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Brown gives Altidore a life-line

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Being late to a game, and then tweeting about it, wasn't the best sequence of events for Jozy Altidore, but it looks as though the punishment for his actions will be limited to the one-match suspension and fine he has already been hit with.

Hull City manager Phil Brown has insisted that Altidore will still be considered for playing time despite his recent transgressions, as long as he earns it.

"He'll be back in contention for the weekend but it's up to him now to prove that he's deserving of a place," Brown told the Hull Daily Mail. "He's 19, he's at the beginning of his career but Jozy is being paid an awful lot of money to play professional football and it's part and parcel of his working life to be professional."

What do you think of this development? Glad to hear that Brown won't be holding a grudge against the young striker? Will you believe it when you actually see Altidore on the field for Hull? Do you see Brown lasting the year?

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  1. Brown may be a fool, an idiot and a crap coach, but he is also right.

    Brown is not the issue here. He is probably going to be fired soon anyway. American fans couldn’t care less about Phil Brown.

    The issue is Jozy who apparently needs ahead transplant. For a guy supposedly trying to impress the coach and fighting for PT, showing up late for a Premiership game is beyond comprehension; I doubt Dempsey, McBride or Boca ever did. This isn’t the MLS. It tells you an awful lot about Jozy’s work ethic and attitude.

    The on fire player you saw in the Costa Rica game,besides not scoring, was the player we all wanted to see. He claimed it was because Charlie’s accident made him see the light and realize it could be all taken away in an instant. Never mind that he shouldn’t need a near fatal accident to a friend to remind him of this.

    I fully expected him to go back to Hull and work so hard it would be impossible for Brown to to leave him out of the starting 11. Instead we get this crap.

    Brown is right to bring up the money. Jozy ain’t some young low paid intern or trainee. He is a very talented, highly paid professional. Hull and Villarreal have the right to expect him to act as profesionally as possible. With Charlie out, the USMNT needs good forwards more than ever;instead we get childish crap.

  2. Sounds like this was just an oppurtunity for the coach to justify not playing Altidore. As pointed out, it is hypocritical for him to address the issue in the media if that’s the problem he had with Altidore. His commenting on salary also indicated other motives. Hull City is in position to be relegated and Altidore, a big off season aquisition, isn’t getting any playing time. The problem, obviously already existed. Most coaches in the same situation would try to mix things up and give other players a chance in order to create a spark. Don’t think Altidore has much of a future with that coach.

  3. let me rephrase and say that jozy can say whatever he likes on twitter, within reason.

    to me, apologizing to fans and explaining to them that he made a mistake by showing up late is certainly acceptable in my book.

    but if he starts to go all larry johnson on us, then yes, that would have consequences with work and bosses.

    if the sequences of events went like this instead: 1) Jozy shows up late 2) Told not to dress 3) Post-game Hull releases a little statement a long the lines of: “Jozy Altidore fined 2-week wages for breaking team rules” 4) Phil Brown may or may not talk about it 5) Jozy apologizes to fans for arriving late, then we wouldnt be here debating twitter

  4. What does it matter? Jozy will never get more than a passing chance at Hull anyway. Come back to MLS after they raise the salary cap.

  5. SEND JOZY TO BED WITHOUT ANY SUPPER! I was late to class all the time when I was 19 and made alot of other good decisions… like lots of fat chicks!!!!

  6. We can give him the benefit of the doubt… make the excuse that he’s 19. But that’s horrible. I hope he gets his head in the game

  7. Brown is a freaking hypocrite. If he cares so much about keeping things private he shouldn’t have made such a big public deal about fining Jozy!

    “Will you believe it when you actually see Altidore on the field for Hull?”


  8. Let’s look at this for a moment. Altidore is leading the “Life of Riley” as far as I’m concerned. He’s getting to play professional soccer in Europe, in the top league. A dream that many young soccer players will never realize. He’s living abroad, getting to see the world and have amazing experiences that many people will never enjoy. Oh, and to boot, he’s getting paid decent coin…get your ass to the game on time. It’s not hard.

  9. Brown’s got his head on right. It’s up to Jozy to show his worth. He has a lot of da-to-day work to do at training to dig himself out of the dog house.

  10. I think it’s great. He needs a good swift kick and hopefully this will wake him up. If he bombs here, there won’t be a lot of places in Europe that will want him. He didn’t cut it with parent club, didn’t play at his first loan and is struggling to make it at Hull. WAKE UP while there’s still time

  11. Hmmmm. Maybe now we have a better idea why Jozy, and perhaps some other young players abroad, aren’t making the grade.

    Maybe coming from the USA you don’t quite get that there are 100 million people that would give anything to be in your cleats.

    I think Jozy could be great. I think Jozy and the other young US players abroad need to see their chance as a long shot they are divinely privileged to have been granted.

    Leave nothing to chance.

  12. When I was nineteen, I was probably doing dumber stuff than Jozy. I was also in college and not making millions of dollars as a professional athlete. Jozy is playing at the highest level with adults and must be a better job of acting like an adult. Jozy should be getting more playing time with Hull. I have watched Jan Venegoor of Hesselink play for Celtic and Jozy is a better player. Hopefully this incident is a wake up call for him

  13. IMSYE87 said:
    ” jozy can say whatever he likes on twitter. ”

    um, no he cannot. there are consequences to what you post online, especially when it has to do with your work and employer.

  14. The unprofessional bit, aside from showing up late (that goes way beyond unprofessional IMO), was considering his fans before his club.

    His club obviously prefers to keep things in house for pretty obvious reasons and Jozy should be aware of that. It’s inconsiderate to air club business. Ignorance of the rule is inexcusable.

    Having said that, I know and I believe that Brown knows, that Jozy’s heart was in the right place and was genuinely upset about his transgression and apologetic to everyone.

    Lesson learned. Let’s move on. It’s obvious that Phil has already.

    My guess is that Jozy is, again, on the bench for this next match. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown makes him sweat there for that game, giving him minutes the next time out. Just my guess though.

  15. Jozy is the first pro I know to use twitter as means to apologize for his transgressions and he gets punished. I thought Brown was a decent manager after guiding HCFC to the Prem but now he’s lost the plot.

  16. Athletes and Twitter are just not a good mix. Professional athletes obviously feed off of their emotions – it’s like drunk-dialing. You can image how much the sports journalists love this – normally you have to go through all sorts of hoops, trickery and guesswork to get a candid response from an athlete. You wonder why coaches and organizations work so hard to keep everything in-house.
    This is just a light example and it’s a non-issue going forward (the tardiness of course isn’t lightly forgotten). But across the major sports leagues in the US this stuff happens every few days now. So and so uses offensive slur in a Tweet, so and so bashes coach via Twitter, etc.
    On a side note – Twitter isn’t a great name but it sure beats the derivation “Tweet”. It’s like a cross between a Warner Brothers cartoon character and a lewd term for lady parts.

  17. Hopefully this will be the last Jozy Altidore, twitter topic we’ll have now that everything seems to be resolved.

    Anyway, I think Brown will last the year, because I don’t think Hull will fire him mid-season, but I’d be surprised if he weren’t fired in the offseason, even if Hull stay up. Regardless of whether he’s as incompetent as people thing, players just don’t want to sign for him.

  18. Brown doesnt sound to be a loony like people make him out to be. He even aknowledged what everyone thought he had ignore; and that is Altidore’s youth. Brown is actually trying to help him come of age as a professional and reach his potential as a player. I see no wrong from Brown.

  19. “an awful lot of money”

    How much is Jozy getting paid? I know salaries aren’t as well known in soccer as in American sports, but does anyone have a rough estimate of how much Jozy is making?

  20. Jozy has got to grow up and stop tweeting. Your a pro soccer player not a media outlet. The same goes for Freddy and Chuck D and the rest of our young players. Just play the game and the attention you want will come with what you do on the field. I don’t see any of the world’s best tweeting e.i. Kaka, Messi. Find something better to do with your time Jozy.

  21. I agree with almost everyone here: Phil Brown is a joke and, while immature, Jozy tweeting is really not the problem here. If he hadn’t apologized to the fans via Twitter, I’m sure Phil Brown would have told the media exactly why Jozy was on the bench anyway, in his own self-righteous way; I’m sure he was planning to anyway–to show, you know, that he was in charge and still had the dressing room or something–and Jozy beat him to it, and that’s what upset him most. All he’s doing now is deflecting attention away from Hull’s sorry results.


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