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Americans Abroad: Tuesday Rewind

Brad Guzan (Getty)


Even though it was just a Tuesday, there was plenty of action to go around in Europe today, with Cup competitions calling American players into action. Tim Howard and Brad Guzan were both starters today as the Carling Cup resumed in England.

Backup U.S. and Aston Villa keeper Brad Guzan got a rare chance to start in their Carling Cup match against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. Guzan took his chance well, helping keep Sunderland at bay. Unfortunately, his club couldn't score either, and after 120 minutes the two sides headed to penalty kicks. Guzan eventually emerged as the hero, saving three Sunderland PKs as Villa moved on to the quarterfinals.

Things didn't go as well for Tim Howard and Everton, as the goals kept flying into Howard's net. After getting hit for three against Bolton on the weekend, the maligned defense of Everton continued to struggle Tuesday, losing to Tottenham 2-0 at White Hart Lane. Howard kept his side in it, saving a Robbie Keane penalty in the 57th minute, though Keane scored after the save, and Everton were knocked out.

A complete rundown of Americans in action on Tuesday is after the jump.



  • Brad Guzan started and played 120 minutes and made eight saves, including a penalty, in Aston Villa's 0-0 draw (won by Villa on PKs) against Sunderland.
  • Brad Friedel dressed but did not play in Aston Villa's 0-0 draw (won by Villa on PKs) against Sunderland.
  • Tim Howard started, played 90 minutes and made seven saves, including a penalty, in Everton's 2-0 loss vs. Tottenham.


  • Mike Grella did not dress for Leeds in their 4-0 win against Bristol Rovers

Scottish Cup

  • Maurice Edu did not dress in Rangers' 3-1 win vs. Dundee United. He is recovering from a knee injury.
  • DaMarcus Beasley started and played 75 minutes in Rangers' 3-1 win vs. Dundee United.


  • Kamani Hill did not dress in Vitoria de Guimaraes' 1-1 draw vs. Sporting Lisbon.


  • Freddy Adu dressed but did not play for Belenenses in their 1-1 draw vs. Gil Vicente.

What did you think of the Americans in action today? Will Guzan get more looks from O'Neill? Is Tim Howard at fault for all these goals? Anything else missed?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Awesome job, Brad! I love it when players are ready and seize the moment. People aren’t going to believe me, but I knew he had it in him from his first year at Chivas – as bad as they were, he stopped tons of shots for them that year. Keep it up, Guzan!

  2. Even when he was in the form of his life,I was not a Beasley fan.

    However, its worth remembering that the man has 2 World Cups under his belt and is thought to have done a lot for the USMNT. In 2002,the last good World Cup campaign for the US, the squad was full of World Cup experienced veterans. The current squad is pretty light on such experience.

    So if Beasley gets back into anything resembling being “in form”, it would be foolish to rule him out, more’s the pity.

  3. You asked if all the goals were Timmy’s fault… let’s see… 2 goals allowed, 7 saves.
    I didn’t see the game, but if a keeper has to make 7 saves, he’s getting shelled, plain and simple. I don’t think the blame likely rests entirely on Tim’s shoulders.

  4. I’m with you 100%, but I want to reiterate that Landon MUST stay on the left. Why fix something if it isn’t broken? Our central midfield is broken, we are consistently outmatched in the middle. There is no creativity. Landon down the left is world-class, top 10 left-sided wingers. But Holden on the right side, with Dempsey roaming behind Jozy and in front of Benny or Torres will be lethal.

  5. Guzan looked VERY good in the highlights I saw on Fox Soccer Report last night. He could start for several Premier League teams, but I think he is in the perfect spot learning under O’Neill and Friedel. Speaking of Friedel, he needs to come out of International retirement to back up Guzan and Howard next summer. I’d rather have him in goal than any other option.

    Happy Beas started. I was worried he was on his way out. I’ll have to look for highlights to see how he did. I still think he needs to get out of that hard-tackling league, it has ruined him. Remember when he started for City??? Seems like a different player.

  6. Beasley back on the radar because of one appearance against a second tier Scottish team? We can give credit to Beas for past performance and accomplishments, no problem. Definitely more impressive resume overall than Rogers or Holden, for example. But suggesting he has even begun to earn a look again for the USMNT is a step or two (or ten) too far. The resume isn’t what matters – it’s current (or at least recent) form and I would take Holden or Rogers in a second before Beasley. IMO, LD should stay on the wing, Holden take Dempsey’s spot, and Dempsey moves up front unless BB wants to give Cooper a longer look with the Nats alongside Jozy, in which case the midfield stays the same. I just don’t see what problem Beasley would be solving. If you really want to move LD back to forward, you can move Clint to the left or play Holden there (or Rogers). All better choices than Beasley.


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