their pedigree is solid across every position. Individually a team like the US just isn’t on par with the kind of talent that Cote d’Ivoire has. Maybe we could take them by playing disciplined team ball, but I don’t think so man to man.

  11. I’m not worried about pots, seedings, etc…. In order to be the best you got to beat the best. You are going to face them sooner or later. There is no easy way out.

  12. I wouldn’t worry about facing the Ivory Coast. I think the US would actually face up really well against them man to man. Drogba has been their only serious threat in the Ivory Coast games that I’ve seen, and I don’t think he could overpower Onyewu and Demerit as easily as he does most defenders.

  13. Whether or not the US is in a group with an African team depends on how FIFA sets up the four 8-team “pots” from which they draw the groups.

    Pot 1 will be seeded teams: South Africa, Brazil, Argentina (if they qualify), and the top 5 European teams.

    The remaining pots will be made up of the following components:

    UEFA – 7 or 8 (7 is ARG crashes out)

    CONCACAF – 3 or 4 (depending on playoff)

    CONEMBOL – 2, 3 or 4 (depending on playoff and ARG)

    ASIA – 4 or 5 (playoff)

    OCEANA – 1 or 0 (playoff)

    AFRICA – 5

    If Argentina crashes out, things will get messy. New Zealand (if they qualify) won’t be added to the pot with 7 Euro teams, as that would completely skew the group strengths.

    Bottom line is, we won’t know our real chances to be drawn with an African side until FIFA announces the “pot” systemt they will use.

    Cross your fingers that we get potted with the African teams, so that we don’t meet any of them in the first round. Ivory Coast is a scary, scary team.

  14. even the british announcer, who has been keen on him all day, indicated he has not been impressed w/Adu. It’s just funny how he’s zeroed in on one player. Guess you can’t blame him when there was so much hype surrounding Adu.

  15. I’m puzzled. Adu didn’t have the best of halves but created some “noise” with causing a couple of fouls and free kicks. Playing up top and the team is down not sure what the coach is thinking. If anything their left wing was awful on his crosses. Freddy still looks a little heavy though physically and his touches. Not in game form yet is my guess.

  16. If any African team is going to win the WC in the next 20 years, then 2010 will the time – there will be a lot of African pride on display.

    I wouldn’t want to be in a group with any African team for this upcoming WC, but considering they will have 5 teams, chances are better than 50% the US will have one in their group. Let’s hope its not Ghana or especially Ivory Coast; Ivory Coast would toast our back line.

  17. thanks for the tip about Freddy, Alex, but I got on just in time to see him sitting on the bench for the second half. How did he look in the first?

  18. the top of the league is lot better. similar to Scotland.. Sporting/Benfica/Porto always top 3 and always a decent showing in Champs/Europa games.

  19. definitely on the ball game I agree. His first touch in the middle of the field is off and heavy. Very surprising known with his technical ability

  20. watched the last 10 minutes of the half, didnt see him have too many touches. Did get fouled pretty nasty tho. hopefully he can get involved more in the 2nd half

  21. the commentator in this belenenses match is really keen on adu. he’s been average at best i think, couple giveaways playing around with the ball. thought he got a yellow for a handball but not sure.

  22. If the U.S. can’t make a run (however far-fetched it may be)…it would be cool to see an African nation make a push. I’d favor Ghana personally if they stay healthy.


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