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Americans Abroad: Europa League Rewind

Howard (Reuters)

It was another brutal outing for Tim Howard and Everton this afternoon. Facing Benfica in a clash of the top two teams in Group I, it was never going to be easy. Three of the four Everton defenders were playing out of position, including Seamus Coleman, on his club debut.

The results were pretty much what you would expect. After falling behind in the first half 1-0, Everton's defense imploded, and Benfica struck four times in the second half, leaving Howard with nothing to do but to pick the ball out of the net. It marks the second time this season Everton has lost by five.

Back in London, Clint Dempsey was dressed but didn't play in Fulham's 1-1 draw against AS Roma — likely rested for their match against Manchester City on the weekend. Fulham had a 1-0 lead for almost the entire game, only to be undone by a Roma strike in stoppage time. Fulham's Mark Schwarzer even saved a penalty in the disappointing draw.

What did you think of the performance of Howard against Benfica? Disappointed to see Dempsey stay on the bench? Catch either game?

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  1. I followed the Everton game on BBC live text and it sounded like the Everton defending was appalling and Angel Di Maria had the game of his young career for them.

    3 goals in 5 minutes is ridiculous. I’m foreseeing wind sprints tomorrow in training!!!!

    Poor poor Fulham. Play well all game and give it up in the last kick. Poor officiating as well, send off the wrong man with 6 officials!?

  2. You cannot be serious. Really? MLS is on par with the championship? The best team in MLS would at best finish in the 2nd half of the table over the course of a season.

    I’m not “hatting” on MLS, just giving a reality check.

  3. Question for you Ives,

    Aparently the FIFA calender has only one date next spring. Will FIFA add dates, or how will the teams get in the games(It seems like the US typically plays 6-8 exhibitions pre-world cup)?

  4. Everton have been using a more direct style of play since Arteta went down, so when they lose defenders too things don’t bode well for them. Hopefully they can get through the group stage so they can register more of their players, and hopefully get some people back from injury.

  5. TImmy didn’t get very good chances to save those shots today. Disappointed in the Toffees’ defense. Gosling was lost all night. And the touch and passing in the final third was NYRB-like.

  6. Reading in a major fight for relegation. They have scored like 4 goals all year. I can see why they would want Cunningham. Think it would be a good move if they stay in the Championship.

  7. Not a great day for Americans abroad, but a consolation would be that Villarreal lost again. This may be the biggest collapse of a football club since Leeds dropped from the EPL. Villarreal is 20th and last in LaLiga. They’ve gone from 3rd to last, dropped out of Champions and now are near collapse in Europa.

  8. I hate Benfica. My girlfriends family is from portugal (we are in NYC), and they are idiots, think like many low class europeans (think like it is early 1900s). So happy to see Adu go to Belenenses to face Benfica (her father’s team) Porto (her brother in law’s team) and Sporting (her ex’s team).

    Sucks to see Everton go lose let alone go down like that… to f@$%ing benfica.

  9. Jeff Cunningham is linked to Reading

    if bob plans on calling him up then thats great, but if he doesnt then i want him to stay in MLS

    MLS and championship have quite equal skill, but managing and training in championship is much better than MLS at the moment

  10. Everton was with without 9 first teamers, and Benfica’s offense is pretty threatening. Not surprised, feel bad for Timmy. Must have lost of his voice by the 2nd half.

  11. I just wonder what T-Ho is thinking. How about The SBI Questions so we can ask him? Hey, where have The SBI Questions been?


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