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Castillo nursing hamstring injury, expected to return in two weeks

Edgar Castillo (Getty Images) 

Those wondering whether Edgar Castillo should have been called up by the U.S. national team for its upcoming World Cup qualifiers should know that Castillo is sidelined with a hamstring injury, but is expected to return to action for Tigres when the club returns to action on Oct. 18 against first-place Toluca.

Castillo was injured in training last week and was unavailable for selection for his first U.S. national team call-up since switching from Mexico to the United States. U.S. Soccer officials have been in touch with Castillo since his switch became official last month.

Castillo, who turns 23 on Thursday, will be taking part in the newest installment of The SBI Questions, where he will answer qustions from SBI readers. Keep an eye out for that on SBI in the coming days.


  1. I don’t see Castillo or Jones getting called in until either A.)Some friendly games later this year or early next year after qualifying is over or B.) in the January camp

    We will definately see them eventually and get some eyes on their skills and how they mesh with the US team. Just gotta be patient. No need to rush players into a team they have never played with in the first place , especially in such a meaningful game like a WCQ.

  2. Although I don’t believe there is a conspiracy I do believe that some in this country still believe that the Hispanic players are some how inferior to others. I mean out of our entire country we have 1 player on the roster with regular playing time that is of hispanic origin. I think if we imbraced the latin style of play and combined it with the english physical play we use great things could develop.

  3. KTPX says

    “@ ELAC – Bornstein and Bocanegra both have Mexican heritage, and Alitdore’s parents moved here from Haiti.”

    Yeah, but Bornstein and Bocanegra arent darked skinned latino

  4. Ives,

    Is this why he wasn’t in Camp?

    To Bring in a guy at the most crucial moment of qualifying who hasn’t been a part of the team thus far seems very Un-Bradley. And I would tend to agree. There will be a time for Castillo to prove himself, but the there are too many unknowns to take a chance at this time. Even if its just to get him acquainted, why does that have to be now?

    My hope is that he wins the Left Back spot after qualifying, which would give us two real options at fullback (Castillo and Spector) who are real good in the attack. If he can’t beat Bornstein for that spot, we may be in some trouble

    (SBI-It’s unclear if he would have been called in if healthy, but the fact remains he’s hurt so we don’t know. I’m sure some will assume Bradley would have passed on him but what I do know is that Bradley has spoken with Castillo and it seems as though Castillo is definitely on the radar. It wouldn’t shock me if Castillo got a call in November if there is a friendly to play.)

  5. KPTX,

    Settle down. Lengua en el chete.

    I apologize if my humor gets lost in translation. Chillax.

    Castillo is no saviour. He’s not a cancer, either.

    There is no conspiracy. I agree. There is also a very ignored demographic within the USSF scheme that is bursting with dynamic talent. Don’t YOU agree?

    God Bless Estados Unidos!

  6. Good point RLW2020. I was actually just thinking that we have at least 3 starters out with injury, including Jones that is, and everyone that is injured could be a major contributor. If this team is healthy and in form for next summer, we might do some damage.

  7. @ ELAC – Bornstein and Bocanegra both have Mexican heritage, and Alitdore’s parents moved here from Haiti.

    I understand you like Castillo, but saying those that are a little more patient to see him than you doesn’t make them anti-Latino. Unless, of course, they continually asked for the above players to be removed from the squad as well.

    That comment is also directed to the other US fans who think there is a conspiracy against hispanic players on the US team. It is simply a myth – the American team from top to bottom is extremely diverse with those of varying family histories. IMO, it’s a great representation of that same diversity in our country.

  8. seriously…why does everyone love this guy…how many of you have ever seen him play? i hope he doesnt have a future with us, because that means we are in big trouble.

  9. Damn that crow tastes good.

    My deepest and sincerest apologies to all the “anti-Latinos in the USMNT” club members, one-dimensional, Bradley apologists who were ever so offended by my divisive words.

    That said, I’ll be happy to eat some more crow if Torres plays.


    Go Estados Unidos!!

  10. You should change the title from,”Castillo nursing hamstring injury, expected to return in two weeks” to ” Castillo sympathizers eat major crow”


  11. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why the f— he wasn’t in camp when we need a LB. We need to get a look at him and Jermaine before the world ends and kick out a few players who don’t belong.


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