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Barcelona ends slump with goal-fest

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Getty Images)

First came the goal-less draw vs. Valencia, then came the 2-1 Champions League loss to Rubin Kazan, but after dropping points on two straight occasions, FC Barcelona's attack re-awakened in grand fashion this weekend.

The European champions put on a classic display on Sunday, scoring six goals in a match they could probably have scored eight or nine. The 6-1 win vs. Real Zaragoza was a treat to watch for all (well, except for Zaragoza fans, and probably Real Madrid fans). If you missed it, here are the highlights:

Think Barcelona is the best team in the world, or do you think the recent slump shows that the champions are vulnerable? Is there a more fun team to watch?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Agree 100%

    NFL only 20-30min of actual playing time out of 60min of game time. The rest is watching the clock run. Add commercials = 3 1/2 hours to watch.

    Soccer(aka *foot*ball) 2 hours to watch 90 min of playing time thanks to the added stoppage time.

  2. I hate Barcelona. Or really, I hate their fans. First of all, I hate the fans who have just picked Barcelona because they’re good. How much character does it take to support arguably the best team in the world?

    And, I even kind of dislike legitimate Catalonian fans because of the oles. That’s just poor sportsmanship. It’d be one thing if they did it against Real Madrid (which I’m sure they do), but against an overmatched team like Zaragosa, that’s just uncalled for. It’d be like Red Sox fans chanting “Royals Suck,” which I am happy to say, they never do.

    I know it’s popular to hate Real Madrid because they were Franco’s team, but Franco is dead.

    So, not being particularly fond of Real Madrid myself, I always pull for Espanyol. I still haven’t found a team in Italian soccer that I can want to win…

  3. are they the most entertaining team to watch.. Yes.

    good run by the Zaragosa to score the goal in the 78′ it seems like Barca’s defense could use improvement..

  4. Watched Barca on ESPN2 Sunday. Watching their ridiculously loaded squad take on a mid-to-low table league club is like watching a Barca training session. They make it look effortless and easy. But that’s why they’re the best in the world.

  5. Ives,

    I am not sure how many teams will employ the tactics from Almeria and Valencia against Barcelona for the rest of the season. A big knock has been the reliance on playing the ball through the middle and the lack of long range shots. Maybe they really miss Henry because he plays against the line and spreads the defense. The last few games, whoever is on the left side has not passed to much to an overlapping Keita either. On the right, Messi has been cutting into the middle too much and we’ll see how it works now that Alves is going to be out for a while.

    On the back, it is known that Guardiola prefers Marquez over Puyol because of his ability to play from the back, but the latter one is much better when paired with Pique. It will interesting to see what happens at the end of the season when the captain has to renew.

    Overall, when the front six players are on, the possibilities are endless. It is a pleasure to watch a game when they beat their opponents with sheer skill rather than brute force.


  6. I would put Barca at the forefront of the world’s best teams behind the new england revolution.

    The only other team I can see knocking them off the top, and who I think will win the Champions League this season, is Chelsea. Thankfully, there isn’t a clear cut best team in the world this year.

  7. UN Resolution 666231-431a#555:

    No electronic drum machines shall be made available, or possessed, by Europeans (western and/or eastern).

    Nice goals though. Seems like Zatlan didn’t turn out too bad for them eh?

  8. Barcelona is the best team in the world no doubt. They were patient last night until they finally opened up the score. Every team that plays against them will start out defending with all 10 men (they have no choice). Valdes should be consider for the Spanish national team, Iker is in a bit of a slump right now (I know he’s the best keeper in the world) but Valdes should definitely be getting a look). Zlatan is starting to connect very well with the rest of the team specially Messi. If it wasn’t for Rubin Kazan’s coach praying the whole match (those who watched the game know what I’m talking about) every shot that hit the post would have went in otherwise. (guess it takes a lot of prayer these days to beat Barca)

  9. Zlatan has been one of the worlds best for at least 5 years. Absolutely amazing. Saw him play 2 games Live in europe last month. A freak of nature based upon his pure technical skill, height, speed, soccer IQ. The best football? Arsenal and FCB.

  10. What a perfect game for ESPN as it works to build its soccer audience. Too bad it was in the middle of pigskin day, with the rest of the country glued to three hours of commercials.

  11. Are they the best in the world. There aren’t many who could argue otherwise. Of course they can beaten.

    It seems to me that the FCB are the good guys of world soccer. It’s just hard to cheer against them (as long as Marquez isn’t on the field that is…)


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